Waaris 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Waaris 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The Episode begins with Rohan colliding with Harjeet. Raj holds Harjeet’s pagdi and provides him. Mannu appears on. Harjeet scolds Rohan for consuming a lot. Mohini appears on. Harjeet sends Rohan. Harjeet and Mohini depart. Mannu says there’s something linking Raj to Bajwas. Amba comes house and sees Gunjan. Jagan comes and appears on. Amba scolds Gunjan. She asks what did you ship to Pahuja, how dare you, solution me. Mannu comes house and sees Amba getting sickle to assault Gunjan. Mannu stops Amba.

Amba asks Gunjan to mention fact, why did you she do. She slaps Gunjan and asks her to respond to. She asks why did you ship reasonable e-book to Pahuja. Gunjan says I’ve despatched scarf and saree in packet, I didn’t find out about ebook, I’ve despatched by way of Rajveer. Amba leaves sickle. Mannu will get surprised and thinks one thing is mistaken. Mannu

is going. Gunjan smiles.

Mannu thinks what’s taking place, why did Raj save Harjeet’s Pagdi, there’s something connecting Rajveer with Raj. Mannu sees Raj at the method and follows. He meets Pammi and says you sought after to marry Aman, you’ll get him, Gunjan and Aman’s relation broke. Mannu says my doubt used to be proper, Raj is with Bajwas. Mannu sees Rohan asking a person for wine. The guy refuses to offer wine as its Harjeet’s orders. Rohan says I would like wine. Mannu says now see what I do. Mannu is going and buys wine. A person sees Mannu purchasing wine. Mannu asks the person to lend a hand him. Mannu makes the person give wine to Rohan. The males hassle Rohan and don’t give the bottle.
They chuckle on Rohan and tease him. Rohan is going to drink wine. Mannu feels sorry to try this, however Raj will cross via now, its imp to understand his fact. The guy says Mannu has ship this wine, have it. Raj sees the lads teasing Rohan and asking him to take wine. The guy makes Rohan dance. The males ask Rohan to take away his garments and dance. People giggle on Rohan. Raj will get indignant and asks them to go away Rohan. He makes Rohan put on his jacket. He says mum might be disappointed seeing you prefer this. He asks everybody to go away. Rohan licks wine from the bottom. Raj will get surprised.

Raj asks him to prevent it. Rohan pushes Raj. Rohan stumbles against the picket nails. Raj saves Rohan. Mannu seems on. Mannu recollects Raj’s phrases. Mannu says Raj Bajwa. Raj will get surprised. Mannu cries and says my pal, for whom I waited for 10 years, I all the time idea to hug my good friend and ask the place did he pass leaving me, lately Raj cheated me and stayed in my space, why, in order that Raj can destroy Gunjan’s relation, in order that Bajwas can stay enmity with Pavaniya, why did you do that, I didn’t know you are going to go back as my enemy. Raj says pay attention to me. Mannu kicks him and will get knife. Raj shouts Mannu and objectives gun. Mannu says shoot, fail Pavaniyas. Raj drops the gun and cries. Raj says I will be able to’t do that. He asks Mannu to pay attention. Mannu says don’t name me good friend, your good friend died while you idea to damage my sister’s relation, atleast your circle of relatives assault on face, you could have again stabbed me, I will be able to’t consider you’re similar Raj, I m ashamed of myself to accept as true with you.

Raj says sufficient, why are you scolding me, I didn’t cheat you, I got here right here as I knew Mohini needs her daughter to get married to Aman, you wish to have Gunjan to marry Aman, I will be able to’t let Mohini be successful, Amrit and I needed to depart the home and village, you don’t seem to be previous Mannu, you don’t seem to be my good friend, you modified, else you might have now not accomplished such reasonable factor, you made Rohan dance like a canine, enmity is for your center, you’re pronouncing about my lie, you stay hand in your center and inform me, if I informed you I m Raj, would you battle with Amba and Jagan. Mannu says I might have now not allowed you, for those who hated Mohini, you may have now not executed making plans with Pammi, prevent it, my friendship can’t undergo burden of your lie, you proved you’re a Bajwa.

Raj and Mannu battle. Mannu stops Pammi. Mannu says Raj used to be pronouncing fact, he used to be now not dishonest. Mannu as Preeti meets Raj Raj asks what have you learnt about Mannu.

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