Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-4)

Episode -Four:
Sukor meet….. :

Hii!!! So why to waste time???? Let’s move

Episode -Four:
Sukor meet…….. :

Vivaan and Imli are sitting aspect by aspect. Even Imli used to be feeling satisfied from inside of. Rani and Rahul in conjunction with Chakor went to Imli. Chakor used to be feeling satisfied!!!!

Rani ran and hugged Imli. Rahul and Chakor adopted her.
Rani : How are you Imlu???
Imli : I’m fantastic!!! How’re you??? And the place is Rahul??
Rahul : I’m right here imli ji!!!Hii !!!
Imli : Hii!!! And can I ask whose status proper at the back of you??
Rani : Hey Imli, She’s RADHIKA VERMA and Radhika she’s Imli, my bestie.
Imli: Hi Radhika!!!
Chakor : Hi Imli!!! Congratulations in your Engagement!!
Imli : Yeah positive!!!

Imli used to be feeling some reference to Chakor and Chakor used to be flying within the sky. Even Vivaan joined them.

Vivaan: Hey Rani!!!! Can you give us privateness???

Imli: Vivaan!!! Be quiet!!! I’m sorry!!!

Chakor: That’s k…

Chakor and Rani strikes from there.

Chakor: I’m actually, in point of fact satisfied nowadays. Really Rani I will be able to’t include my pleasure!!!!

Rani: Chakor, regulate your pleasure, we’re in a serve as!!

Chakor: Whatever it’s, that doesn’t trouble me!!! I’m satisfied that’s it

Rani: Chakor!!!

Aarav who used to be passing by hears the identify “Chakor” and forestalls.

Aarav: Hi Rani and she or he

Chakor: Cha…….

Rani: Radhika!!!

Chakor: Ha Radhika!!! Aap..

Aarav: Hi I’m Aarav Gupta!!!(Aarav shakes arms with Chakor)

Chakor: Hey Aaru!!!!

Aarav: Aaru,however chakor calls me like that.

Chakor were given goosebumps.

Chakor: Who’s Chakor and why I will be able to be like her???

Aarav: But I think her presence, however k I had many works, see you later!!!!

Aarav leaves while Chakor composes herself.

Chakor: I by no means anticipated that Aarav will determine me sooner than Imli.

Rani: Don’t really feel unhappy or even see nobody are indignant on you pricey.

Chakor: But wait Rani!!!! We can’t come to a conclusion and I do know my Imli could be very very indignant on me for now not even informing her about me after 12th same old. I find out about her really well.(Oh so for this small explanation why Chakor is being worried about Imli’s anger)

Rani: But something, I in reality can’t remember that will Imli actually be indignant on you for this small factor.

Chakor: You know what??? Imli could be very dramebaaz from youth!!!

Rani: Sacchi!!!

Chakor: Muchii!!!

Rani and Chakor hi-fi. Rahul calls Rani. Rani asks Chakor to attend. Chakor nodded. She used to be looking ahead to Rani.

Suddenly she striked with any person who used to be wearing some plant life. Both the plant life and Chakor’s handbag fell down. They each bend right down to take their issues.

Both are choosing their valuables. Then, Chakor raises her head to peer the individual and used to be mesmerized in his eyes. She used to be in different phrases, staring him. Even he used to be staring her like he hasn’t noticed this a lot stunning woman ever in his lifestyles. But all at once fact rang in each their minds they usually composed themselves . Chakor used to be feeling worried.

Chakor: Woh.. I’m sorry
Suraj (nonetheless staring) : That’s k however I haven’t noticed you any place. Are you from Imli’s aspect???

Chakor used to be about to respond to however Rani interrupted.

Rani : Hi Suraj!!! ( Oh ✌ so your all guesses are right kind best. It’s handiest our Suraj who had proper to stare Chakor. Am I proper??)

Suraj : Hi Rani!!! How’s you and Rahul??? Completely forgot the place’s he???

Rani : He’s right here most effective and by the best way, meet my bestie and Rahul’s Colleague Radhika

Chakor who used to be surprised understanding that he’s Suraj : Hi!!!

Suraj : Hi and I’m Suraj !!!!

Chakor : Yeah and I’m sorry!!!

Suraj : That’s alright. Catch up with you later!!!

Rani : Ha!!!

Suraj left however Chakor used to be nonetheless staring him.

Rani : Chakor!! ( No reaction) Chakor!!! ( Still no reaction) CHAKOR!!!!

Chakor : Rani!!! I’m now not deaf!! Okay!!!

Rani : Okay pricey. Come let’s pass………

Function Started,

Vivaan stored ring for Imli and everybody clapped. Even Imli stored ring for Vivaan. Thus the Sagaai (Engagement) Ended. (Just don’t need to drag it.)

All left. Rani need to tell about Chakor’s id however Chakor pulled her and left.

In Rani’s space,
Rani : Arey Chakor!!! Why didn’t you disclose your self???

Rahul : This time don’t give foolish causes yaar!!!

Chakor : Actually I wanna make the motion particular.

Rani : And do you assume it isn’t particular??? Arey yaar it’s her engagement???

Chakor : And I don’t need to damage it by my revelation!!!

Rani : Chakor!!! Please!!! It will upload more happiness to the development.

Chakor : But nonetheless I will be able to’t now however wait aren’t you making plans about some Trip !!

Rani : Ya…. Trip in Europe!!! Oh in order that’s the cause of this!!!

Chakor : Of path now come to indicate!!!!

Rahul : But Chakor how are we able to disclose you??? I imply any making plans!!!!

Rani : Arey Rahul!!! I’m uninterested of those making plans and plotting and Chakor please let’s divulge!!!! No plans, not anything!!!

Chakor : How will it’s fascinating with none plans???

Rani : Are your plans more essential than me???

Chakor : Of path now not!!!

Rani : Then please depart it to me!!! I will be able to’t play those disguise and search!!!! Okay!!!

Rani satisfied Chakor.

Chakor : Okay baba do one thing!!!!

Rani : But Chakor the way you knew about Europe commute!!!!

Chakor : You’re in point of fact my easiest good friend, in order that’s why you despatched your approval message to me as an alternative of Imli!!! Through your cellular, I chatted with Imli and I were given to find out about this Trip.

Rani : Oh so that you used my supply!!! Well and just right however promise me that you simply gained’t plot or plan anything else.

Rahul and Chakor promised.

At night time,

In Suraj’s room,

Suraj used to be mendacity at the mattress and used to be enthusiastic about Chakor!!!!
Suraj : Suraj!!!! You are considering more about this Radhika Verma!!! But one thing magic is there in her eyes that made me stare her and I’m at a loss for words about it!!! Anyhow I once more felt Chakor’s presence by her!!! Is she Chakor???? No no what are you considering Suraj, how can she be Chakor. She’s Radhika. But my center is pronouncing that She’s Chakor!!!!!!


So guys how’s lately’s episode???? Is it dull??? If you could have any drawback relating to this ff, you’ll be able to tell me.

1. So will Chakor divulge herself????

2. Will Suraj get to find out about Chakor????

To know that simply keep tuned


Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-Four) .

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