Woh Apna Sa 13th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Woh Apna Sa 13th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Adi recollects how Nisha made Kaka and Kaki pass to police station. Adi says to Sameer that i need to divorce Nisha, Sameer says are you positive to take such giant choice? Adi says i stored silent not to harm my circle of relatives however these days she despatched them to prison. Adi says I remorseful about preserving fairly. This is sufficient. She didn’t even recognize their age. I gained’t give her any other probability. I would like this lady out of our lives. I’ve to divorce her. Sameer says how can you inform kaki and kaku? They assume she is best possible. Adi says I will be able to deal with all of it. You get the papers in a position.

Jhanvi comes house. Ma says day after today is first day of school. I’m so frightened. Jhanvi says the entirety shall be nice. Sruvi has grown up. She will deal with her lifestyles. We can’t prevent her from dwelling her lifestyles as a result of this one

drawback. Ma says she took such a lot time to return again to standard lifestyles, after that incident. She lacks self assurance nonetheless. Small issues traumatic her. Jahnvi says don’t fear.

Scene 2
Adi wakes up subsequent morning. He says I’ve to collect braveness to speak about it these days. Nisha is going to washroom. She comes out once he leaves.
Adi involves kaki. He says I do know you’re harm. Please pardon me. I wanna say one thing. Kaki says I don’t wanna pay attention anything else. Adi says please pay attention. Kaku no less than you pay attention. I do know such a lot came about on this space. some in entrance of you and a few at the back of. I do know you’re harm. I do know you’re nervous concerning the issues between me and Nisha and this is why I’ve made up our minds one thing. He seems to be at nisha. Nisha says Adi in reality loves you each. He is concerned about this something. Please pay attention to him as soon as. You each went to prison, adi is in point of fact disappointed after that. Since then he has made up our minds he’s going to depart this space. You are mad at him and he can’t tolerate that. He needs you to pardon him most effective then he can are living on this space. Kids make errors. I do know adi is previous however he’s your kid anyway. Please forgive him. I wont’ ask for anything ever. Kaku says see her center. Because of you she attempted to kill herself. Another lady would have hated you all her lifestyles. And take a look at her she is begging us to forgive you. Value her. If you give her love and recognize she is going to make your lifestyles heaven. Because of her handiest I’m forgiving you. I by no means idea I might however best as a result of her. Kaki says our rituals are our dignity. The guy who doesn’t recognize his spouse loses love and appreciate in my center for him. Don’t ever misbehave together with her once more.

Ma presentations Jhanvi a sheet. She says survi once more? jhanvi says don’t fear. Survi comes. Jhanvi says ma give us breakfast. I’ve to drop survi too. Then I will be able to pass to workplace. survi says I will be able to pass on my own, you move your self. Jhanvi says I feel she is true. She says sruvi I’m pleased with you. Survi hugs Jhanvi. Ma and Jhanvi trade fearful appears. Survi will get the automobile. Jhanvi says name me while you succeed in school.

Adi involves room. He recollects what nisha stated. He sees his judgment of right and wrong. It says your kaka kaki assume she is the most productive daughter in regulation. But similar nisha is shifting against them like a bulldozer. Your lifestyles is ruined. Tell them fact. Tell them you don’t seem to be a perfect couple. There can be two ambulances right here. One of them may have a center assault.
Adi says I’ve to inform them. No one can prevent me now. He takes out his diary. He writes one thing.

Survi comes to university. Someone is following her. She provides the automobile fare. Someone faucets her again. She appears again in surprise.
Adi involves kaki’s room with the letter. He says the place will have to I position it. He puts it on aspect desk. He comes out of room. nisha says why are you strolling in your home like thieves? He says I’ve paintings. She says communicate to me. He says we now have not anything to speak about. Adi leaves.
Nisha says what used to be adi doing in kaku’s room in his absence. She is available in.

Jhanvi says why has survi now not referred to as me but. SHe involves adi’s room. He is at the back of the door. It hits him. Jhanvi says does your head harm? He says now it is going to. She says take meds. Adi says the day you learn how to talk in two phrases my headache would pass. Lets begins the paintings now. Nisha begins running He says get started the presentation and prevent taking a look for your telephone. SHe says your corporate is unqiue. So will have to be its emblem. I’ve a plan on your room as smartly. Adi is concerned. Nisha choices his circle of relatives photograph. SHe says your cabin dry. He says I don’t need house like coziness. Office will have to appear to be administrative center. His telephone rings. Its kaku. He says sure I’m coming. He leaves. Jhanvi says why is he so stressed. Anyway why is survi now not calling. Adi involves Kaku’s room.
He says i do know I’ve actually harm you. Because of me you’re seeing all this these days. Forgive me if you’ll be able to. Kaku says that day in police station your kaki ma fell in poor health. A woman got here there and gave her meds. I need to know who she used to be and need to thank her individually. He positive I will be able to inquire about her. Kaku’s telephone rings. Its Neha. He asks how is kaki? BP isn’t any higher? What did physician say? She shouldn’t rigidity. I will be able to come house early.
Adi says if Kaki ma reads that letter her situation would aggravate. He rushes house.

Kaki says to Nisha I forgot my spectacles in room. Can you deliver it? Nisha is going to her room. Adi is coming house.
Jhanvi says mama I’m going to survi’s school. Don’t fear not anything would pass flawed. He collides with Jhanvi however leaves.
nisha involves room. She sees the spectacles. The letter is beneath it. She selections it.

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