Waaris 15th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Waaris 15th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Raavi asking Amba to comply with youngsters, perhaps enmity will finish, as they have got attempted so much prior to. Gunjan provides water to Raman. Sukhi provides water to Simran. Jagan will get indignant. He asks Amba to not break Pavaniya’s appreciate. Amba asks shall I ship Simran to Bajwas, in the event that they kill her. Raman says no, none can contact her until I m there, I will be able to take her to town, I will be able to paintings exhausting and earn respectful lifestyles. Amba says you’re keen on Simran so much, turn out it, I will be able to now not let Simran marry a coward and run away man such as you, will you inform Harjeet that you wish to have to marry her. Jagan laughs.

Simran says his Papa will kill him. Amba says let him kill, Raman has to provide this check. Raman and Simran cry. Amrit asks Mohini to get out of the home and throws her bag. Mohini says its now not just right to regard visitors

like this, Harjeet gets frustrated figuring out this. Amrit asks why did you inform him about Raman, he would have killed Raman. Mohini says you then say fact, is Raman there or now not.

Harjeet comes house. Mohini says see Amrit ji needs me to go away from this space, don’t know she loves her son or Pavaniyas. Amrit says however you didn’t get Raman there proper. Harjeet says sure, however he’s there, I m positive, I will be able to now not depart him. Mohini says when Raman used to be there, why did you now not in finding him. She sees Raj and says did someone from right here ship this information. Raj worries. Harjeet seems at Raj.

Its morning, Mannu, Sukhi and everybody get up and notice Raman getting freshen as much as depart. He says Amba stated proper, I informed I will be able to take Simran to town and take care, however there’s a lot distinction, until when do we run from fact, our households have enmity, and we adore each and every different, so I m returning house and I will be able to face Harjeet, I will be able to inform him I need to marry Simran, I do know Simran we didn’t do mistaken. Simran stops Raman and asks will you return, I will be able to look forward to you. Ranjha mera Ranjha……performs……… They see each and every different. He says I will be able to come again. He leaves. Jagan begins giggling and says you assume I will be able to depart him, Amba is aware of me, I will be able to kill them, until when will you stay me tied. Raavi calls police station and complains about Jagan. Jagan asks what are you doing. Raavi says he beats me so much, come rapid and arrest him. Amba seems to be on.

Amba asks Raavi to assume once more. Raavi cries and says I’ve hope that the entirety gets effective, I all the time did flawed, you all the time did proper, I m feeling ashamed seeing youngsters lately, now Lord has to fortify me.

Raman comes house. Mannu comes alongside and asks Raman to head. Raman says the whole thing gets effective. Mannu says your and Simran’s love is right. Raman enters the home. Mannu awaits out of doors. Raman calls out Harjeet. Raj involves Raman and hugs him. Raj sees Mannu out of doors and worries. Raj is going to Mannu and asks why did you get Raman right here, if Harjeet sees you, he’s going to kill Raman. Mannu says the whole thing gets high quality, Raman will communicate to Harjeet nowadays, he has braveness, agree with me. Raj says I don’t need to lose Raman. Mannu stops him and says the entirety will probably be high quality.

Harjeet comes downstairs. Amrit and Swaroop get satisfied seeing Raman. Raman says I really like Simran and need to marry her. Mohini appears on and smiles. Raman says I simply got here to inform you. Harjeet says marriage will occur if you end up alive. He asks Rohan to get his sword. Rohan will get the sword. Everyone fear. Amrit and Swaroop asks Harjeet to prevent.

Raj says Raman understands me, Harjeet won’t depart him, I will be able to now not forgive you Mannu. Mannu leaves Raj and says if we would like anything else these days, we would like braveness and trust, I will be able to now not prevent you, see my trust will win lately, I additionally regard Raman as brother, its about Simran’s lifestyles, Raman has to stand Harjeet these days. Raman says advantageous, if you are feeling you’ll win by way of killing me, then kill me. He sits down. Harjeet assists in keeping sword at Raman’s neck. Raman says if I live on, I will be able to simply marry Simran. Amrit and Swaroop cry. Harjeet will get indignant. Raman bows down. Harjeet hits Raman. Everyone scream……

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