Udaan 7th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Udaan 7th February 2017 Written Update Episode 

The Episode begins with Bhaiya ji’s employed guy frightening the villagers. He says Suraj will have to now not get meals. Bhaiya ji and Ragini come there with servants. Bhaiya ji asks villagers will you wish to have this satan to die, who did tortures on you all. Chakor shouts and says you made Suraj do all of the sins. She requests the villagers to lend a hand Suraj. Bhaiya ji says we all know who’s sinner and who’s blameless. He asks villagers who needs Suraj to get meals. Chakor and Imli lift arms in choose of Suraj. Chakor will get surprised seeing no villager supporting Suraj. Tejaswini, Kasturi and Bhuvan improve Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks who need Suraj to die hungry. All villagers lift hand. Chakor will get surprised. She asks them to lend a hand Suraj.

The guy says no, he will have to die hungry. Chakor stops them and says none will come forward,

Suraj gets meals lately, I will be able to see the way you prevent Suraj. Bhuvan, Chagan, Kasturi, Tejaswini, Chakor and Imli prevent the villagers. The villagers argue. Bhaiya ji asks gained’t you punish this satan, come to a decision it. He indicators his guy. The guy throws stone on the smartly.

Suraj asks what are you doing. Villagers additionally throw stones at smartly. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is hungry since 10 days. The villagers get indignant and push Suraj down the smartly. Suraj falls down and will get harm. Chakor and everybody get surprised. The woman says its time to settle ratings. Tejaswini says what’s taking place with my son, Lord save him. Bhaiya ji says its Suraj’s dangerous deeds, he’s paying for it.

Suraj shouts and says you cheated me, you advised me paint 3 wells, I did all paintings, the villagers driven me inside of this smartly. He asks Chakor to get him out. Chakor asks somebody to get rope. Tejaswini says get Suraj out. Bhaiya ji says did I make Suraj fall, inform the villagers. Suraj asks villagers to get rope. Bhaiya ji says none is coming forward to lend a hand. Chakor stops him and says Suraj is in poor health and vulnerable, get him out. He says villagers made him fall, move and beg to them, you accept as true with them proper. He tells servant that this time villagers gained’t pay attention to Chakor.

Bhaiya ji and Ragini depart. Chakor requests villagers to get Suraj out, he’s one in every of us, he isn’t from haveli. Kishor says Suraj used to be making us bandhua. Chagan tells Chakor that Suraj tortured us, he handled us badly than animals, he’s a grasping and egocentric guy, I didn’t see such heartless guy on this global, you have been away for 10 years Chakor, you’ll be able to forgive him, how we could forgive him, our ache is of 10 years, the best way to disregard it. The woman says let him die in smartly.

Chakor says give him an opportunity to turn out himself, how are you able to be heartless, how are you able to behave like Bhaiya ji. Chagan asks is Suraj not up to Bhaiya ji, he additionally has dangerous blood, we didn’t do anything else with Suraj, you might have goodness, its now not in us. Chakor scolds him. He says you were given blind not to see our ache.

Men move to lend a hand Vivaan. Vivaan will get mindful. The males say we will be able to name physician. Vivaan says I m alive, I don’t want a physician, pass from right here. He shouts on them. He sees the tyre flat. He recollects physician’s phrases and Tejaswini giving him medicine. He says she ruined my lifestyles and long run ceaselessly. He screams.

Kasturi takes Chakor. Chakor stops Kasturi. She says I’ve to get Suraj out, else he’s going to die inside of. Kasturi says I do know, however you don’t have any opposite direction, include me. Chakor asks how can I depart him right here, I’ve to get Suraj. Kasturi asks her to know, villagers are indignant and frustrated, Suraj has harm them so much, they are going to now not forgive Suraj, they’re doing justice, allow them to do it, until Suraj understand mistake and apologizes, depart Suraj on his state, accept as true with me, I m pronouncing this in your just right. Chakor is going. Tejaswini asks Chakor the place are you going, simply you’ll be able to save Suraj, don’t depart him on my own. Suraj shouts Chakor. Kasturi says let Chakor move, she is doing proper.

Chakor recollects Suraj saving her and thinks I m with Suraj and can all the time be. She stops and says I will be able to now not let Suraj die. She runs again. She jums within the smartly. They all get shocke

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