Three-day Faiz international festival concludes at Lahore

LAHORE: The 3rd day of Faiz International Festival concluded right here at the Alhamra Arts Council on Sunday.

The three-day festival incorporated 25 periods of discussions concerning the paintings of Faiz the place numerous poetry fanatics, fanatics, writers, teachers, critics, artists and pros participated.

The tournament arranged poetry, debates, discussions, performances, e-book launches and indoor actions all the way through the three-day tournament.

Discussions incorporated Faiz’s lifestyles, his paintings and their interpretations. Some periods mentioned lyricism in Faiz’s poetry, whilst others mentioned the characters, puts and occasions in Faiz’s paintings.

The festival used to be a really perfect good fortune and it’s going to be useful in selling Faiz’s revolutionary prose and poetry a few of the long run generations.

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