Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Pratima pronouncing Dadi is aware of Suhani’s identify. Doctor says sure, its sure signal, we need to make her recall issues, I will be able to’t make sure she will get well utterly. Yuvani confirms if its bad for Dadi. Doctor says perhaps, however we will be able to’t prevent making an attempt. Suhani sees Yuvani. Yuvani says I used to be simply confirming, don’t see me this manner. Suhani and Bhavna make plans to remind Dadi about her. Bhavna suggests dumbcharades, she will act like Suhani. Suhani says we will be able to make album, and put my image in it. They all like the theory and assume to inform Krishna to make the album. Yuvaan says I will be able to lend a hand Krishna in making album. Suhani hopes Dadi recollects the whole thing.

Krishna and Yuvani reduce footage to make album. Krishna asks Yuvani why are you dissatisfied. Yuvani says depart it, you are going to

all the time take mother’s aspect, you do that. Yuvaan comes. Yuvani says its just right you got here, lend a hand Krishna. Krishna refuses to take Yuvaan’s lend a hand. Yuvaan says I’ve that will help you, why are you preventing your self, after loving any person, individual can’t hate love in an afternoon. He presentations their image and reminds the day.

She tears the percent and places it. Suhani comes. Krishna hides the percent. Suhani asks is album in a position. Krishna says sure and provides her the album. Yuvaan praises Krishna. Krishna sees Suhani’s percent and says I will be able to repair your photograph. Suhani says no, I will be able to put it.

Dadi asks Pratima what’s taking place. Pratima says we’re going to play some recreation these days, we needed to spend a while. Dadi sees everybody. She thinks its just right everybody forgot Maai. She asks Suresh to head and finish his paintings. Yuvraaj says I m simply going. Dadi says you move and blank terrace. Yuvraaj says effective. Pratima stops him and says let him be right here. She asks Baby to return and sign up for them.

Sharad says everybody has come, we will be able to get started recreation. Tiger comes. Baby sees some curtain and will get a decision. Yuvani tells the sport, this album has superstar footage, you all have to inform the identify, the person who guesses extra names can be winner. Baby throws a ball there to ship tiger.

Yuvraaj is going to prevent Tiger. Tiger will get the ball. Dadi seems to be on. She asks who’s there. They all fear. Everyone prevent Dadi. Bhavna says I will be able to test for your behalf. Dadi says no, I’ve noticed anyone. She strikes the curtains and asks who’re you, what are you doing right here. Suhani is hiding in ghunghat. Yuvraaj says she is my spouse, she got here shape village the day before today. Pratima says I sought after helpers and referred to as her. Dadi asks why did Bhavna mislead me.

Bhavna asks Suhani to make breakfast for everybody. Suhani is going. Sharad says we will be able to get started recreation, come. Yuvani presentations pics and everybody play the sport. Yuvani presentations Suhani’s percent to Dadi. Baby seems on. Suhani comes there and sees Dadi. Yuvani asks Dadi to show web page. Baby recollects casting off Suhani’s percent and solving Amma mai’s percent.

Suhani sees the percent and forestalls Dadi through losing pakodas on it. Dadi scolds her. Suhani apologizes. She asks Dadi to peer footage on television. Yuvraaj says sure, and indicators Sharad. Sharad says sure, its a good suggestion. Yuvani and Sharad transfer at the television and display footage to Dadi.

Dadi solutions proper. Yuvani then performs Suhani’s percent on television. She asks who is that this actress. Dadi sees Suhani’s percent. Dadi says she is Suhani. Everyone get surprised. Sharad says I don’t know, have you learnt her. Dadi will get flashes and holds head. She says I don’t know her, she isn’t heroine, why is her percent right here. Sharad says perhaps it got here via mistake. Pratima asks Krishna to take Dadi to room. Dadi is going. Suhani is going to Yuvani.

Yuvani asks did I do anything else once more. Suhani says you don’t know what’s taking place, I m sorry, I did all that for Dadi’s well being. Baby will get rashes and washes palms. Yuvraaj knocks the door. He asks Suhani used to be there anything else on Yuvani’s hand. Suhani says no, I added itching powder at the percent, in order that the one that adjustments percent will get rashes. Baby exams the image and thinks how did I am getting caught on this plan. Suhani knocks and asks her to return out.

Baby comes out. Suhani sees her and asks why are you hiding your arms, display me. Yuvaaj says display your arms. Baby will get tensed and presentations her arms. They see Baby’s arms having rashes and get surprised. Suhani says it approach you modified the photograph. Baby says sure. Yuvraaj will get indignant.

Pratima says how do you know this lullaby. Dadi says I used to sing this for Yuvraaj. Suhani reads blackmailer’s letter.


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