Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 74

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Part 74:

Karan and Naina have been out of doors Arjun and Arohis faculty. Akshay had given them main points of the person that used to be maintaining a tally of Arohi.
Karan and Naina were given out in their automotive after which appeared for the automobile with the quantity plate Akshay gave them. Karan discovered it after which inspected the automobile, the driving force wasn’t in there.
Karan: Okay, he isn’t there.
Naina: Are you going to suit it in now?
Karan took out a mini mic: Yep.
Naina: Okay, I’ll stay lookout.
Karan unlocked the automobile with a pin after which positioned the mic at the back of the wheel, hidden away so the driving force wouldn’t see.
Karan were given out.
Karan: Let’s pass now.
Naina: Chalo.
Karan held Nainas hand to stroll away however ran into a person.
Man: What have been you doing?
Karan: Me and my spouse have been fascinated by buying a identical automotive to yours, I used to be taking a look on the external and the internal out of your window.
Naina: We hope you don’t thoughts.
Man: No, subsequent time do ask.
He stated with an overly stern voice.
Naina: Thank you.
Karan: Nice wheels.
With that the couple walked away hand in hand.
Naina: That used to be shut.
Karan: We did what we had to do, now we simply wait.

Naina went again to the place of business, she walked into her and Meghnas place of work and noticed her sister typing away in her pc. Meghnna seemed up and smiled at Naina.
Meghna: You’re again.
Naina: Yep, challenge completed.
Meghna: That’s just right, sit and feature one thing to consume. You glance hungry.
Naina laughed: I in point of fact am!
Meghna smiled, Naina took a seat subsequent to her sister who gave her some water and a cupcake.
Naina: We noticed the fellow, he appeared bizarre.
Meghna: What do you imply?
Naina: He didn’t glance or act like a nasty individual.
Meghna: Chiku, those folks have many faces and we don’t get to peer they all.
Naina: That’s true.
Meghna: Once we get house we’ll pay attention to the recording.
Naina: I am hoping we discover one thing.
Meghna: We will have to do.
Naina: Well, we will have to get again to paintings.
The duo sat and finished their paintings, lunchtime got here and Kunal walked in with their lunch.
Naina: Yay Jeeju! I’m ravenous.
Meghna: You have a large urge for food lately.
Naina: All this operating round and computing missions works up an urge for food plus paintings on my own will get me hungry.
Kunal laughed: Well to not fear as a result of I’ve were given a large number of meals.
Meghna: Why is that?
Karan walked in: Because I’ll be consuming as smartly.
Naina: Karan?
Karan: Naina?
Naina: What are you doing right here?
Karan: I’m right here to have lunch.
Meghna: Let the boy come up with a wonder Chiku.
Naina smiled.
Kunal: Yeah, you assume he drove right here only for the meals?
Naina: I’d consider he did.
Karan: I might however nowadays I if truth be told sought after to peer a lovely face.
Naina blushed.
Karan: Why are you blushing? I’m speaking about Bhabi.
Nainas mouth up and she or he squinted her eyes.
Meghna: Karan!
She stated smacking his arm.
Kunal: Yaar, don’t tease my sister-in-law like that.
Karan: Okay.
Karan ripped a work of Roti and fed it to Naina who’s mouth used to be nonetheless open.
Meghna smiled and stated: Chiku, bite your meals.
The 4 of them persisted being silly and had their lunch, Karan left to return to university.
Karan: See you in he night.
Kunal: Bye.
He kissed Nainas cheek.
Naina: Bye.
Meghna: See you quickly Devar Ji!

When all of them were given house and freshened up, they sat with everybody within the dwelling space, Arjun ran downstairs after which hugged Meghna and Naina who have been we sitting subsequent to one another.
Arjun: You guys are the most productive and I really like you each very a lot!
Naina: Arjun?
Meghna: We know we’re the most productive however what did we do to get all this love.
Arjun: I simply spoke to Arohi and everything’s best possible!
NK: Was there one thing incorrect?
Arjun: Actually…
Akshay walked into the dwelling space with Arohi and Amrita.
Akshay: So much has been taking place.
Everyone noticed the trio.
Akshay: The doorman allow us to in.
Nirmala: What a pleasing wonder, are available and sit.
Meghna and Naina were given up.
Amrita and Akshay took a seat and Arohi stood subsequent to Meghna and Naina, she hugged them.
Amrita: We’ve were given some explaining to do.
Karan: We all do.
Dadaji: What’s been happening?
They all defined the entirety to Dadaji, NK, Nirmala and Sandhya.
Dadaji: So now what’s came about?
Akshay: Karan and Naina had put in a mic within the automotive if the person who adopted Arohi.
Sandhya: He’d been following you?
Arohi: Yes Masi Maa, however now we don’t want to fear.

NK: Is it all over the place?
Amrita: Yes, we despatched the police a recording of what the person used to be speaking to Trishna about and now he’s been stuck and out away.
Kunal: That’s nice information.
Akshay: It actually is, and I want to thanks enthusiastic about the lend a hand.
Meghna: No Uncle, you don’t want to thank us.
Naina: We’re satisfied that you simply and your circle of relatives at the moment are protected.
Akshay: I’m thankful that Arohi calls you two women her inspiration.
Meghna and Naina checked out Arohi and she or he held their palms.
Arohi: You’re each such just right folks, sisters, daughters, daughter-in-laws and Bhabis.
Naina: That’s a large praise.
Dadaji: She’s now not flawed.
Sandhya: Bauji is true.
Amrita checked out Sandhya and smiled, she walked over to her and held her palms.
Amrita: I am hoping we will be able to be pals
Sandhya smiled again: Of path we will be able to.
Akshay smiled at his spouse, he did love her after which noticed his pal, Sandhya.
Nirmala: You guys should keep for dinner.
Kunal: Yes, this night Naina is cooking.
Meghna: Which Kunal could be very enthusiastic about.
Arjun: But Meghna Bhabis been cooking all nowadays.
Kunal: Yeah, after all a just right dinner this night(!)
He stated joking round making everybody snicker.
Meghna laughed as she nodded her head.
NK: Kunal, prevent pulling my Badi Bahus leg and pass and get the small children down.
Kunal: Sure.
Karan: Come Bhai, let’s pass get them.
Naina: Come Di, you wish to have to lend a hand me.
Meghna: Yeah just right concept that means Kunal won’t consume!

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Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 74 .

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