Shani 23rd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Shani 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shukracharya tells Shani he has attacked 2 devotees of Mahadev. Now even Mahadev will be capable of prevent from his personal wrath. You have crossed the restrict of endurance. You each wont be stored this time!

Mahadev opens his eyes and is indignant. Shani has crossed all his limits. Now it’s time to punish him Narayan! Lord Vishanu tells him to relax. Don’t be too onerous. He is your personal advent. Mahadev says you must act strict with your personal advent or child from time to time. It is now and again essential to complete the tree which has been planted to offer color. Mahadev holds a string of his hair in his hand after which throws it up in air. They develop. Mahadev fills lifestyles in it thereby developing Veerbhadra. Lord Vishnu says he’s too indignant all the time. There will have to be any other means to give an explanation for to Shani. Mahadev denies.

He merits punishment now after what he has executed. He orders Veerbhadra to head and convey Shani prior to me in an instant. Finish whosoever tries to return on your approach. Veerbhadra disappears.

Earth shakes surprising everybody. Dev Vishwakarma says one thing mistaken goes to occur. Even Surya Dev, Kakol, Yam and Indra Dev are shaken. Indra Dev says this turns out so acquainted. Mahadev is indignant. He has come to understand of Nandi’s defeat. Now he’s going to punish Shani. Congratulations Surya Dev. We will probably be loose very quickly however it’s unhappy that you are going to handiest go back house with one among your sons. Kakol thinks to prevent Shani. I’ve to warn him to not face Mahadev’s wrath. He runs out.

Veerbhadra is proven strolling. Shukracharya stands up. He is coming. The person who will punish Shani is coming. Sanghya asks her father who’s coming. Rahu asks him if Mahadev is coming. Shukracharya says now not Mahadev however he’s coming. You can not argue or request him for anything else. His arrival and departure are similarly damaging. Dev Vishwakarma is surprised. Rahu asks him who’s coming. Shukracharya says he’s critical like Aghori, Rudra and who has the anger of Shiv’s 3rd eye! Veerbhadra is coming! Narad Muni asks Shani what he did. Mahadev were given indignant. Veerbhadra’s arrival is a minimum of Mahadev opening 3rd eye. Now there’ll handiest be destruction. Shukracharya says he’s going to take revenge for the incorrect that Shani has achieved. Sanghya is excited that Shani will after all be punished for his karma’s now. Rahu tells Shani to not lose hope. We will face it in combination. Dev Vishwakarma tells Rahu he’s silly. You now not simply invited your however Shani’s finish additionally. Rahu asks him why they worry Veerbhadra such a lot. Dev Vishwakarma tells him how he used to be created. His presence is sufficient to break the whole thing. He is the shadow of Mahakaal and 2d identify of parlay. He is dying himself! Dev Vishwakarma requests Shani to hear him. I’m your smartly-wisher. Stop being cussed or Veerbhadra will kill him. Go a long way clear of right here. Shani replies that he’s doing what he needs to!

Earth shakes once more being worried everybody. Kakol calls out for Shani. Shani comes there. Kakol tells him to loose everybody. Come with me. we will be able to cover someplace. There will probably be a whole lot of destruction now. Shani tells him to not move any place. I’m right here. Kakol tells him to say sorry to Mahadev. He is Bholenath. He will forgive you. You don’t realise what is set to occur. Rahu comes there. He has chained everybody together with Dev Vishwakarma, Shukracharya, Sanghya, Surya Dev, Indra Dev and Yam. Kakol seems to be angrily at them. Why are you doing improper one after some other? Why don’t you loose everybody? Why don’t you apologise to Mahadev? I’ve heard the entirety you stated. Why don’t you do this? Shani says it’s your karma to hear me. Follow my order. Stay quiet and depart. Kakol denies. you’ll have to pay attention to me these days. I come up with swear of our friendship. Shani replies that no relation or emotion can weaken Shani. You pressured me lately although. He tells Rahu to chain Kakol as smartly. Kakol is surprised. Rahu follows Shani’s order fortunately. Kakol tells Shani he can catch him however what he’s doing isn’t proper. Shani says I think that is proper. Rahu makes Kakol stand in keeping with different captives. Surya Dev tells Shani to not be silly. Apologise to Mahadev or all of the global will probably be destroyed. SHani remains put. Surya Dev asks him if Chhaya stored him for these days! You will end the whole thing this manner. Earth shakes once more. Dev Vishwakarma says if Veerbhadra comes right here then everybody provide right here might be completed. Free everybody. Don’t put out of your mind the teachings that Chhaya taught you. Shani refuses to loose somebody.

Veerbhadra’s arrival close to them shakes the earth extra. Sanghya suggests Shani to stay right here chained. You have enmity with me. Atleast loose Surya Dev and Yam. Rahu alerts Shani towards it. Indra Dev tells Shani to run for his lifestyles. Rahu tells Shani they’re going to face Veerbhadra in combination. the place are you off to? Shani says Kailash. Rahu says in Mahadev’s safe haven. You can not move! don’t pass! Shani asks him if he’s going to prevent him. Rahu realises the similar. He creates his affect on Shani taking a look him directly within the eye. You wont pass any place. You will keep right here and struggle. Shani falls underneath his spell. Shani walks as much as Rahu and holds him by way of his neck. He lifts Rahu top in air. I warned you as soon as. Don’t play any video games with me however you dint come at the proper trail. Indra Dev smiles seeing Rahu thus. Rahu apologizes to Shani who pushes him top in air. Rahu falls down and appears shaken. He backs off in worry as Shani walks shut. Shani says you dared to hypnotise me like everybody else. He is set to punish him however Rahu begs for mercy. Shani provides him final caution. Don’t you dare pressure your critiques on me or affect me. Shani sees issues his means and makes selections. You will probably be chargeable for the result should you check out doing so in long run. Shani walks away. Indra Dev says Chhaya’s son became out to be like her. He left the warzone when it got here to his lifestyles. He went to Mahadev to hunt safe haven.

Veerbhadra shouts out for Shani angrily. Shani seems to be at him and so does everybody else. Veerbhadra says you (Shani) can run up to you wish to have however you can not save your self from me now! I’m your kaal, Veerbhadra!

Precap: Shani and Mahadev’s battle is proven.


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