Shani 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Shani 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shani says pass and inform Mahadev that I declined his invitation. Everyone is surprised via his answer. Rahu says did you spot Shri Nandi. I attempted such a lot however SHani isn’t in a position to hear anything else. I used to be serving to you by way of asking Shani to return. Nandi says you probably did sufficient. I don’t want your lend a hand. Stay out of this convo. Don’t intrude between Shani and me. Shani says it’s you who is meddling. You are even crossing your restrict as a messenger. You gave the message. I feel you will have to depart now. Nandi says it’s my largest responsibility to practice Mahadev’s order and it’s my dharma too. include me fortunately or I do know different ways too. Rahu walks as much as Shani. Did you listen? Mahadev dint ship a message. He has requested to deliver you as a legal. He dint ship a messenger. Mahadev could also be a God in the end. He will

use each and every way to make issues occur his means.

Brahma Dev says what’s Rahu as much as. Shani goes towards Mahadev’s want.

Shani says It’s not that i am obliged to somebody’s want, now not even Mahadev. Nandi tells him to watch out. You need to appreciate Mahadev’s want. Shani says I appreciate it which is why I heard your message. This is why I understood his each and every check with out pronouncing anything else (relating to Kailash adventure). But I will not move to Mahadev. My mom’s lifestyles met a tragic destiny. You can depart! If Mahadev needs to satisfy me then give him message to return right here himself. Mahadev needs to satisfy me so he should come to me himself! Narad Muni calls out to Shani in surprise. Dev Vishwakarma asks him if he understands what he’s pronouncing. You are pronouncing no to Mahadev. This is Vidhata’s insult. Sanghya says there’s not anything new on this. Shani isn’t doing it for the primary time. He forged an eclipse on his father the instant he used to be born. She tells Nandi his makes an attempt will pass in useless. He wont pay attention to someone. nandi says it’s sufficient. Shani should come now although that suggests I will be able to need to tie him and take him with me. He ties Shani in chain. Shani tells him to observe it. I will be able to need to take a step ahead should you wont prevent now. He manages to loose himself in a 2d unexpected Nandi. Shani tells Nandi he gave him caution which he dint adhere to. You shall be punished now. He assaults Nandi.

Nandi chants On Namah Shivaye as a result of which Shani’s weapon fails in hurting him. He stands in a safe circle safely which shocks Shani. Nandi smiles seeing him thus. No one can hurt me until I pray to Mahadev. Rahu thinks to damage his vanity. I will be able to do this. Once vanity takes position in anyone’s thoughts then Mahadev can not keep there. He is going to Nandi. Dint you realise until now that you’re only a puppet for Mahadev? This is what he does with everybody. He could also be like different Gods. Nandi refuses to fall in his phrases however Rahu assists in keeping talking in Shani’s favour. Mahadev’s method is mistaken whilst Shani is true. I wont prevent pronouncing this. What will you do? Nandi hits him at the chest as a result of which Rahu falls down a long way. You don’t have any concept of my powers. I’m extraordinarily tough. He shouts to show off his power. Rahu alerts Shani who assaults Nandi proper then. Nandi is harm this time. Shani assaults him once more. This time he manages to chain Nandi and pulls him against him. Nandi falls at the flooring within the procedure. Rahu smirks. Nandi struggles with the chains. Shani says if vanity grows in any person then even Mahadev can not save his devotee!

Shani and Rahu are taking Nandi with them. Suddenly a weapon comes flying their approach. Shukracharya steps ahead. He tells Shani to prevent. You now not simply insulted Mahadev through attacking Nandi however you made me indignant too. I don’t care in case you are pals with Dev or Asuras. Now Asuras’ Acharya is status towards you. Today you are going to see the worst of me. Rahu leans nearer to Shani. He stored our method via coming right here. We wont have to visit Pataal Loka. Today is a great day. You will win whole global lately. Shukracharya tells SHani there’s nonetheless time. Realise what you have been and what you will have turn into. I agree it is extremely painful to lose your mom. I too have misplaced my mom. Vishnu reduce my mom’s head together with his Sudarshan Chakra. Even I used to be indignant however I dint lose myself. I adopted the fitting trail. Anger is useful while you use it like gas. If you’ll make it your weapon then you definitely best will finally end up getting harm. Shani has the same opinion to abide through his phrases if can turn out it that he merits to signify him one thing. You say you stored your anger in keep an eye on. You dint stay enmity with Gods. If it’s so then why are you the Acharya of Asuras while you your self don’t seem to be an Asura. Why do you continue to have enmity with Gods even nowadays? Why do you continue to assume Narayan to be your largest enemy? You nonetheless need to take revenge of your mom’s demise! You don’t have the appropriate to lead me while you your self are in that mess. I will be able to recommend you to go away prior to you don’t seem to be in a situation to ever give any recommendation to any person once more. Shukracharya refuses to go away. You attacked the best devotee of Mahadev. It is each my responsibility and proper to punish you for that! They get right into a struggle. Shukracharya creates a circle of power. Rahu tries to damage in however falls flat at the floor. Shani manages to damage it. Narad Muni and Dev Vishwakarma also are provide there. Shukracharya and Shani stroll against each and every different. They proceed with their battle. Shukracharya is defeated this time by way of Shani. Rahu says perhaps he died. SHukracharya opens his eyes. I’m alive however you each wont be alive. You harm 2 devotees of Mahadev. Now even Mahadev wont be capable of prevent from his wrath!

Mahadev’s opens his eyes. Shani has crossed all his limits. Now it’s time to punish him!

Precap: Mahadev summons Veerbhadra. Go and convey Shani sooner than me immediately. Finish whosoever tries to return on your means. Dev Vishwakarma requests Shani to prevent being cussed or Veerbhadra will kill you. Shani replies that he’s doing what he feels is true!


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