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Twinkle n kunj have been im d lawn most effective..the place kunj had took her in rage..as she used to be ignoring her..
“Wat the hell is flawed with u..??”he requested in indignant urgent his tooth..n holdin her shoulder tightly
“Wat..? Nothing..”tw repied reducing her eyes as that they had occupied tears until now..
“Den y r u behavin like dis..”he requested..
“Like what”
“Like a stranger😡😠
“I m now not…simply gettin used to it”
“No..not anything i imply i will have to get used to it na..! As..as…dis is most effective in my destiny…n u would mke mistress too na..! No no..i m now not at all feeling dangerous..u may have the what number of u need…however i simply wanna apologize…i couldnt fulfil ur want of having child..however believe me kunj..i m already discovering a woman who will love u n may give u kid too…”ahead of she may just say additional…she felt one thing on her cheeks n that used to be a decent slap….
Yes,kunj had slapped her..
“What the hell is flawed with u…? How can u assume like this..? U r considering that i liked u for having a child…critically twinkle..? How can ur considering b so reasonable…?😠😡😡…”kunj used to be in rage after listening her communicate…he used to be surprised…n used to be considering how can tw take into accounts like this…he had really beloved her..n deeply..however he idea she didnt..
“Ku..kunj…sorry however i assumed u liked me for child..n i m of little need after this…so i..i..”twinkle used to be now crying…vigorously…kunj took her n make her take a seat within the automotive..n drove off…

Scene-2 DEVAKSHI SCENE..(imp for twinj enthusiasts too)
Devakshi,who had listened this(twinj communicate) used to be now unhappy…sonakshi used to be virtually crying
“Dev,there’s false impression btwn them…”she stated whike crying..
“Ya..i will be able to see that they in point of fact love eo…n v will have to do smthng proper..?”
“But what is going to v do..?”
“Nothing particularly now..however v can do smthng day after today…(he smirk) n fo now..i do know wat i’ve to do”
He stated n grasp her hand…
They each stroll hand in hand for an extended stroll..which used to be same old for each…they each stroll upto marine force…n sat on there day by day visitin position..
Both chatted n snicker..each beloved to speak with eo…they love eo corporate
Sonakshi had recognized that she is getting attracted against dev…n could also be falling for him..however she dont thoughts..as he used to be already his hubby..n little did she know dat he additionally appreciated her…
Both have been speaking random…wen dev requested her to head for an extended stroll…that used to be der day by day routinue…virtually…
Dey walkes until marine drives..n sat there..speaking anything else n evrything…wen some1 tapped sona’s shoulder she became n dev realize a large smile on her face..sooner than he may just perceive anything else she hugged the person..
“Oh my god..! Jatin..u right here…i misssed u sooooo a lot..how r u..??”she exclaimed fortunately…dev used to be now purple n boiling in jealousy…
“Calm down child.! N pls dont squeeze me this a lot…i m now not in a position to breath….n i m right here for every week “he stated n she depart him…
Dev eyes used to be as giant as watermellon after listening child from his mouth…
Wen sona spotted him..
“Hey,wait lemme introduce u each…so dev,he’s jatin my chuddy friend i imply my formative years bestie…”she used to be interpreted by jatin..
“N his part boyfriend..!”he proudly stated that to which sona n dev stand dumbstruck..however sona persisted..after punching him in abdomen..
“Shut up..fool..!dev,its not anything like that he’s simply joking…n btw jatin meet my husband dev,dev dixit…”now she stated proudly sidehugging dev..n dev smiled..
Boh shake der hand n den once more sona n jatin persisted there communicate..dev used to be bored…
He pull sona against himself as boh have been speaking status closed…
“Sona..!i feel v will have to depart..!”
“Ya..k..bye jatin…btw the place r u staying..”
“I m going to peer sm lodge most effective to stick..”
“No want..coz u r cming with me…n now….”she commanded to which after just a little hesitation he complied….
Dev used to be now cmpltly indignant however dint say anything else..n they begin to stroll..all of the means sona used to be speaking to jatin..n dev used to be numb n jealous..he used to be now not even knowing why he used to be….all he may just accpt that he’s very a lot protecting n ove possesive for sona..n could also be this used to be handiest the rationale at the back of his this jealousy…
On achieving there position dmsona introduce evry1 to jatin…dev used to be lengthy again left to their room…sona,after 1 hour of chatting n appearing his room..went to her room….the place dev used to be running…she may just see him indignant as she had omitted him…
She went to washroom to get clean up…
Dev,who used to be now entire indignant went to his aspect of mattress n attempted to sleep however to his badluck or can say addiction of cuddling into sona dint helped him…
Yes,dey each sleep in combination…however they have been under no circumstances bodily intimate…jz dey sleep hugging n cuddling eo…
Sona aftr cmin out tries to speak to him however of little need…so she slept at her aspect…
“Haww….! She isn’t habituated with hugging me..huh..! She slept n i m all conscious…huh..”idea indignant dev…not anything wasdifderent with sonakshi…she used to be considering the similar..
At 1 am..
Now it used to be sufficient for dev he idea n sonakshi similar..
Both flip at d similar time…

“U r wide awake…?”once more each askes eo..
N then..
“Sorry..!”once more in combination .(😂😂)
“I m sorry dev..u dont want to…i neglected u…i m actually sorry..n how am i able to sleep with out hugging u”she stated n blushed…
“Its good enough…n i were given over possesive n similar right here..with me…now not in a position to sleep…”he stated n then open his arm…n she hugged himm…
Both slept in eo’s include…

SCENE-Three:TWINJ SCENE(additionally imp for devakshi fan…wanna know jatin’s notive to cm to mumbai..den read…!”

Kunj take her to there position…the place ahead of evry1 can ask y dey got here early..kunj took her to d rooom…n locked it..
“Ku..kunj..wat came about…y r ..y r u indignant….? I jz stated wat used to be fact..i assumed that u will convey new spouse for…”she used to be cutted by kunj..he pinnes her to d wall..
“Not a unmarried phrase more…simply close up…”he stated …n then understand that he used to be gurting her…
“How can u jz even assume like that..😡😬😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤…i dint idea that ur ideas r so reasonable..i had now not love this twinkle…whose idea r of a penny ….how can u assume that i beloved u becoz of having youngsters…i liked u with my entire center n u assume like this..”pronouncing this his eyes had began leaking….
“Den y have been u ignoring me like dis…u dint take note of me…simply paintings …workn paintings…all tym…so i assumed…”
“BecoZ…i thoughy u r in melancholy after this twist of fate n i used to be in search of easiest gumynaecologist for U….i all the time sought after to b satisfied..i dont wanna see a unmarried tear in ur eyes..which i used to be seeing day by day after that..i really like my circle of relatives too..i dont wanna let dem unhappy n level finger on U..so i in finding a physician for ur remedy…n nowadays i used to be going to introduce to certainly one of them..n 2d would have reaches…1 is SONAKSHI DIXIT…to whose husband’s birthday celebration v had long past…i took u in order that i will be able to make u meet hwr..n 2d is JATIN SHARMA…each r topp gynaecologist of india…i sought after u to satisfy any1 of them …in order that u can remedy..n this drawback may just b solved..however no…u wanna misunderstand..n u did…!😤😣😒😒😒😡😡
He used to be entire indignant n tears have been cming of his eyes…
Tw may just now not take it anymore n
😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😰..i m soo…sooo sorr..sorry kunj…i dint assume like dis i assumed…i mreally very sorry…”she stated n temporarily hugges him..he used to be indignant however his anger vanished wen her tears made him vulnerable once more …
Both hugged..
“Its k..however pls prevent crying…n dont even call to mind this sort issues once more…i simply love u…will love u…n all the time liked u…i had liked u really,madly n unconditionally….dont assume this once more…i cant undergo u damaged once more…😭😢😥😧
Tw smiled n wipe her tears..
“Thank u…i m in point of fact blessed to hav u in my lifestyles…”she stated n pecked his lips…he used to be surprised first however ahead of he may just understand she went blushing to switch..he smiled..
Tw got here out in her nighty which used to be until knee handiest n netted shrug…he went loopy seeing him n she knew dis…n she would now not face up to him lately as there were lengthy tym dey had spend sm tyn with eo..or anything else like dat…
Kunj went against her n cling her by waist..
“Looking s*xy..mrs.sarna..”to which she blushed n hugged him…kunj digged his face in his neck n said to place rainy kisses n hickeys there…tw dint understand dat she were placed on mattress n her hubby used to be upon her…he slowly moved against her lips n smashed it…it used to be a wild one n twinkle used to be a wild cat on this(lately additionally😂😂)
She chew n chewed his lips kunj used to be no much less…he did similar with full interest…
Both performed with eo tongues n pull out for sm oxygen…
Kunj kissed her far and wide her face n took out her nighty…n quickly kunj’s blouse used to be teared by twinkle…each have been in there personal global…so i feel v will have to depart now…allow them to have some particular second with eo😂😉(see guys..i m doing this after many months..i had given vdry a lot deep romance in earlier os’s soo..ye to banta hai)
Inshort i will be able to say they consummated there marriage once more…

Both aroused from sleep n smiled n hav there day by day regimen..sonakshi went to her medical institution droped by dev…the place jatin additionally accompanied her(kabab me haddi😒)
Dev dint pay a lot consideration..kunj n twinkle succeed in there after assembly twinkle selected sonakshi to remedy her..as she used to be feelin uneasy with male physician so now jatin used to be loose..(kuch kaam ka nahi hai..😂)
Sona n twinkle communicate woth eo…n quickly understand that theyhad studied in similar faculty..each talkwith eo…
N hav a just right tym..n sonakshi informed her to start out the remedy from d subsequent day…dev additionally accompanied them as he used to be loose relaxation day..n he used to be deeling uneasy to place sona with jatin on my own(ye jatin okay saath sab hello uneasy really feel kar rahe hai😂😂)
Kunj n dev had a just right tym…dey five had lunch in combination..(once more kab me haddi j imply 2 couple me jatin tha na..!😂😂isliye five)
Dev n sona left for there position…
Wen jatin requested sona to make him see mumbai..sona complied n they went..
dev used to be livid..

Few day later..
Dev used to be surprised unhappy n jealous with sona n jatins bond.. he went to cafe…the place kunj used to be there…(best
Kunj now not twinkle)
They each sat in combination..n percentage thare lifestyles’s state of affairs(now not entire)
Dev informed him about hus relation with sonakshi n him feeling uneasy n jelaous wen jatin is round her…
“Dude…u love her guy..!”
“Yaa..guy..u love her..hehe..haha..u r any such dumb..being a large industry guy u donno dat u love her…”kunj laughed…
“But how can this..sheis simply..”kunj interpreted..
“Just frnd..however now not now…u love her..”kunj stated n laughed once more..
“Achcha okah..no want to make a laugh dis a lot..however in reality i really like her..”
“Beta..dis is wat d factor is..u dont underatand..”.after a lot teasing segment..each depart..
Dev used to be surprised…he walked at the street considering n after all concluded tht he love her.. He leap in pleasure wen noticed a truck approached n he learned he used to be on d center of the street…n prior to he may just do anything else…some1 driven him n each fall..
That used to be sonakshi..
“Dont u perceive….u dumb..u fool..wat if smtging came about to u…i might have die”she blurted…
“Go n be with ur jatin”he faked anger..
“Dev he us simply my frnd “n she punch him on shoulder..
“Ah..!”he shouted as he had were given sm damage..
“Lets pass to health facility…”
“No,u move wid jatin..”
“Dev,he’s jz my frnd…u r my husband my lifestyles n long run…”
“Ur lifestyles..?”
“Um…mm..woh..if truth be told..oaky..i ..i …shve u”
“What..?”dev requested
“I..woh..i i…love u..”she shouted..
He used to be beaten n hugged her…
“Dev,u..u additionally.?i imply..”
“Yes..i really like u tooo sonakshi…”
Both hugged once more…
“It used to be just right that tw/kunj made me understand…”each checked out twinj who used to be status..
“So that used to be ur plan..?”they each requested..
“Hmm..u assume best u each could make plan..?”twinj stated n they smiled…
Sona n dev had made plan m sona had requested jatin to remedy tw..as she will remedy her..
“Lets pass dev u want to get injured..”
“Nah..! Muje ni jaana..!”dev sat once more on d street..
“To a Chahiye kya tumhe…??”requested and annoyed sona..
“U know sona..this boys r very difficult…donno wat they would like..?”tw stated..
Dev pulled sona n she landed on his lap…n kunj pulls her througgh west..
“TU CHAHIYE..!”kunj/dev stated on the similar tym whilst each blushes…

1 year later…dev n sona used to be blessed with a child boy..named GOLU..n twinkle n kunj have been blessed with a adorable child woman..identify TANVI…

So how used to be it..?
I am hoping i glad each pairs fan this is devakshians n twinj lovers…sorry for the extend…
My dad telephone is damaged so he’s the use of mine so i needed to giv..n sorry twinj n devakshians..
I will be able to b past due posting my respective ffs..
But in 2 days twinj enthusiasts gets my ff..as i had now not posted it virtually 2 weks..n aftr that devakshians too..
I will be able to no doubt make it lengthy..(would possibly b as same old 3000 phrases..😊)

N guys dis could also be now not brief 2500 phrases…!
I had took my telephone for three hour from dad to put in writing …n it’s already over..so with out talking a lot bahbye…
Love u all..
N m in reality more than happy that each enthusiasts favored it..😊
Hope dis used to be just right too😘
Love yaaa💗💗


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