Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-3)

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Episode -Three:

Chakors’s drawback. What’s that???? :

Chakor: Will Imli forgive me????
Rani : What are you speaking Chakor??? Why will Imli be indignant on you???
Chakor : Because..

In Rajwanshi space,

Suraj used to be coming down from the steps with Aarav in an off-the-cuff method. Anamika appointed many staff for those preparations. She noticed Suraj and Aarav coming down.
Anu : Suraj beta, Aarav beta. Come and say which flower can be great, roses or orchids????
Aarav : Maybe Roses as a result of roses are the emblem of the affection. What do you assert bhai???
Suraj: Yes aarav however I don’t assume roses will probably be great. Maybe orchids are higher??? I’m pronouncing perhaps it is going to be great for our adorable couple however it gained’t be great for the visitors who come!!! Even Vivaan likes orchids!!! What do you assert??

Anu: Maybe you’re right kind beta!!!! Okay thanks each!!!!

At Rani’s space,

Rani: Offo!!!! Chakor!!!! For this a lot small explanation why, why are you being worried???

Chakor: Rani it perhaps small for you however now not for ur duffer good friend!!!

Rani: Really then Okay, I’ve an answer in your drawback!!!!

Chakor: What’s that???

Rani: Okay we gained’t say Imli that you’re Chakor, then practice her!! What do you assert???

Chakor: If she were given prior to na than prior to her I will be able to see your finish?

Rani gulps in worry and assists in keeping considering.

Rahul: I had an answer!!

Chakor: Yeah!! Say……………….

Rahul: Chakor!!! At remaining we will be able to disclose her you as a wonder. How’s it???

Rani: Wow, Rahul!!!! After being with me, even your mind is operating???

Rahul: Really Cactus plant.

Chakor laughs. Chakor: She nonetheless calls for it Rahul!!!

Rani used to be fuming with Rahul and Chakor.

Rani: See!! I gained’t communicate with you!!!

Chara: Sorry, baba!!!

Rani: Huh!!!!

Rani leaves from there in pretend anger.

Chakor and Rahul bursts in giggle.

Rahul: See chakor!! Your pal has anger on her nostril tip.

Chakor: Your actually true Rah!!! She’s like this since early life!!!

Rani shouts: I will be able to listen it!!!!

Chakor and Rahul stay hands on their lips and once more smiles and is going to console Rani.

At night,

In Rajwanshi House,

The space used to be adorned absolutely with stunning flora. It used to be identical to heaven at the Earth. Anamika and Ranveer are busy with the visitors while Suraj and Aarav have been serving to Vivaan to get in a position. Even Imli and her circle of relatives used to be additionally provide there. All her pals are serving to Imli in getting in a position however Imli is lacking any person particular(Of path, it’s Rani, I knew lots of you remembered Chakor). Anamika is going to peer whether or not Vivaan is in a position or now not. All the 3 brothers are taking a look breath taking.

Anu: OMG!!! Are you Three my youngsters or now not???

Sur: Of path mother!!! We guarantee you!!

Aar: We reassure you!!

Suraj’s Outfit:

Anu: Okay k no time move!!! And vivaan you were given in a position na

Anu: Okay k no time move!!! And vivaan you were given in a position na.

Vivaan: Mom!!! I’m in a position and that is the 10th time your asking me the similar query!!!

Anu: Oh then if I ask once more it’s going to turn out to be 11th time!! Is there any drawback in it???

Aar: No in any respect mother!!! Hai na Vivvu!!

Viv: Ha!!!! Leave it!!! Come mother shall we pass!!

Aarav, Vivaan and Anamika leaves while our Suraj used to be misplaced in considering one thing.

Suraj: Why I’m feeling very bizarre from the day past???? Is there anything else going to be particular nowadays!!! Okay if my bizarre feeling is right kind shall we wait and watch!!!!

In the corridor,
Vivaan used to be looking ahead to his woman love. Then Imli gave her access!!!! She used to be taking a look stunning in her blue color lehenga. Both have been staring into each and every different!!! Aarav and Suraj have been teasing Vivaan. All are very busy in inviting the visitors.
Suddenly, air handed from Suraj’s face. He used to be feeling some shut one’s presence.

At the doorway, it’s the access of our heroine. Didn’t get my level proper??? Okay Chakor access. She used to be taking a look stunning identical to a princess in her white color chudidarh!!!!

Chakor’s outfit :

She used to be feeling fearful as a result of she used to be going to satisfy her youth pals

She used to be feeling fearful as a result of she used to be going to satisfy her early life pals. Even she used to be having some other feeling.

At the steps, even Suraj used to be feeling like Chakor.

Suraj : Why am I feeling bizarre as soon as once more???? Is Chakor right here??? (beats his head) Why Chakor shall be right here??? I’m in point of fact changing into mad after Chakor!!! When will you return????

Chakor : Why my frame is generating bizarre vibrations??? Maybe I’m scared to stand Imli!!!! But will I meet him once more.


1. How’s these days’s episode??? Is it dull!??? Plz do Inform me whether it is???
2. So why Chakor doesn’t need to meet Imli??? Is she hiding one thing????

To know that simply keep tuned!!!!!

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Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-Three) .

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