Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.
The Episode begins with Bihaan telling Amma Maayi that they are going to now not depart with out their daughter. Amma Maayi asks in the event that they need to kill their daughter with their arms. Monty brings canine and says they’re human eaters and hungry. Bihaan asks how dare you to loose canine on a woman. Monty says now shall we see what occurs for your daughter. Thapki covers Bani because the canine runs to assault Bani. Bihaan runs. Prince asks them to go away. Shraddha tells Dhruv that they shall depart Bani right here and bring to mind any approach after which take her again house. Dhruv says you wish to have to go away her right here. He falls in Shraddha’s lure and says we need to depart for Bani’s protection. Thapki says she gained’t move with out her daughter. Bani asks Bihaan to take her. Bihaan says I’m going in order that I will be able to come and take you again and guarantees her, pronouncing his daughters are his lifestyles. Bani says she is scared right here. Bihaan says worry will have to be fearful of you.

her, saying his daughters are his life. Bani says she is scared here. Bihaan says fear should be scared of you.

Bani says ghajab and hugs Bihaan. Thapki also hugs Bani and apologizes to her, and says they will take her back home. She asks her not to let anything happen with her and do not get scared of her. Bani hugs Thapki and cries.

Amma Maayi asks them to leave and asks Kesar to take Bani to room. Kesar takes Bani to room. Bihaan and Bani cry and leave from there. Thapki is thinking about Bani. Bihaan talks to Vasu and says he will come only after bringing Bani with him. Thapki collapsed and falls down. Bihaan holds her. Thapki tells her that Bani’s legs was tied with the iron chain, and says she never let her get hurt and cries. Bihaan says she is my daughter also, I have met her right now. He says this is someone’s conspiracy, else why anyone will kidnap our daughter. Thapki says whom? Bihaan says I will not leave that person and asks Thapki not to worry. A woman coming to Shekhawat’s house wearing Thapki’s clothes. Amma Maayi looks at her and sees woman with Thapki’s face.

She asks why did you come? Thapki tells that she came to ask her to keep her daughter with her and not let her free. Amma Maayi asks if she is mad and calls her two faced naagin. Thapki says she have to act because of her illiterate husband and asks her not to feel bad if she tells anything infront of her inlaws. She asks her to accept Bani and make her bahu of her house and give her values like her. Amma Maayi says okay, I accept your words. I will make your daughter as my bahu and will not feel bad of your words. She touches her face. Amma Maayi asks her not to worry. She touches her feet and goes. Amma Maayi says today she saw two faced naagin.

Thapki’s lookalike says people used to call me stammering girl and now this label. She thinks you have identified me right and says oops…not me and Bani’s mum Thapki. She says I am not Thapki, but…..She removes her mask and shows her face. She says I am Shraddha. I became Thapki wearing your mask and got Bani’s marriage fixed in Shekhawat’s house. She says you will see Bani ruined. You have send Sankara to jail and made me servant at my own house. She says you will never be able to meet Bani and your bad time have started again.

Monty tells Amma Maayi that he would have kill them and asks why did you let them go. Prince says now we shall go and kill them. Monty asks him to keep gun down and says it is not a thing to play for children. Prince says now I am become adult and that’s why Amma Maayi is getting me married. Kesar brings Bani and keeps her head on her husband’s feet.. Amma Maayi signs Kesar. Kesar bends Bani and makes her head touch prince’s feet. Prince smiles.

Dhruv gets a call. They rush to Shekhawat’s house and see Bani in cage. They are shocked. Bani asks them to free her.

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