Udaan 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Udaan 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Bhaiya ji pronouncing Vivaan is artful, he performed recreation and gained agree with, what came about, I needed to move prison. He recollects the previous time. He asks Vivaan to turn out that he merits their religion. Vivaan says nice, inform me what to do. Bhaiya ji says I will be able to inform the next day to come morning, pass for your room and relaxation. Vivaan is going. Bhaiya ji says occasions are converting, I made my son bandhua through stamp and can make Vivaan my bandhua through taking signal. He laughs. Suraj says I m now not feeling smartly Chakor, I think chilly, I would like garments. Chakor recollects Vivaan’s phrases. Suraj says Chakor.

She asks Suraj did you assert one thing. He says I m feeling chilly. She says I will be able to get garments. He says wait, inform me what’s the topic. She says not anything. He says glance in my eyes and say its all effective. She says somebody is troubling me, so

I got here right here, perhaps you’ll be able to display me a way. He asks what. She says I m nervous for Vivaan, don’t know what came about to him, he’s behaving atypical, else he can’t …. he asks what. She thinks if I inform Suraj that Vivaan joined Ragini and Bhaiya ji, he’s going to assume Vivaan could also be torturing him. She says Vivaan fought with Bhaiya ji, I m scared what is going to Bhaiya ji, you feel a lot chilly, I will be able to get garments for you. She is going.

Vivaan burns his paperwork. Imli comes there and asks what are you burning, case papers or my long run. He sees her bag and asks whats all this. She says I will be able to come to a decision that I will be able to’t are living with my husband, if you’ll be able to come to a decision to paintings with Bhaiya ji. He says I m doing this in order that we keep luckily. She reminds that those sinners have snatched our happiness, when our kid is aware of this, what is going to he assume. He says we don’t have cash to boost kid, prevent it. She says for those who assume me and my kid are burden, then keep on my own, I will be able to depart. He says sorry, I will have to now not scold you, attempt to perceive, I don’t have any choice.

She holds his hand and says forgive me, I advised you numerous in anger, its tricky time for you, how can I say I will be able to depart, however I will be able to’t see what’s taking place, you will have noticed Suraj’s state. Vivaan recollects Imli and Suraj. He leaves her hand and says you deal with Suraj greater than me. She says Suraj’s state is sort of a canine, he’s in solid, did you assume what is going to they do of you. He says Bhaiya ji can’t do worse, I m uninterested in failure, I need to win, I would like cash and luxury, simply Bhaiya ji may give this. She asks what came about, why this anger, its now not as a result of case, inform me what are you hiding. He says not anything, its topic of 1 night time, the entirety might be high-quality. Tomorrow Bhaiya ji will take my check after which we will be able to have cash and all luxuries. She thinks I want you fail in Bhaiya ji’s check.

Bhaiya ji stops Chakor and sees Suraj’s garments. She says Suraj is feeling chilly, the vest can’t save him from chilly. He takes the garments. She says he’s going to get in poor health. He says until he works, he gained’t get meals, water and garments. She argues and asks until when will you entertain your self, I will be able to now not let Suraj die. He says I will be able to kill him in a single shot, he’s my bandhua, he’s going to do what I say. Imli and Vivaan come there.

Chakor asks what does Suraj has to do. Bhaiya ji sees Vivaan and says I will be able to inform the next day morning. He is going. Vivaan is going to room. Imli and Chakor fear. Chakor says Vivaan goes to turn out to be bandhua through becoming a member of Ragini, don’t know what is going to Bhaiya ji do with us, Suraj will fall in poor health by way of chilly, I m fearful for Suraj, don’t know what is going to the morning get for us. Chakor is going to Suraj and rubs his arms. She sees Suraj and thinks what to do, my frame temperature can save his vulnerable frame from chilly. She lies beside Suraj and hugs him.

Its morning, Suraj wakes up and sees Chakor. Chakor wakes up and sees him. She will get away and says you have been feeling chilly, Bhaiya ji didn’t let me get your garments, you have been ill so…. Servant comes and says it kind of feels your night time went smartly. Suraj asks him to speak with manners. Servant asks him to return to floor. Chakor says Suraj is unwell, he can’t come. He says Suraj needs heat garments, he has to return to earn it. They take Suraj.

Everyone come there and assume what’s taking place. Ragini says you all needed to depart paintings and are available right here, assume Bhaiya ji looks after you all, you are going to get entertained. Bhuvan says which deficient guy might be used these days to entertain us. Tejaswini says he’s going to punish Suraj for sure. Bhaiya ji comes there. Suraj is introduced by way of males. Tejaswini worries. Suraj asks Chakor what’s taking place.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji needs you to earn garments, he’s going to play grimy recreation, be in a position, don’t lose braveness. Vivaan and Imli come. Vivaan asks what do I’ve to do to win your accept as true with, what’s the check. Suraj asks Vivaan’s check, what’s the drama, make me do any paintings and provides me garments. Bhaiya ji says I will be able to inform you, your paintings and Vivaan’s check shall be in combination. Suraj and Chakor ask in combination. Bhaiya ji says there are two wishes these days, I will be able to now not come to a decision, they’re going to come to a decision will have to Suraj get garments or will have to Vivaan get cash and process. Chakor asks what do you imply. Bhaiya ji says this floor, each the competition will battle, if Suraj pushes Vivaan out, he’s going to win, if Vivaan pushes Suraj out, then he’s going to win, I promise to provide Vivaan cash and process if he wins.

Vivaan says I m in a position to struggle. Suraj and Vivaan strive against.


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