Thahaan-a new start (episode-19) special episode

Hey everybody hope u guys appreciated my final phase n this one shall be intresting I am hoping..revelation,sacrifice,love,care,n birthday party in remark ur view I’ve began scripting this phase with a large number of pleasure,hope..thank u love u

Let’s start

Jigyasa went to her room n sat at the mattress preserving the diary.she thinks she isn’t doing proper
Jigyasa(in thoughts):however I without delay can’t pass n ask mother about that night time,I don’t have any clues about her.who will pay attention to me if I say it used to be her however she is going to take an opportunity n blame I will not let it occur I will have to read this diary to get my solutions.she opens it..she once more involves the web page have been hers n manish’s percent used to be there.she strikes his hand at the image n sees the web page to read it
“lately my son were given married to a contemporary woman.who simply seems like that thapki.
I got here to India forcing abhi ji best to take revenge from pandey circle of they killed my brother my lifestyles my the entirety “Kabir bhai”.thapki n Bihaan killed them.oldsters of jigyasa..n take a look at this I got here right here to take revenge n God made it more uncomplicated for me.i will be able to now torture my Bahu daughter of thapki n Bihaan n take my revenge.manish is my son I will be able to now not let anything else occur to him however u ur oldsters have been the rationale I misplaced the entirety my husband my first child n then my strengthen my lifestyles my bhai.i gained’t depart u jigyasa
She used to be dumpstuck studying the strains..she can not perceive the location who’s incorrect.did her oldsters in point of fact killed somebody,who have been her oldsters,how do neha mother find out about them,what’s the dating between them..all such ideas have been coming in her thoughts.

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“Won’t let u each keep in combination I will not do anything else however something u will die-jigyasa”
She extensively opened her mouth.
Why do she have this hatred for me,what’s my fault.
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“Ur fault is u have been born to them,n they killed my bhai”so I gained’t let u breath simply”
My oldsters what’s the thriller at the back of it,I m at a loss for words..she thinks n cries onerous.
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“The day he used to be born used to be probably the most worst day of my lifestyles,however a mom love u know”
He used to be born..who used to be born?? Mother love method method manish..the day he used to be born used to be the worst day of her lifestyles however however he’s his son how can she..she hates him too.what did he do to her.if that day used to be the worst day of her lifestyles then what’s the that means of mom love..she thinks..
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“Well God gave a new start to u each once more a new love tale.however this one gained’t complete”
Who’s love tale is she speaking about.she stated she is going to seperate me n manish is she speaking about us??
She turns subsequent web page however unearths not anything.she will get perplexed she thinks to read it from start..

First web page
“Done with my bhai’s remaining rites nowadays,he’s he’s long lifestyles my explanation why of being alive is long past now he left me on my own on this disgusting global with criminals,liars n lot more..he who used to be the entirety to me is long past a long way clear of he..however he isn’t lifeless he’s alive in me.they killed him they snatched my bhai clear of me.they took all my happiness away,they made me a dwelling lifeless frame,what is going to I do dwelling however no no I will are living,are living for my brother for his revenge they killed him.first they killed my first husband n my child then my bhai.they died too nut my revenge isn’t but finished that pandey circle of relatives afflicted my bhai so much,humiliated him n thrown out,what used to be his fault he sought after to take a sister revenge n he did it however it took him away.they took him away.they left his frame soulless.i gained’t depart u stay up for my time to return..
Jigyasa used to be thunderstruck her arms stared shivering more difficult she controlled to carry the guide tightly
Who killed him why is she blaming my circle of do she know them.why Dima concealed it all from me.about myself,my oldsters.who r my oldsters.
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“I met him few day in the past n in spite of everything nowadays he proposed me..although my closeness against him used to be a lie however I took step for taking the revenge.he’s going to lend a hand me.i needed to do it.this relation send is only a lie”
Jigyasa’s eyes have been extensive open she reads the strains once more n once more.
He proposed it method dad sure dad proposed her could also way he’s together with her too.
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“He don’t find out about me my intentions..he loves me however I don’t love him..he’s wealthy n an in depth pal of pandey’s he’s going to be a lend a hand in long run”
It approach mother is the use of dad,she doesn’t love him..she thinks.

On some random web page
“He is now grown up grown up as a good-looking younger guy,takes his personal determination,tall white like a hero,however seems like my enemy which makes me hate him.i liked him however the face n character he has makes me hate him..nonetheless as a mom..
He is grown up approach her handiest son manish how can a mother hate her kid this a lot.he’s good-looking someone would simply love him however she..she thinks.whos character he fits.she thinks
“Found her in India n that woman seems like her mom similar n day after today she will probably be married to my son n it begins my revenge will start..
Jigyasa had so much confusions this the the top of the all pages she read previous however nonetheless didn’t were given a complete fact.she used to be heartbroken she now sought after to understand more of it.she sought after to find out about her oldsters,what came about at the moment,what r the explanations of her hatred.

Jigyasa:there is just one individual from whom I will be able to get my solutions.she thinks..she wipes her tears n will get up..
Manish:who’s that individual,..she seems to be on the door n sees him status maintaining the door n shifting his eyebrows up n down in a teasing method which made her loosen up as she although he listened the entirety.he involves her slowly by striking his palms in his pocket.jigyasa someway manages to stay the diary beneath the pillow.manish didn’t see her doing it.he involves her she sees him n fakely passes a smiles.he places his arms round her neck.
Manish:what solution do u need,n y r u taking a look uninteresting did somebody informed u one thing
Jigyasa:no manish I’m nice n simply simply.she thinks what to mention..he used to be looking ahead to her solution
Jigyasa:I simply remembered the abduction incident n when I met viren it made me fall vulnerable.i in point of fact don’t know who’s the one that gave Money for my kidnapping who has this enmity with me..manish cupped her face
Manish:who ever it’s I swear I gained’t depart him/her..who ever it can be I gained’t forgive them.jigyasa sees him n holds his arms.he smiles n hugs her.she hugs him too.she will get melted n misplaced in his heartbeats.n he used to be busy caressing her hair patting her head n appearing that he’s there together with her.she thinks about neha n what if he will get to find out about her,what is going to be his response,will he deny the reality n blame me as a lier or consider me that she is the only person who is again of all of the issues came about with me..she tightens her eyelids to unlock her recent heat tears which were given safely positioned at his center upon his blouse..he may just really feel the wrath of it n seperates her.she had tears.he wiped them away gestures no..he kissed her brow n once more hugs her.jigyasa this time hugged him with a large number of appreciate to his emotions n love she had a grin upon her face..she seperates her self

Jigyasa:u got here again so early..
Manish:y r u now not satisfied that ur husband got here early arre different spouse all the time asks their husbands to get again house early n u.
Jigyasa:they r all mad spouse I don’t like this reality I imply what is going to they do coming early.
Manish:u in point of fact don’t know
Jigyasa:no.he smiles at her infantile query
Manish:good enough let me show u.jigyasa checked out him perplexed.he comes shut.he is going just about her ears n whispers
Manish:they do that.he touches her hand n strikes it throughout .he strikes again.she used to be shy n now knew or were given her solution..he held her by each her forearms n she held them in combination.she checked out him n blushed.he pulled her n her palms put on his chest.he smiled.
Manish:let u know more.she sees him.he winks n will get as regards to her.jigyasa will get frightened..
Jigyasa:can I ask u one thing..he nods no as he sought after to make love together with her n she used to be irritating.
Jigyasa:y do u come just about me.her phrases made him transfer away.he checked out her.she learned her approach used to be impolite
Jigyasa:I imply abruptly u modified.u didn’t sought after to marry me n we each did this marriage for our households..however then u all at once began coming u have forgot the whole thing came about with us prior to now.
Manish(in thoughts):it’s utterly my fault I by no means expressed my emotions to u n all the time attempted to return shut this will be the query of any woman.i will have to say her
Manish(romantically): I come as regards to u as a result of I do know ur mine n all the time be mine,by no means depart me n I i..I need to say my feeling to u…he will get worried seeing her stare upon him
Manish:ahhh it’s very exhausting..she makes a adorable pout.he smiles.
Manish(in thoughts):what r u doing manish it’s now not a right kind time u have some duty u want to do it first.if anything else occurs to me then she gained’t be capable of naked it if I say my feeling to her n the plan I made could be very dangerous however Dadi says occasionally taking possibility is a right kind determination n we will be able to get our best possible in it as an alternative of taking a look over the straightforward one..he thinks n she makes a valid together with her palms getting him again.
Manish:haan haan haan.
Jigyasa:what haan haan u have been pronouncing one thing like ur feeling.
Manish:sure my feeling however allow them to be in my center for few moments..jigyasa agains makes pout
Jigyasa:manish u r making me stressed.he cupped her face
Manish:I m telling na it’s now not a right kind time for it agree with me I will be able to when the right kind time comes.until then u take into accounts urs..
Jigyasa:what mine
Manish:smartly ur feeling for me.
Jigyasa:what feeling we r pals na.
Manish:dadi says sooner than attending to a conclusion we will have to call to mind it for hundred occasions u have so much time.assume. He pats her cheeks.she sees him.they have got an eyelock (ranjha naa performs)viren comes within the room.they see him n composes them selves.

He involves manish n presentations him a packet..he is taking it.
Manish:what’s it viren..jigyasa seems on.manish opens it n unearths a denims n tshirt with a adorable pair of trainers of viren’s measurement..
Manish:ohh those really nice..viren presentations “DADI” letter by letter thru his hands
Jigyasa:ohh Dadi gave it to u.he nods
Manish:wow dressed in those garments jigyasa simply believe how lovable our viren will glance.he pulls his cheeks fairly..jigyasa smiles n nods.
Jigyasa:however first he has to utterly trade his search for that.viren u wanna be adorable na.he nods.
Jigyasa:then these days we will be able to trade all ur glance n see the magic..he nods hesitatingly
Jigyasa:Arre what occur y r u hesitating..viren will get shy n he hides at the back of Manish
Jigyasa:manish Mai bhoot lagrahi Hun Kya.she sees herself in reflect then viren who used to be peeping at the back of manish keeping his hand.manish laughs
Manish:I do know precisely y he’s shy..
Jigyasa:y…manish turns to viren
Manish:it’s good enough viren I will be able to get u in a position..jigyasa will get at a loss for words then she realizes what’s the topic.
Jigyasa:tum dono na…she hits manish shoulder.
Jigyasa:good enough now pass n get in a position..
Manish:n don’t fear nowadays our viren will glance utterly other.i will be able to make him in a position..he smiles n is going in conjunction with viren

He involves the visitor room
Manish:good enough viren come first u need to take tub
He nods n is going with him to the toilet..manish makes him stand beneath the bathe.he opens the bathe faucet n because the water fall on him he will get scared n runs away.
Manish:arre what r u doing..he closes the bathe faucet..
He used to be scared as he used to be experiencing it all for the primary time in his lifestyles.
Manish:viren water isn’t scorching come n stand right here.he thinks for a minute n at his insistence he is going to him n stand beneath the bathe..once more manish opens the faucet n because the water fell on him he once more runs away..manish laughs this time..viren sees him..
Manish:ur frightened of water.viren nods no.
Manish:then..oh u r afraid of this bathe.he nods sure.
Manish:good enough then I’ve an concept..he is going to the tub n opens the faucet there.because the water fills up viren comes there to peer.he will get more scared.he gestures that he can not swim
Manish:offo viren u gained’t drown on this see the water can be simply until the knees most effective…now come n this tub bath.viren gulped his worry n is going close to the bathtub bath slowly.manish smirks n pushes him within the tub bath.he fall inside of it..he temporarily holds the ends of the bathtub bath as he used to be scared.manish laughs..he sees him..he makes an indignant face n throws water on him..manish tries to save lots of himself

Manish:arre viren he Kya karrahe ho nahana tumhe hai mujhe nahi..viren used to be throwing water on him continuesly n he used to be looking to save himself.viren temporarily holds his hand n prior to manish may just perceive he pulled him within the bath.he falls inside of..viren laughs..manish sees him n smiles.manish places the shampoo within the bath viren performs with the bubbles..he is taking a hand full of froth n throws within the air..manish is going down within the tub bath n will get up in a scaring approach shouting loudly..he had all of the foam on his garments.viren will get scared considering its a ghost.he is going to the top of the bathtub bath n sits..manish laughs..he is taking a pipe bathe n cleans himself.viren can now see him n indicators in aid..manish places at the bathe n brings viren their..he stands nonetheless for a couple of mins n enjoys it he begins dancing within the bathe..manish additionally joins him..manish closes the bathe n takes a scissor n cuts his lengthy hairs to a boy reduce duration..manish will get him bathed n after an extended masti they comes out of the toilet.manish makes him put on the garments n now he used to be taking a look cuter,he used to be taking a look whiter,with a brief hairs completely matching his character,his wounds weren’t proven off after a heat tub..
Manish:wow viren take a look at u ur taking a look like a prince.he blushes.

Manish:oye blush Ladkiyaan karti hai.they snort n manish is going to his room for buying in a position..
Manish:Oho I wasted so much time.i’ve to succeed in the police station additionally n jigyasa too will kill me..
he opens the door slowly..jigyasa used to be status close to the reflect looking to put the hooks of her saree..her each the palms have been twisted again keeping the hooks..he smiles seeing her s*xy glance.he sees her most sensible to backside she used to be dressed in a saree of pista colour with a pink shirt n the saree too had a purple border n the purple phase had a golden Flower patches..the pista phase had gentle golden colour lays arranges in test shapes..she used to be taking a look royal.she draped the saree completely…he smiles n nonetheless she used to be busy together with her hooks.he steps against her n he holds the hooks she sees him within the reflect.she will get shy.he slowly places the hooks of her shirt n sees her.he smiles at her.jigyasa additionally smiles..he sees her within the reflect n will get mesmerized by her good looks..he is taking the bangles from the desk n holds her hand.they have been golden n purple bangles.he holds her hand she sees him n he places the bangles in her palms she smiles.he kisses her knuckles after striking all of the bangles.he is taking the earrings n makes her put on that.she used to be taking a look at him within the reflect with a grin.he hugs her from again n she sees him.his hug used to be tight embracing her in his heat.she stood thier taking a look at him within the reflect like a statue.the statue used to be became alive when he began kissing her neck.she feels it n leaves herself loose in his love,in his hands..she unknowingly smiled n he used to be continuously kissing her neck last his eyes.she moans in excitement..he stops kissing her n she checked out him within the reflect.

Which indicated him that she is looking ahead to more.he smiles.
Manish:ur taking a look stunning nowadays..identical to a princess..
Jigyasa:I’m now not a princess anymore I’m a queen of a king…”proper”..he smiles n nods sure
He turns her n holds her arms
Manish:handiest my queen.the queen of 1 n most effective manish goplani..he stated strictly..she smiled at his possessiveness..he checked out her lips n comes on the subject of her.she sees it . N Frees herself from his grip n begins operating..he holds her hand(ranjha naa performs) she turns n sees him.they seemed eachother n manish left her hand slowly.jigyasa sees it.she will get at a loss for words..manish left her considering it’s now not just right to building up any dating together with her..n even she gained’t like him coming on the subject of her.he appears down n she stood their. Without any second.manish anticipated her to head from the room however she stood thier.he didn’t knew what’s happening in her thoughts however beloved her consideration.he sees him.n she gestured “any drawback”. Manish smiles..jigyasa notices that he’s rainy
Jigyasa:manish how come u were given rainy.he recalls his lovable moments with viren n then thinks now she is going to kill me
Jigyasa:what occur I requested u one thing what r u considering..u went to make viren in a position na
Manish:no no in reality I used to be lifting a bucket n I fell down so I were given rainy.she involves him.
Jigyasa:u fell down did u..did u were given harm..she used to be taking a look very involved for him.she touches his cheeks with each her hand
Jigyasa:what occur say me..manish held her hand
Manish:I stated a lie.

Manish:I used to be enjoying with viren whilst making him in a position so I were given rainy.n I didn’t say as a result of I assumed u gets indignant for enjoying in water n I didn’t sought after to wreck ur temper for a result of I do know ur very excited for it.she smiles at his rationalization..she caressed his cheeks
Jigyasa:sure I’m as a result of we by no means loved any serve as in combination.i need to revel in this one in any case it’s our reception.he smiles fakely
Manish:jigyasa..he cupped her face
Manish:I will not come lately.jigyasa sees him
Jigyasa:now don’t start ur joking please
Manish:no I’m now not I in point of fact have a piece.jigyasa the plan I made for arresting the abductors want me to be thier within the police station lately.
Jigyasa:manish however.she will get tears.
Jigyasa:that is our serve as we r the groom n bride in it what is going to other folks assume if u gained’t come n maximum of can u depart me on my own no U have to return I need to revel in this night time with u.
Manish:jigyasa attempt to perceive please
Jigyasa:no way no if u aren’t coming I gained’t move too.she stubbornly endured
Manish:ahh good enough I will be able to however just for an hour then I’ve to head for my plan n this would be the ultimate step.jigyasa knew he gained’t agree n nodded sure for an hour.she used to be indignant with him
Jigyasa:okk will revel in with viren handiest
Manish:he isn’t coming too

Manish:he isn’t protected he needs to be taken clear of the arena to an secret. position.n he’s the one turn out towards the ones kidnappers..jigyasa felt him proper
Jigyasa:good enough..manish smiles n hugs her.she hugs him too..(ranjha naa performs)
Manish is going to the toilet..
Jigyasa:arre I forgot to invite what he’s dressed in lately..she sees his garments n will get not anything.manish will get freshed n comes out in a towel considering jigyasa would have went down..jigyasa used to be busy taking a look garments for him n he comes out shifting his arms in his hairs.he sees her n will get surprised
Manish:u r nonetheless right here.jigyasa turns to him n sees him within the towel.she will get surprised.n turns to the opposite aspect.manish smiles
Jigyasa:y did u got here on this.can’t y put on anything else.
Manish:arre I assumed u went down so I got here to take my garments.
Jigyasa:arre u will have to see na that if anyone is there within the room or now not.
Manish:good enough so this could also be my fault.
Manish:Oho it’s good enough what came about ur my spouse.she widened her eyes at his remark.he smiled..
Jigyasa:what r u dressed in lately
Manish:my favourite black go well with.
Jigyasa:as all the time
Manish:sure I don’t have anything else higher then that u know na I don’t have any hobby in garments
Jigyasa:sure however at events u will have to put on new.n see u have all informal go well with.when will u buy groceries.
Manish:hmm I don’t have time now.later.however at the moment I’m operating out of time give me my go well with.she turns.she used to be taking a look down.she stared rubbing her arms.she strikes ahead to him.he sees her maintaining each his arms on his waist.she got here close to her n he will get satisfied.she slowly seems to be at him.she then crosses him n is going to the dressing desk.he sees her perplexed n unhappy..she takes a go well with hanged in a go well with duvet..n involves him.
Jigyasa:u will put on this nowadays.she stated hesitatingly..he appears on the go well with.
Manish:u were given it for me

Jigyasa:sure as a result of I knew u can be busy in ur paintings n u by no means have time for someone else.he smiles.he assists in keeping it at the mattress n strikes with reference to her.he holds her waist.she didn’t take a look at him
Manish:what did u imply by somebody else..hmm he stated with a husky voice..he touched his brow with hers n rubbed his head on hers.she used to be looking to transfer when he held her more tightly
Jigyasa:manish we will be able to get past due.he pulled her more shut.she stored her palms on his rainy chest.she appears at her arms n then seems to be at him who used to be smiling extensively at her..she will get misplaced in his smile.she smiles n appears down getting shy.
Jigyasa:now pass n get in a position.she stated patting his chest.he smiled n left he took his go well with n went to the toilet
Jigyasa:I’ve were given the go well with however forgot the tie I feel I will be able to in finding one matching in his assortment.she sees in his cabinet
Manish comes out dressed in the go well used to be a pista colour coat n pant with a white blouse.
Manish:how am I taking a look..jigyasa checked out him.she thinks “how good-looking he’s taking a look”. She smiles.she had a pista colour tie in her hand.she involves him..he strikes his eyebrows for a solution..she strikes his arms to his neck..she pulls up his collar of his blouse n ties the tie round his neck..he smiled at her wifey nature..after she is completed she caresses the tie close to his chest.seemed in his eyes
Jigyasa:identical to a king..he smiled..she will get tears.he sees them.he holds her shoulders
Manish:what occur.jigyasa sees him
Jigyasa:not anything simply the tears of happiness.she smiles n hugs him.he will get at a loss for words however hugs her again.
Jigyasa(in thoughts):manish I am getting scared considering what is going to u do when u get to find out about ur mother.i am getting many ideas like u would take care of me,offer protection to me,calm me,console me or will u hate me for speaking unwell about mother.i nonetheless don’t know y she did it.i’ve to get my solution lately..she seperates.he smiles seeing her..he is going to the reflect n she secretly places the diary in her handbag…

Neha’s room
She will get in a position n takes her telephone
Neha:I will have to name them to determine my paintings is completed or now not
She dials a host
Neha:hi,did u completed ur paintings
A goon status infront of the pandey nivas
Goon:sure ma’am ur paintings is completed I’ve planted a bomb in pandey nivas which can blast in precisely eight hours from now.this is round 11pm.neha smirks.
Neha. Cuts the decision
Neha:need to do reception birthday party.revel in simply revel in the best way u need lately however on the finish u all will die..sooner than 11 I’ve to convey everybody from the circle of relatives out.let the visitor n pandey’s die.she smirks.she is going down
Jigyasa manish n everybody comes their.everybody compliments viren he smiles.
Manish:if truth be told I need to say u all one thing.
Dadi:sure beta say what’s it
Manish:dadi viren isn’t protected their he has to be taken away n stored in a more secure position with safety.n additionally the interview is the next day to come n he has to get in a position for it.he has to visit the bureau for some paintings..he makes excuses n the circle of relatives additionally consents with him..
A police constable comes their to take viren away.he runs to jigyasa n hugs her.she smiles n hugs him too..he hugs manish n he sees neha with an indignant glance n is going away with the constable
Neha:y did he gave me the ones indignant expression.i consider manish advised that he is aware of the entirety concerning the he in reality know that it used to be me.then prior to the interview I has to do his paintings.she is going away n calls the goon
Neha:whats up that boy of ur gang simply went to the police station now he used to be hopefully
Looking at me as he know my his paintings now kill him sooner than the interview
Goon:good enough Maam as u say.she cuts the decision.
Everyone depart to pandey nivas

Pandey nivas
The pandey’s have been ready on the door to welcome them.
Aryan used to be making so much noise within the corridor.he used to be asking to the servent for one thing
Vasu:arre what is that this Aryan all of the visitors are right here n ur shouting like hell infront of them.
Aryan:arre I’m doing it for jiggu
Vasu:for her however what r u doing
Aryan:Dima simply wait n watch..u know na she loves it when others make her really feel like princess.
Vasu:sure..servants brings plates of purple flora petals
Aryan:Dima she all the time sought after an access like this.sure she used to inform me that once she would come house from London she needs her access to be like this.n lately I will be able to satisfy her want n see she can be beaten to it.
Vasu:acha then good enough
Dhruv:however all of sudden u by no means took phase in any serve as or issues n now ur going to offer my princess a wonder.he stated jokingly.vasu pats his shoulder
Vasu:arre it’s good enough it’s a brother sister spite of everything they stayed away for years n then with in few days jigyasa were given married.,they by no means hung out
Aryan:sure additionally I’ve just one sister so I will be able to all the time make her really feel special.i by no means got here to any purposes as a result of I hate them what is going to other folks do exactly coming,consuming n then backbiting.aint it Dima
Vasu:no beta folks will come n give the circle of relatives their blessings.specifically to whom the birthday party or serve as is arranged.
Aryan:good enough good enough now let me get ready for the wonder.
Vasu:good enough..they smiled at him n went to the door..the goplani’s got here within the automobiles n involves the gate.vasu smiles
Vasu:please come inside of.everybody nods n will get in..they only took a step inside of once they have been showered with flora by aryan n his pals..everybody seems to be at them..jigyasa smiles..many of the plant life have been showered on jigyasa n manish.they smiled..they succeed in the Hall n aryan stops showering the flora
Jigyasa:aryan bhai what used to be this
Aryan:wonder..everybody sees him
Jigyasa:wonder however y
Aryan:abhi tumne dekha kaha hai.simply wait n watch all of the surprises coming forward..she will get perplexed.n she tries to invite it to others however they forget about her n is going to deal with the visitor.manish used to be additionally at a loss for words..
Neha(in thoughts):sure there r lot. more surprises forward.she smirks..
Aryan on the level
Aryan:women n mild guy plzz would possibly I’ve ur consideration plzzz..everybody sees him
Aryan:thanku everybody for becoming a member of us lately at our largest happiness
Jigyasa to manish:I’m wondering how he modified so.he by no means took phase in any serve as n he’s a little shy.n take a look at him now how well he’s web hosting the serve as..
Manisn:sure.they smiles.
Aryan:whats up u each its ur serve as now not mine so pay ur consideration right here.i do know u can’t avoid eachother or without speaking however no less than now once I’m website hosting.. jigyasa n manish sees him.everybody laughs.they really feel embarrassed..jigyasa provides a killing appears to Aryan
Aryan:good enough so let’s start our night with a great duper efficiency..plzz put ur hand in combination for manish n jigyasa.they have been left in surprise as they listen thier identify.everybody have been cheering for them n they have been feeling shy to head at the level
Aryan:arise couple n give us a terrific efficiency.jigyasa n manish seems at eachother..the gang began chanting their names..the track performs.

Janam janam janam sath chalna yuhi…jigyasa used to be shy.she used to be taking a look right here n there when manish comes infront of her n forwards his hand.she seems to be at it n him.he gestures to return when she nods no shyly.he smiles n strikes his hand to her hand n holds it.she seems at him.
Crowd:ohhh how romantic..jigyasa widens her eyes n manish smiles..he sees her n they slowly moved to the level..manish is helping her mountaineering the steps..they got here within the centre n a place gentle targeted them.jigyasa used to be shy to bop infront of all.the music performs..

Janam janam janam sath chalna yuhi.
Manish comes at the back of her n holds each her arms.he took her palms n strikes within the air slowly.his face used to be touching hers.she used to be worried,shy,getting misplaced in his love,in his heat,in his breath,she used to be perplexed of her feeling..manish used to be dancing romantically with interest,interest of her love.

Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
He pushes her ahead rather but onerous for her.n holds her arms.
Ek Jaan hain bhale do badan ho Judaa..
He pulls her again n her again n his chest pressed she got here to him he hugged her wrapping his palms on her waist..he held her waist n turns her .she sees him.he pulls her n assists in keeping her arms on his shoulder n his arms on her waist
Meri hoke hamesha hello rehna kabhi na kehna alvida..
They danced passionately manish swirls her round him..

Meri subahho tumhi..he once more turns her n strikes his palms on hers.she felt it.he held her hand
Aur tumhi sham ho..he strikes her hand as much as his faces made her contact it.she smiled.
Tum dard ho tumhi aaraam ho.he hugged her
He held each her palms up n joined them
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa..
Meri hoke hamesha hello rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida.
He turns her with pressure whilst her arms have been nonetheless up n he holds her arms n positioned them round his neck.she seems at him in his eyes there used to be hobby,love for her however she didn’t realize it…their breaths mingled.
Aa ha haa haa haa…..manish bends backwards n jigyasa leaned on him.her one hand used to be on her chest n different round his neck.they closed their eyes.

(Female-jigyasa’s strains)
Teri baahon mein hai mere dono jahaan..
She hugged him.he smiles
Tu Rahe. Jidhar..jigyasa moved a couple of steps again n held his arms.
Meri jannat wah in..she once more come to him n turns round n assists in keeping her head on his shoulder.manish sees her n smiled.
Jal rahi agan hai jo ye do tarfa..he raised each his palms.n stored his proper hand round her neck n the opposite hand round her naked abdominal.she felt his contact.n he felt her heat..he kissed her neck from again…she moved away n sees him
Na bujhe kabhi Meri mannat yahi.she involves him n holds his hand in each her palms.she lifts it.
Tu Meri aarzu,primary Teri aashique
Tu Meri shayari.primary Teri mausiqi..she kissed his hand…they each bends again retaining eachothers palms n manish pulled her onerous against him.she sees right here n there n unearths the whole thing standard..they have been maintaining eachother n dancing usually ..she sees him.he gestures what..she nods no n smiles.(the feminine strains have been a dream of jigyasa)

(Male-manish’s strains)
Meri subah ho tumhi shaam ho.
Tum dard ho,Tumhi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon she aati hai bas he sadaa
Meri hoke hamesha hello rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
O….na na….
The melody performs whilst
..he lifts her in palms n swirls round.plant life have been showering from up.she seems to be up n unearths Aryana doing it.she sees manish n he smiles at her romantically.she smiles too.n waves her palms in air.her pallu used to be masking her hand n so she used to be enjoying with it n the plant life falling on them.manish smiled at her innocence..the track ends n he places her down.she smiled n each and every one clapped at their romantic,passionate,immense efficiency..jigyasa n manish smiles..n she runs upstairs getting shy..manish smiled.
Vasu:I feel she is shy I will be able to convey her down..she is going up.
Manish smiles n is going to Dadi
Manish:dadi I’ve some paintings I want to move now
Dadi:however beta
Manish:dadi it’s essential I’ve to head now.
Dadi:however jigyasa gets unhappy
Manish:don’t fear I advised her.dadi nods.n he is going out..

In the room
Jigyasa recalls their dance. N smiles she holds the mattress n stands there eager about it..Vasu comes from again n places her hand on her shoulder
Jigyasa thinks it’s manish she closes her eyes n holds the mattress tightly.
Jigyasa:manish plzz depart me.vasu smiles
Jigyasa:manish plzz transfer ur hand..Vasu will get satisfied
Jigyasa:manish..she turns round n sees Vasu.she widens her eyes.vasu smiles n strikes her eyebrows
Vasu:I feel u have been anticipating any person else.
Jigyasa:no no Dima not anything like that.vasu smiles.jigyasa sees right here n there as she used to be stuck by her.she recalls the diary
Jigyasa:Dima I’ve to invite u one thing.
Vasu:sure beta.
Jigyasa:I’ve forgot one thing I will be able to deliver it usa right here.
Vasu:good enough ..jigyasa is going down n will get her handbag she runs up
She presentations the diary to to Vasu
Vasu:what is that this.
She tells her each and every factor about neha n what’s writtien within the diary too.vasu will get tensed.she turns round
Jigyasa:Dima u have hidden many factor from me until now however plzz say the entirety to me.i promise I gained’t fall vulnerable.plzz Dima
Vasu:beta I’ve advised u many time n this time too.that I’ve hidden those factor from u for ur protection most effective.if u get to find out about it.u might be in peril.n ur the one valuable factor of my tha…she stops..
Jigyasa:thapki n Bihaan proper.vasu turns to her.
Vasu:how do u know
Jigyasa:it’s within the diary Dima..Vasu indicators in aid..
Jigyasa:they r my oldsters proper.vasu sees her.jigyasa holds her hand
Jigyasa:Dima plzz inform me the entirety what came about that point,the place r my oldsters,have they in point of fact died,y neha mother thinks that mamma papa killed some Kabir,within the diary it’s written that Kabir is neha mothers brother however what used to be he to mamma papa..plzz Dima inform me
Vasu:u have were given to find out about ur oldsters na that’s sufficient..i don’t need ur lifestyles to be in peril.she turns round n begins to head
Jigyasa:Dima..she stops
Jigyasa:if nowadays u gained’t inform me the reality my will shall be in peril.vasu turns to her n she sees jigyasa protecting a knife close to her wrist..Vasu shouts
Vasu:jigyasa…beta what r u doing the knife is is going to harm u transfer it away,she involves her n jigyasa strikes again
Jigyasa:no Dima don’t come to me..simply say me the reality or else these days u will unfastened ur valuable factor.
Vasu:beta pay attention to me don’t do it.its now not right kind.i will be able to’t inform u the reality beta attempt to perceive
Jigyasa:y Dima what is going to occur.dima these days u have to inform the reality or.she strikes the knife as regards to her wrist..Vasu will get scared n shouts
Vasu:noooo…no prevent this childishness jigyasa.I’m telling na I will be able to’t inform the reality I promised ur oldsters that I gained’t let u find out about them..plzz prevent this nonsense ..jigyasa sees her..
Jigyasa:what Dima they informed u to not inform any factor about them.however why…Vasu falls down her knees
Vasu:as a result of their lifestyles used to be with full of hurdles.,difficulties,n all they by no means were given any happiness and in the event that they were given it didn’t lengthy u.
Jigyasa:like me..she sits beside her.
Vasu(sobbing):sure..thapki all the time stated that all of the difficulties within the lifestyles are only a check from God to evidence urself.n after many difficulties they discovered an happiness.”you”..god gave happiness to them by sending u of their lifestyles however as alway it didn’t remaining.for that something I all the time blamed god that he have snatched my thapki my Bihaan from me.however then I noticed ur face.identical to my thapki n ur behavior identical to my I molded u like them..
Jigyasa:what came about to them..Vasu sees her
Jigyasa:I do know Dima u promised my oldsters however accept as true with me not anything will occur to me n it’s important to understand the reality.if now not many lifestyles’s might be in peril,our circle of relatives,manish,n me too Dima.vasu sees her
Vasu stands n is going close to the cabinet..she takes out a field which used to be adorned with diamond stones.she brings it to the mattress n jigyasa is helping her.
Jigyasa:Dima this field u all the time informed that u misplaced the important thing of this field.
Vasu:hmm ur favourite field which u all the time sought after to open however..she takes out key bunch from her saree..she takes the revered key n opens it
Vasu:I all the time lied to u that I don’t have the important thing.she opens it.jigyasa sees her.
She sees within the field.
Vasu:my Bihaan n thapki have been my diamond so I stored there reminiscences on this diamond field,..their have been many photograph frames of thapki n Bihaan..
weddings,engagements,Roka,mehendi,they have been protecting a fish bowl,dancing, n many more.
She sees the photographs n will get surprised.she simply appeared like thapki n will get more surprised seeing manish a reproduction of Bihaan..She sees Vasu.she nods sure she sees the opposite image of pregnant thapki n Bihaan hugging her child bump..she smiles as she knew it used to be her in her mammas tummy…a necklace simply taking a look stunning like a rainbow which Bihaan made for her woman love thapki..
Jigyasa:Dima inform me the entirety
Vasu:will u naked with it
Jigyasa:I will be able to I’ve to
Vasu:years in the past bihaan n thapki have been married forcefully.they hated eachother n so do I as thapki ur mom had as stammering drawback”jigyasa sees her
Vasu:I made Bihaan marry her however she used to be choosed for my different son dhruv.bhaan used to be my followed son I by no means appreciated him..thapki n Bihaan hated eachother…she laughs.jigyasa sees her
Vasu:Bihaan used to name her chuk chuk Gadi n she used to name him moti budhi..n he used to be a moti budhi ..she tells her the entirety…Vasu cries.
Vasu:finally they died in combination giving somewhat u in my hand n taking two guarantees that I will be able to construct u up as a just right individual n by no means inform u about them..that they had a sour previous.they by no means sought after u to endure.
Vasu:Kabir used to be flawed Bihaan by no means killed neha’s circle of relatives nor killed somebody in his lifestyles..she wipes her tears
Vasu:thapki.jigyasa seems to be at her
Vasu:that is ur new start beta..n glance on this start additionally u n Bihaan r in combination.jigyasa thinks about it.vasu hugs her
Jigyasa:my oldsters suffered so much Dima.n I..I had a sibling too.which used to be killed by some sankar..Vasu sees her
Jigyasa:Dima my brother or sirter can be with mamma n papa presently..proper.vasu smiles n nods sure..
Jigyasa:however neha mother thinks that mamma n papa killed Kabir.n she is full of revenge now.
Vasu:then let her be I will be able to inform about her to manish.that she is the only abducted u..she begins going
Jigyasa:no Dima..if u do that the circle of relatives will destroy n nobody shall be satisfied..plzz don’t do it..
Vasu:beta how can u she needs to kill u n u r supporting her
Jigyasa:I’m now not Dima however I don’t need the circle of relatives to get seperated..mother is wrote n I will be able to make her understand in my approach
Vasu:u know what ur identical to ur oldsters..jigyasa will get perplexed
Vasu:sure.thapki used to be very beneficiant she may just forgive any person on the planet the place as Bihaan used to be somewhat indignant individual however thapki modified him n he began the scenarios frivolously in his method..jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:then simply see me as ur son n Bahu.
Vasu:I will be able to see my manish as my bihaaan u as my thapki.jigyasa smiles…Vasu nods Jigyasa sees the image frames n cries.vasu consoles her

In the corridor
Neha:simply few hours more everybody shall be killed she smirks.

At the police station
An individual sitting in a depressing room which had a track showing a Jail room..he turns to the opposite aspect n sees a large body on which it had the image of various of work participants,members of the family n all.he one by one noticed each and every one in moderation n bothered off each and every one. “Dadi” no..he bothered off “papa” no he troubled it off too. Now just one individual used to be left within the body “mother”. He stored the marker there n thinks.
Police:manish sir.manish turns.inspector sees him.he used to be dressed in the similar garments as viren used to be dressed in on the time manish discovered him.torn,grimy n dressed in an extended tousled hair wig..he makeuped him self black.
Inspector:sir r u positive u will do it
Manish:sure I do know they’re going to come nowadays listening to the scoop of viren’s interview to kill him ahead of it n could also be the one that gave them cash would have ordered them.i don’t need viren’s lifestyles in peril so I will be able to do it..
Inspector:sir it’s dangerous
Manish:that’s y I put in a digital camera over the police station n if u in finding any mischief u will rush to me.
Inspector:however sir
Manish:now what’s the drawback am I now not taking a look like viren.sure peak is the issue however I do know they gained’t realize it.
Inspector:sir however viren
Manish:I’ve ship him to a more secure position.inspector nods n leaves with him to the prison room

At the pandey nivas
Jigyasa n Vasu have been coming downstairs when jigyasa bumps in to a veiled ladies.
They depart
Vasu:who’s she y is she masking her face.
Jigyasa:don’t no Dima perhaps any visitor..they depart…

Neha is going close to a nook as she will get a decision
Jigyasa sees her she used to be taking a look tensed she follows her.
Neha:what occur y did u referred to as now
Goon:maam we r out of the police station
Neha:then y r u telling me do ur paintings.kill him.jigyasa hears it n will get surprised..
Goon:however maam
Neha:don’t ur paintings n I will be able to do mine.i’ve to get everybody out the bomb has best an hour to blast..jigyasa will get surprised.she felt the ground shifting n she holds e pillar beside.
Neha:now don’t waste time if he is aware of about us n tells them the entirety..they’re going to get to find out about u n me too.kill him now.she cuts the decision.she is going from there.jigyasa used to be feeling vulnerable she thinks to inform it to everybody however they’re going to panic n additionally who will consider her..she thinks to seek out the bomb
She runs out aspect n sees all over the place,within the cow shed,close to the timber,within the lawn far and wide
Jigyasa:it’s now not right here way it’s inside of.she panic n is going in aspect.she bumps in dadi
Dadi:arre beta cautious..what occur ur taking a look tensed..jigyasa wipes her sweat.she sees neha..neha sees her n will get at a loss for words..she smiles
Jigyasa:not anything Dadi simply .
She is going away.she sees within the corridor whilst speaking to the visitor as neha’s gaze used to be on her.she didnot in finding it.she panics..neha additionally will get busy within the visitor.
The veiled ladies pulls her to an aspect
Jigyasa:hello what r u doing.
The veiled one take out the veil n jigyasa sees him
Jigyasa:viren..he is taking out a guide n writes on it.jigyasa reads it
Jigyasa:manish Bhaiya have ship. Me in veil as consistent with his plan.n I heard concerning the bomb n discovered neha aunt going close to the god idol repeatedly.once I went to test I discovered the bomb there.
Jigyasa sees him.he nods.jigyas rushes to the god idol ..she searches each and every have been n strikes the flower petals to peer the bomb n unearths the bomb between the god idols..
Fb presentations
A goon dressed as waiter is available in n position it there temporarily without somebody noticing him.he runs out.facebook ends
Jigyasa panics..
Jigyasa:what is going to we do now..

At the police station..
Manish used to be sitting within the prison room dealing with to the wall.two goons disguised as a steady guy dressed in go well with comes within the police station n is going to the inspector
Goons:ahh we got here to satisfy any person
Goon:rajan..(he’s considered one of his pal who’s a goon n stuck by the police
Inspector:however y who r u to him how do u know him
Goon:he abducted my kid n all the time stayed away I’ve given him cash too however he by no means returned my kid.
Inspector:see we r nonetheless in search of the individuals who he abducted n don’t fear we will be able to quickly in finding ur kid.n for that u don’t want to meet him plzz pass to ur house.
Goon:ahhh sir as soon as plzz I will be able to communicate to him.i will be able to make him perceive inspector laughs
Inspector:he by no means opened his mouth in those months in our torture ..n u will make him open his mouth
Goon:sir plzz it’s a fathers request.from those months I n my circle of relatives are ready to peer him however plzz sir..he holds his arms
Inspector:good enough..goon smiles.
Inspector:I will be able to include u..goons will get surprised.inspector begins going.goons have been status on the similar position seeing eachother.inspector turns
Inspector:what any drawback.
Goon:no no not anything sir.they is going with him.goons sees right here n there.their used to be nobody.goons takes out the gun n places a silencer on it to steer clear of the shoot sound.inspector will get a decision he pics it up.he will get tensed.
Inspector:good enough I’m coming,.he cuts the decision
Inspector:I’ve some paintings u pass n meet him.goons get satisfied n inspector is going..
In the name of the game room
Inspector reaches there
Constable:sir they have been concentrated on the use of the gun we noticed within the we referred to as u.
Inspector:sure in order that they r the goon who disguised themselves as a steady mans n got here right here.simply wait n watch what is going to occur to u.he provides an attentive name to manish n he places a Bluetooth in his ears so the police can simply listen them n document them
The goon succeed in to the prison room n thinks manish as viren as he used to be dressed in the similar garments.they is available in
Goon:u fool how dare u..manish stood at his position n by no means became again n listened to him sparsely.
Goon:did u spied on do u know concerning the kidnapping,who did it n the whole thing,n how dare u informed them the entirety about us.
Goon:this silly garbag can not talk however by movements informed the whole thing to them
Goon:however now u gained’t be in a position too.manish hears him in moderation
Goon:u have interview the next day to come which u will inform the whole thing about us.i will be able to see how u will inform.arre when u gained’t be alive then how will u do the interview
Goon:salle ko to maam ke naked me bhi pata hai.if he opens his mouth then maam won’t spare us..
Manish(in thoughts):it approach it’s a feminine who did this.however who.???
The goons takes his gun out. N issues at him.manish used to be now not acutely aware of this.the inspector sees it during the digital camera n runs to the prison room..
Before they may shoot the police arrives their n holds them.manish is available in senses.he hears inspector voice
Manish(in thoughts):y did they got here they might have informed the entirety now however.he turns n takes out his wig..goons sees him
Goons:who r u.
Manish:nahi pehcana..wait..he is going out n washes his face n involves the prison room once more.goon sees him
Manish:arre wah pehcanliya.sensible bilkul viren ki tarha lagraha tha ne..goons will get tensed
Manish:inspector have u recorder the entirety they advised.
Inspector:sure.the goons will get surprised.
Manish:hmm so now mister goon would u like to inform me more about it.he is going to him.
Goon:I’ve not anything more to mention
Manish:ohh however I’ve so much to mention.he sees her angrily
Manish:how dare u touched my spouse n tortured her.i will be able to kill u..he beats.him..inspector stops him
Inspector:depart them on us we will be able to open their mouth.manish nods he turns n Starts going.he stops n turns his head moderately n says
Manish:torture them..n don’t prevent .u dared to torture my spouse now repent..he is going from their.inspector gestured his constables n he went in conjunction with manish.they succeed in the name of the game room.manish stands close to the screens.constables have been beating them badly
Constable:inform what number of of u r within the gang.
Goons:we gained’t inform …they beats them more arduous whilst they are attempting to flee n protected them selves.
Goon:good enough good enough we r 5.manish will get surprised however viren made the comic strip of six folks.n jigyasa additionally informed that their r handiest 5 participants
Manish:ask them have been they r now..constable nods n beats them.contables may just listen him thru Bluetooth.they says the entirety because the torture used to be doubled..inspector sends a group to arrest them.
Manish:ask them the the purpose who gave have gave them cash to kidnap jigyasa.constable asks it to them however they refused to respond to.they beats them however now they have been stiff.manish will get indignant
Soon the police staff comes with the opposite goon n the constable beats them too on manish’s orders..they beats the previous guy too..
Old guy:they by no means advised me anything else concerning the the daddy of the boss of this gang.however I hate staying with them.i don’t know anything else..manish sees he’s previous n orders the constable to not beat him..constables beats the opposite goon however nobody solutions.manish will get more indignant.he involves the prison room whilst different officials follows him.he is taking the stick from the constable n beats them rarely that their frame became pink”they moaned in ache..manish used to be maintaining the stick tightly n beat them arduous.his tightly grip used to be hurting him.his palms began bleeding by the pressure however he by no means stopped.
Inspector:sir what r u doing ur palms r bleeding depart it.however he didn’t infact he beat them more rarely that they needed to open their mouth
Goon:ur mom gave us cash to kidnap ur spouse.he stops beating them his cling loosens n the stick falls down
Inspector:don’t lie
Goon:no we r pronouncing true she gave us cash n she handiest advised us to return right here n kill viren as she stated she is going to give us cash so we got here right here.
Goons:she advised us to kidnap her n kill her n burry her deep within the floor n don’t depart any clue at the back of however prior to that she ran away
Manish:teri itni himmat..Meri patni ko marega..he holds his neck tightly.
Goon(looking to transfer his hand):it used to be an order of ur mother..we did it for cash..he leaves him.he runs out.inspector asks the constables to regulate them n is going to manish.
In the name of the game room
Manish used to be status close to the chair.inspector comes their.manish sees the large body n how he left her image unmarked.he will get tears.
Inspector:so ur doubt used to be proper.manish hears him.he will get indignant
Manish:sure..,sure ..sure ..he pushes the chair which rolls n collapse. At a distance
Inspector:sir keep an eye on ur self plzz u will harm urself.ur hand continues to be bleeding
Manish:this wound will heal inspector however the wound my mother gave she attempted to kill my love everytime.i gained’t forgive her.
Inspector:u knew n had doubt on her
Fb show
Manish n inspector have been desirous about the bag the way it got here their.who’s that one that gave the Money within the goplani’s bag.the bag had a a lot of cash n goplani’s give the ones luggage to just special other folks..
Inspector:do u consider the individuals who u gave this. Bags
Manish:to all our industry sellers however they r very authentic we by no means had any battle with them.
Inspector:some other special individual
Manish thinks
Manish:even now and again my members of the family makes use of those luggage..he recalls how neha pours oil at the stairs to make jigyasa fall.n how she deliberately cuts her palms..
Manish:I’ve a doubt on one individual however nonetheless she is so as regards to me I will not blame her.we need to in finding turn out
Inspector:good enough as u say.
Manish makes the plan n deliberately writes within the information paper article that viren know the whole thing.n deliberately brings him house n then sends viren to the police station pronouncing he’s going to be requested some questions for day after order that she herself name the the abductors n say them to kill him n if she isn’t a part of them then additionally the plan will paintings the abductors gets the scoop n they’re going to come to the police station to kill viren used to be now not protected so he sends him disguised as a veiled ladies to the birthday celebration..
Fb ends

Manish used to be indignant that he simply sought after to throw the whole thing infront of him..inspector calms him
The previous guy provides a paper piece to the constable n asks to offer it to manish.
Constable is going to manish n provides it.he is taking it n opens it
“Plzz move to pandey nivas ur circle of relatives is in peril,,neha orders my son to place a bomb in the home.n in short while the bomb will blast.pass n save them”..Manish panics n says about it to inspector
Inspector:who is aware of its their plan
Manish:n if its we need to move.they runs out n drives to pandey nivas.

In pandey nivas
Neha brings abhi,Dadi,misha out of the home pronouncing that she has to show some factor n it’s private..their have been handiest 10 mins for the bomb to blast..
Jigyasa:viren what is going to we do now.viren holds the bomb
Jigyasa:what r u doing..he runs out maintaining it..
Jigyasa:viren the place r u going .she runs after him.he comes out.everybody comes out seeing them operating.
Vasu:Kya horaha hai.neha notices the bomb n the boy,,n everybody does n panics.
Neha(in thoughts):how may just this boy be right here n how did he discovered the bomb.shit flopped my plan.he runs within the jungle whilst jigyasa runs after him
Jigyasa:viren prevent the bomb is set to blast depart it their.he runs n runs n is going to a small shed.he throws the bomb inside of n begins operating out.the bomb blast n he bends down..jigyasa sees the hearth n everybody hears the sound they runs to where.
Jigyasa:virennnnnnnnnn…she shouts.she cries.vasu holds her.jigyasa will get up
Jigyasa:no not anything will occur to u..she begins operating when Vasu holds her hand.
Vasu:beta take a look at the hearth it now not proper don’t pass.she takes her hand with a jerk n runs inside of..manish comes there n sees her moving into.
Manish:jigyasa wait..
Dadi:beta see how a lot fireplace it’s she is going to harm herself do one thing.inspector calls the hearth brigade..manish is going close to the shed n unearths her he will get in.jigyasa used to be in search of viren.manish is going to her n holds her.
Manish:jigyasa include me
Jigyasa:no manish viren..he got here right here with the bomb he’s inside of we need to save him.come on in finding him.jigyasa sees right here n there.she sees a frame mendacity down..jigyasa pats his chest.he see her she issues it n they slowly is going their.manish bends down to peer the frame.he strikes the veiled fabric which got here on his face..they see viren mendacity lifeless,.
Jigyasa shouts.”viren”..manish cries n holds her.she sits n shakes him however he used to be lifeless n mendacity within the pool of blood..they each cries..jigyasa used to be hurted so much.manish sees the shed breaking n holds her
Manish:jigyasa come we need to pass
Jigyasa:no manish we will be able to move however with him.u know he is a great actor he’s appearing now.see he’s going to rise up.
Jigyasa:viren rise up
Manish:jigyasa he’s lifeless
Jigyasa:no manish viren rise up n evidence ur manish Bhaiya flawed.,she shakes him.
He sees shed used to be falling when he forcefully makes her stand n lifts in palms n she tries to loose herself
Everyone have been frightened out of doors.

The shed falls n everybody shouts their names,..
Manish comes out retaining jigyasa in hands..she used to be nonetheless looking to loose herself.he places her down n Vasu n Dadi holds her.eberyone indicators in aid.
Jigyasa:depart me let me move to viren
Manish:jigyasa he’s..she cuts him
Jigyasa:no not anything have came about to him.manish I m telling na he is an excellent actor he’s appearing n see I will be able to, pass to him n he’s going to rise up..manish held her n she used to be looking to free up from his grip n each and every one have been looking to prevent him.
Neha:I m satisfied now this most effective evidence died n this jigyasa became mad at it,however my plan flopped..
Manish:jigyasa attempt to perceive.the hearth brigade come on the spot n controls the hearth.jigyasa nonetheless tries to head inside of each and every one stopped her manish will get indignant he slapped her..she stops shouting.everybody will get surprised..manish will get tears..jigyasa sits down.manish sits beside her n holds her
Manish:I’m sorry.Jigyasa hugged him.she cries manish hugs her too.they each cried so much..
She seperates n sees him.he used to be nonetheless maintaining her round her waist
Jigyasa:manish viren viren died whilst saving us..the bomb used to be in my hand n he snatched it n ran away n he died.he died as a result of me proper.manish nods no
Manish:no jigyasa it used to be now not ur fault..
Jigyasa:it used to be manish .i used to be the only now not him,I will have to have died.manish stops her by final her mouth by his hand..jigyasa sees him
Manish:galti she bhi aisa mat Bolna..Mai maar jaunga..she cries n hugs him.he hugs her too..
Inspector:we r very sorry for what came about now however we want to examine plzz company.manish take into account that it used to be neha’s plan
Manish:what used to be the will of investigation ..Vasu cuts him
Vasu:little need of investigation I do know who would possibly have did it.jigyasa sees her.vasu used to be seeing neha n neha didn’t spotted it.she used to be taking a look down n tensed..Vasu sees jigyasa she nods noo
Vasu:the individual is taking revenge from she thinks that somebody of our circle of relatives killed her family members.neha sees her.vasu didnot checked out her
Vasu:however it’s now not proper nobody from our circle of relatives killed somebody in our lifestyles’s..she is simply doing it unnecessarily.she don’t know anything else concerning the fact..she badmouths Kabir pronouncing some family members n neha knew she used to be speaking about Kabir.she bursted out in anger
Neha:no u all r killers,murderers,u killed my bhai he had no fault..u killed him.he got here to ur circle of relatives simply to take my revenge ur son burnt my first husband n my kid whom I beloved very a lot he burnt them alive.kabir bhai promised me that he’s going to take the revenge however once more u snatched him too.she cries.vasu sees her
Vasu(in thoughts):sure I sought after u to mention the reality by ur personal mouth,ur bhai used to be the rationale my thapki n Bihaan r now not right here n now u r looking to kill my grand daughter no I gained’t depart u to try this.u r destroying my jigyasa’s n manish’s lifestyles I gained’t let u do it.

Neha tells the entirety..
Abhi:however u by no means informed me about ur husband n informed that u love me so I married u
Neha:I by no means liked u I knew that ur the most productive good friend of dhruv so I made a grasp plan n until now my plan labored correctly.this boy manish our son.i don’t no what mistake I did that God gave this punishment to me.manish sees her
Neha:grew as much as be similar as Bihaan the killer of my bhai,however bared him for the circle of relatives in spite of everything he’s my son.jigyasa sees him he used to be damaged
Neha:I pressured u to return to India n I had deliberate one thing else to kill the pandey circle of relatives however then this jigyasa seems identical to her mom here as my Bahu n I assumed to torture her n then kill her..I may just now not see her just about my son so I even though to kill her.
Manish:n so u did the abduction n gave the goons an enormous quantity to kill her.jigyasa sees him.neha n everybody have been surprised
Manisn tells the entirety about his plan.
Manish:I noticed u pouring the oil at the stairs in order that jigyasa steps on it n falls.however as an alternative of her I got here their deliberately.n then u cutter her palms additionally deliberately to harm her.u stated u hate me then y my closeness to her used to be effecting u.u know what ur evil intentions introduced me n jigyasa more shut..Vasu additionally tells the entirety about thapki n Bihaan n Kabir..
Vas up:Kabir killed my son n Bahu. Not them..he made a woman orphan.jigyasa cries.manish sees her.
Neha:no my bhai used to be blameless he attempted to kill ur son n Bahu however eventually they killed him
Vasu:I feel u forgot one thing even I misplaced my son my Bahu even this small child..u know what that point she used to be simply born n ur brother snatched her oldsters from her.
Neha:ur son killed my husband n kid
Vasu:no he didn’t.after Kabir went away.facebook presentations..thapki discovered a photograph body of neha in his room..she discovered an image of neha n her circle of relatives status out aspect their space.she absorbed it n remembered that it’s our space.she idea u r tenants their.however then what used to be ur image doing with him.n when she went to the home to investigate she discovered the home burnt..she remembered Kabir pronouncing to Bihaan that he killed his sisters circle of relatives.she thinks. My Bihaan can by no means kill any person he would possibly warn however can by no means kill any person.she begins going n steps on somethings.she bends down to peer used to be an earring..she takes it n appears intently..she recalls the ones have been sankar..
Thapki:those r sankar ..what used to be sankar doing right she at the back of all this..I’ve to seem inside of.

She is going in n the home used to be full of mud n spiderwebs.she coughs..she covers her mouth n sees right here n there..she unearths a paper mendacity at the flooring which used to be burnt however now not absolutely.she choices it up n sees it,it used to be a drawing
Thapki:seems like a child drawn this however neha’s child used to be a child then who drew used to be a drawing of a woman dressed in saree n retaining a keep on with fireplace on had a field beside the drawing written “chudail aunty” in it..
Thapki:chudail aunty.who’s it.she sees right here. N There however in finding not anything. she comes out.she begins going a. Boy stops her she seems to be at him..he used to be round 7 years previous
Thapki:sure beta
Boy:did u pass inside of
Boy:did u see chudail aunty..thapki recalls the phrase..she presentations the drawing which she discovered inside of.
Thapki:do u know this drawing
Boy:sure I’ve drawn it
Thapki:it’s really nice beta however can u give an explanation for ur aunty concerning the drawing
Boy:arre aunty this woman burnt the home..I noticed her she used to be maintaining the stick which everybody makes use of whilst giving fireplace to the lifeless frame..
Thapki:acha can u noticed who she used to what garments did she wore
Thapki:used to be she dressed in some jwellery..she takes out the earring n presentations him
Thapki:matching to this.he sees it care absolutely n nods sure.
Thapki:so I used to be proper sankar is the only at the back of it.kabir is taking us incorrect n blaming Bihaan I’ve to inform him..Fb ends
Vasu:she attempted to inform him at the day they died however ur brother by no means gave them probability.
Neha:what ever it can be however ..she sees the inspector n takes the gun from his gun pocket.she goals it on Vasu.
Neha:don’t don’t transfer or else I will be able to kill her.jigyasa panics.
Jigyasa:mother no plzz depart her I misplaced each and every one plzz depart her
Manish:depart her now

Neha:depart her no I will be able to kill her n depart her.she is the mummy of that thapki n Bihaan proper n she additionally slapped my bhai again and again n will kill her..she assists in keeping her hand at the cause.jigyasa sees her.she sees Vasu who used to be now not frightened of demise status expectantly..jigyasa didn’t sought after to lose her she begs neha however she shoots..everybody shut their eyes..they opened thier eyes n sees her.
Vasu:jigyasaaaaaa…she used to be status infront of her the bullet hits her chest.neha once more shoots n she will get one more on her abdomen.everybody have been in surprise..neha had became evil n shoots the cause once more n this time it hits her center..she can not naked the 3rd bullet n falls down.
Manish:jigyasaaaaaaaa..he runs to her n holds her he places her head on his lap.he pats her face continuesly..jigyasa opens her eyes n holds his hand..she used to be vulnerable
Jigyasa:manish..he helds her..she smiles at him.
Manish:jigyasa not anything will occur to u.i gained’t let anything else occur to u..
Jigyasa:I do know.he sees her
Jigyasa:however manish promise me something now.
Manish:no first let’s move to health center.jigyasa stops him
Jigyasa:wait.plzz manish I don’t know after this I will be able to meet u once more or now not
Manish:jigyasa don’t communicate garbage not anything will occur to u
Jigyasa:pay attention attention to me she used to be panting
Jigyasa:manish promise me that u will keep satisfied n..n forgive mother..neha sees her .she drops the gun.the police holds her
Manish:jigyasa u
Jigyasa:manish she did it however it used to be her false impression promise me manish u will forgive her.promise me..manish sees neha angrily..jigyasa closes her eyes.manish sees her..he shouts.she lifts her n takes her to the clinic..

At the medical institution
Manish used to be maintaining her in hands n operating during the clinic reception
Manish:Doctor my spouse.physician sees her
Doctor:what came about to her.
Manish:she were given shoot 3 times.physician plzz save her.ward boy deliver a stretcher n he places her on it.physician sees her nerves
Doctor:she is respiring nurse take her to emergency ward.mansih n the circle of relatives is going in conjunction with her.manish used to be keeping her hand..manish cries.they took her inside of whilst manish stood out n their palms indifferent.manish sees the physician
Manish:Doctor plzz save my lifestyles she is the entirety to me plzz save her n I will be able to give u the cash u say.plzz plzz save her.
Doctor:she misplaced a lot’s a major case n we can not take possibility we will be able to check out our best possible.he is going inside of,manish cries .dadi hugs him..everybody cries..

Precap-manish confronts neha..he is going to a dargah n prays for her lifestyles..

Sorry I’m tremendous past due I needed to replace the day before today however then I added some parts so it took time sorry for that.n hope u will like this one I actually labored onerous for this phase.n I would like my readers to offer a result of being a author isn’t simple it wishes the folk to read the tale n love it.n if we get much less feedback it discourages..good enough then let’s set a goal these days..hope I am getting 30 feedback.plzz remark with ur open hearts.both just right or dangerous as a result of that dangerous component is helping me to strengthen n subsequent time I gained’t do this u all tc subsequent one will take time:-)Juveria….

Thahaan-a new start (episode-19) special episode .

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