Woh Apna Sa 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Woh Apna Sa 13th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Neha and Raj’s pooja begins. Adi is tensed. Nisha says Kaki that seeing Raj and Neha, i take note mine and Adi’s preliminary, for those who allow then am i able to ask Adi to my brow with sindoor? Kaki says he’s your husband so that you dont want to ask,it building up love handiest, she asks Adi to return ahead. Adi glares Nisha, he involves her, she provides him sindoor, Adi takes pinch of sindoor, he doesnt follow however Nisha pushes her head on his palms and fills her maang. She begins dancing on dhol baaje.
otherside Jhanvi is praying to God and says stay Adi satisfied, he merits that.
Adi is obvious Nisha dancing, he turns and sees baba’s letter mendacity on floor, he reads letter that Nisha has were given divorce papers, she is going to display it to circle of relatives right through pooja,i’ve hidden them. Adi glares

Nisha. Adi runs and involves baba’s room however sees him in deep sleep, Adi comes out of his room. He involves Nisha who’s dancing in serve as. Adi seems to be round for papers. Kaki is going to get garments to be served to God and unearths papers there, Adi is surprised. Kaki reads divorce papers, Kaki involves Adi and presentations him divorce papers, Nisha continues to be dancing round them. Kaki slaps Adi arduous, all are surprised.Nisha takes papers from her and reads, she acts like she didnt find out about them, she seems at Adi and acts like breaking. Kaka says to visitors that please move house, all depart. Nisha falls on flooring, all run to her, Binni and Chinni are frightened for her, Neha says shall we pass to room. She takes them away. Kaka sees divorce papers and asks Adi why you wish to have divorce? how are you able to even take into consideration it? kaki says she has treated our house like daughter,she is mom of your daughters, your spouse, how are you able to do that? Kaka asks whats the topic? Kaki says did we do any mistake? i will be able to set the entirety proper however dont speak about divorce, i used to be pleased with you Adi,i used to be pleased with my upbringing, that is my love and upbringing that you’re considering to ruin her lifestyles? i’ve misplaced, your mom gave you to me and that is what i made her son? how are you able to say this? our bond is pillar of this space then how are you able to do that? how? Kaki have panic assault, she will get dizzy, Adi thinks that i want i may just say that the only they selected for me is incorrect however you wont accept as true with even your self after understanding it which i wont let it occur. Adi says i cant are living with Nisha, we cant are living as husband and spouse, i dont love Nisha anymore, all are surprised, Kaki is set to collapse right here however Nisha holds her, kaka says take her to her room,Nisha appears at Adi and is going with Kaki, adi seems to be on.
Kaka brings Adi to room and says why did you are taking such giant choice? Adi says me and Nisha cant are living in combination, we dont have husband spouse relation, i dont love her now, Kaka says what you imply that you simply dont love her now? feelings are for lifestyles and whats fault in Nisha? she loves everybody on this space, she dis suicide for you, she gave you youngsters, she loves you, she cares in your circle of relatives then whats the fault? Adi says i don’t have any explanation why, Kaka says are you going mad?i selected Nisha for you, you’re pronouncing i took mistaken choice? Adi says you didnt do anything else fallacious, if i’m pronouncing this then there will have to be explanation why, that is higher for everybody, kaka says Nisha loves everybody and you’re pronouncing divorcing her can be higher? is there another woman for your lifestyles? Adi is surprised to listen to it.
Jhanvi is slumbering however wakes up with jerk, she has chilly sweat on brow and says Adi sir.. i think fearful for him,i am hoping he’s nice.
Adi says there is not any one in my lifestyles however i cant stick with Nisha, Kaka says marriage is like seasons, colours exchange in lifestyles, we’ve raised you and you’re pointing at our upbringing, Adi says i’m your son so believe me, i cant inform you explanation why rightnow, i will be able to simply ask you agree with me, i cant stick with Nisha, kaka carry hand at him however stops, Adi tries to speak however Kaka stops him. They listen baba shouting.
All come to baba’s room, baba is shouting and pointing at nisha, Adi asks what came about? Nisha says baba relax, we cant exchange Adi’s determination however relax. Kaka says Nisha isn’t going any place, kaka asks Adi to go away, he’s paining baba extra, Adi begins to go away however baba says Adi.. Nisha.. Kaka says baba Nisha is with you, all depart baba with Nisha. Nisha says to baba to prevent speaking, she closes door and says sleep baba, baba lies down on mattress being terrified of her.
Chinni asks Neha why kaki slapped Adi? used to be papa mistaken? Adi comes there. he asks why they don’t seem to be consuming meals? binni asks why kaki slapped you? did you do mistaken? Adi says sure i did improper, Chinni says ask for forgiveness to kaki and she is going to forgive you, Adi says i will be able to make the entirety advantageous, he makes youngsters consume meals. Adi says shall we sleep, he tucks them in mattress. Neha says why Adi? you and Nisha are inspiration for me and Raj, Nisha loves everybody then why you probably did this together with her? Adi doesnt solution and leaves.

Scene 2
Kaki asks Kaka if he talked with Adi? what did he say? Kaka says you prevent being worried, i’m right here,i wont let injustice occur with Nisha. Raj comes there and asks kaki to consume dinner, he feeds her meals.Raj says Adi and Nisha are mature, its between them and they’re going to in finding answer, kaka says every so often we lose considering and we make errors, Adi and Nisha shouldnt do mistake. Raj says i feel we will have to give them time.
Adi sees Nisha coming to him, she says how did you prefer lately’s display? i do know i didnt like when kaki slapped you, you understood that my place on this home is so robust that you are going to break entire space. Adi says your place is shallow right here, its now not inconceivable to chop your roots, pillar of this home is preaching of my baba and kaka and they may be able to by no means be destroyed. Nisha says why would need to get hatred of your circle of relatives? let our symbol of best couple stay that, it is going to make your circle of relatives too, energy cash and freedom are necessary however my identify in society is necessary to me too, i dont need other folks to mention that i cant regulate my husband so put out of your mind about separation, no one can separate you from me, Adi says you will have to feel embarrassment about your self, he leaves.
Jhanvi writes diary that God care for Adi. She places letter in mandir. She prays for Adi.

Jhanvi is looking Adi however he isn’t choosing, she says i think one thing is incorrect, Adi is going to workplace when he’s tensed, i will have to pass to place of work too, she is going.
Nisha brings her baggage and is leaving space. Kaka says what’s all this? all members of the family come there. Nisha says i’m going away, i dont need to trouble somebody specifically now not Adi, i’m leaving as a result of daughters are sound asleep, maintain them, inform them i went for paintings and had twist of fate. kaki says no, Nisha says its my destiny, Adi is my love and he doesnt need me right here then i’m leaving. kaka says i’m your father, you don’t seem to be going any place, Nisha says i cant keep right here, i’ve to go away, she cries and says sorry to Kaki. Kaki folds her hand and says please prevent. Kaki says i’m promising you that all of us are with you, we wont let injustice occur with you, shall we move on your room, you don’t seem to be going any place, she takes Nisha to her room, Nisha wipes her pretend tears and smirk.
Kaka says to circle of relatives that cancel holi birthday celebration, Raj says the best way to cancel it at finish time? kaka says if anything else improper occurs in serve as? Kaki says holi is set hope, we will have to have fun it.
Maa says to Jhanvi why you’ll place of business on holi? Jhanvi says i’m paying attention to my instinct, dont question me anything else, Maa sys take care, Jhanvi leaves. Maa says is there one thing between Adi and Jhanvi?
Adi involves his administrative center and recollects how kaki slapped him and blamed him for the whole thing, how Nisha challenged him. Adi throws the entirety in his workplace in anger, he cries and sits in nook.
Jhanvi involves place of work and says i am hoping Adi is ok. Peon says to Jhanvi that Adi is place of work. Jhanvi is going to Adi. Adi sees her there, he closes his cabin’s door sooner than she will see mess. Adi says to Jhanvi that why you’re right here right now? Jhanvi says i assumed you weren’t high quality. Adi says prevent it, what are you doing right here? cant you allow me on my own? you don’t have any restrict? sufficient now, from nowadays you cant be noticed right here after administrative center hours, now depart, Jhanvi seems to be at him tensed, Adi asks if he stated anything else mistaken? whats the want to come right here? you dont care of any person’s psychological state, in the event that they need to communicate or now not, you simply stay speaking, depart simply depart, he shouts at her to go away. Jhanvi turns to go away and thinks why Adi is so tensed? whats the rationale at the back of it? Adi is going to his cabin. Jhanvi unfortunately seems to be at him. Adi breaks pencil in his hand. Jhanvi prays that day after today’s holi brings him out of his distress, she leaves.
Kaka says to kaki that nowadays is holi however there aren’t any colours in our space. Neha comes there and says these days is our first holi so bless us. Kaka bless them. Nisha comes there and needs them holi, Nisha says to kaki that you simply do aarti once a year, why now not this yr? i ready the whole thing. Kaki says even in any case this, you didnt disregard your responsibility, Kaka asks the place are youngsters? Nisha says i despatched them to my mom’s space, kaki asks the place is Adi? Nisha says he didnt come house since the previous day, kaki will get nervous for him. He asks to name him, Raj says he isn’t taking name, Nisha will get scared for him too, Raj calls consumer and asks if Adi is with him? Raj says Adi isn’t with him too. baba comes there and says shall we rejoice holi, Nisha touches his ft and smirks at him, she says satisfied holi, he nods, Nisha says to kaki that shall we do aarti. Kaki and Neha prays to God that dont punish our youngsters, stay peace of their lives. All members of the family are available lawn to rejoice holi. Guest asks the place is Adi? Nisha thinks i dont know the place is Adi, whats in his thoughts.

PRECAP- Adi enters Holi serve as with choice. Nisha smiles and is coming near him. Jhanvi comes there too and is coming near him too.

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