Swabhimaan 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 27th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Naina telling that Sharda gave her guide for her research, and Meghna says Sharda gave saraswati idol to her. Sandhya says what? Dada ji says Sharda is aware of what to present and says that’s why I appreciate her so much. He reminds Meghna that she has to sign up for paintings the next day to come and asks Naina what she needs to do. Naina says she needs to do MBA like Meghna and can learn about at house. Dada ji says k and asks his grand sons to care for their better halves. Asha brings Vishal house and asks why did you slap that guy. Vishal says I will be able to’t listen anything else towards my bua. Asha slaps him. Sharda is surprised.

Naina asks Karan if she will stay her books in his desk. Karan says k, I will be able to give one segment and asks her to not move it. Naina says k. He stocks her desk. Naina asks books to not transfer

and reminds historical past. Karan hears him. Naina thinks he’s considering as though I’m stealing his treasure. She thank you him. Karan says it’s k. Naina says now not for desk, however for bundi commute. He asks her to not be a lot satisfied and hope with their marriage. Asha asks Sharda if she is excited now. Vishal asks his papa to mention one thing. He walks inside of in surprise. Asha says your papa’s recognize is ruined lately, he’s very fair and will’t take cash by way of fallacious method. He is being punished for losing his hard-earned cash on others. Shrada is surprised and harm.

Meghna talks to God’s idol and says she is going to do as Sharda needs and asks Goddess to offer her Vivek and endurance to maintain any state of affairs. Kunal comes and holds her. Kunal asks Goddess to meet all her needs and says he needs his spouse to stick with him all the time and not to split from him. He holds her. Meghna asks what you’re doing? Kunal says romancing with my spouse. Meghnna asks him to go away her and open the door. Servant informs her that Sandhya is looking her. Meghna tells Kunal that Sandhya is looking her. Kunal asks for a kiss. Meghna kisses on his cheeks and is going. Kunal smiles.

Sandhya tells Naina and Meghna that Nand Kishore visitors are coming who’re very wealthy, and says in the event that they ask what did Kunal and Karan get out of your mayka in pagphera rasam then display this. Meghna and Naina open the present and are surprised. Meghna says that is mistaken, and says we’re proud of Sharda’s presents. Sandhya says we all know that Sharda’s present used to be significant and necessary and says the visitors won’t take into account that. She asks them to turn the presents which she has given them. Meghna refuses. Sandhya says a bahu shall know the artwork of preserving everybody’s expectation. Naina says k. She tells Meghna that they shall stay the presents and move. Sharda goes to police station and says everybody shall know that we don’t have cash at house. Kalpana thinks we had a lot cash and will get tensed. Vishal says I will be able to additionally include you.

Sandhya introduces Naina and Meghna to the visitor women. The women like them. Nirmala says they’re stunning and feature just right values. Sandhya tells that they’re IIT and IIM trained. The visitor women ask what Karan and Kunal were given in presents from their mayka. Sandhya will get a decision and is going. Naina is going to deliver the present. She presentations the present given by way of Sandhya. They see the pricey watch and asks if those pricey watch from Bundi. They gossip that faculty academics additionally get bribe and giggle. Nand Kishore comes and greets them. He asks what those watches are doing right here? Sandhya says she requested them to turn the watches to visitors. Nand Kishore tells her that the women have been giggling at them as that they had talented him similar watches from in a foreign country. He says now they’re going to need to undergo insult everytime. Meghna recollects what Sharda had informed her. Khyati comes draping saree over her get dressed. Nand Kishore asks what she is dressed in?

Khyati says it’s her present given through Sharda. Nand Kishore will get indignant and asks if Khyati wears saree at her age. Naina says we didn’t know that she is coming with us, and when she went there, marketplace used to be closed so mamma gave this saree. Khyati throws the saree. Nand Kishore says Sharda would have were given cash from Kunal moderately than gifting previous stuff. Meghna and Naina are surprised. Nand Kishore says most of these present need to be right here, and walks off stepping on it. Naina and Meghna cry. They pick out the saree. Meghna takes saree to her room and says as soon as once more her mum is insulted once more. She says why a woman is had to have vivek/endurance and says now she is going to do justice and can stand for her circle of relatives.

Meghna is set to go away for administrative center. Sandhya says she were given the fashion designer get dressed for her. Meghna tells that they shall put on garments suiting the individuals they’re running with. Sandhya drops juice deliberately on her get dressed. Meghna seems on.


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