Shani 14th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Shani 14th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shani shouts Vikral’s identify. Vikral throws his glass away and will get up. Shani and Vikral stand dealing with each and every different. Shani seems to be at Maiyya who is improperly bruised and exhausted. Vikral’s goon says how dare you name Vikral by way of his identify. Shani asks him how he dare convey Maiyya right here. Vikral nods. I will be able to kill your Maiyya if you are taking even a step additional. Shani angrily stomps his ft as a result of which a hollow is dug. Vikral’s males cave in within the pit. Vikral apologizes to Shani. It’s not that i am to be blamed. I used to be handiest following your brother Yam’s order. Shani is shocked. Vikral spills blood as any person stabs him from at the back of. It is Indra Dev. Shani seems at him in surprise / anger. Rahu appears on from a long way. Shani says I will have to have understood that you simply handiest can be accountable at the back of this incident as smartly. INdra Dev says

I dint do anything else. Vikral advised me you’re right here. I ordered him to not inform this to someone however he informed Yam. Yam and Vikral have been making plans to kill you. for this reason why I killed Vikral! Shani asks him why Yam would need to kill him. Before Indra Dev can say anything else, Yam advises Shani to invite him at once. Indra Dev and Rahu smirk.

Shani appears at his brother. Indra Dev thinks the entirety goes as according to plan. Rahu thinks perhaps former Devraj knew he’s my puppet this time. The cursed Yuga for Devta’s will start the instant Shani joins arms with me.

Yam and Shani take a look at each and every different. Shani asks him why he did this. Yam says you’re succesful to invite me this even after hurting my mom. You attacked the womb of the mummy who sang lullaby to me and raised me! You give ultimate probabilities to everybody. I come up with an opportunity nowadays. Apologize or I wont help you value anything else. Shani says your anger is justified. Whatever be the location, I shouldn’t have attacked Devi Sanghya. But keep in mind that the mummy who raised you; liked you prefer a mom; put you to sleep together with her lullaby used to be now not the mummy from whom you have been born. She used to be my mom, Chhaya! Yam is going speechless. Shani says nonetheless no matter I did to a mom is unpardonable. Free the only you’ve gotten tied. Let her are living in peace and are living fortuitously. Now I don’t have any relation with Dev Loka or Dev’s. I don’t have any hobby left in any respect. Yam consents to loose Kakol’s mom surprising Indra Dev. Rahu thinks this dint pass proper. Shani used to be intended to get indignant. Indra Dev thinks that he has some ways to make Shani indignant. He stealthily creates fireplace and units the timber round Kakol’s mom on fireplace. Kakol and his father come operating there. Kakol brings Shani’s consideration against his mom. They listen a blast simply then. Shani shouts Maiyya and runs against the hearth. Kakol shouts Shani. Everyone seems on in surprise.

Kakol cries for his Maiyya and Shani. Everyone is similarly surprised. Rahu shakes his head in disbelief. Shani can not die. Indra Dev tells Yam that the location has long past out of hand. It can be very best to go away. Yam says Shani is caught in fireplace. Indra Dev tells him to come to a decision why he had come right here – to save lots of Shani or to punish him! Kakol says come again Shani. Maiyya left me. You can not depart me. He breaks down. Please come again Shani. You need to take revenge on your Maiyya. His father hugs him. Calm down son. Kakol says Shani additionally left. Indra Dev asks Shani to return or they are going to fall in hassle. Suddenly robust wind blows. They see so much many crows circling in air. They all move inside of a cave. Everyone appears at a loss for words. Kakol takes Shani’s identify.

Tridev are gazing it too.

There is some other blast in fireplace. Dirt / damaged items of mountain / timber fall round everybody. A crow flies out of the cave. Shani is proven strolling out of the cave adopted by way of many crows. Crows fly away. Shani is in a unique avatar.

Lord Vishnu says Shani’s avatar. Mahadev says what we feared has came about. Rahu’s want has fulfilled. He has forged his affect on Shani. The one status sooner than us isn’t Karamfaldata however Dand-nayak. He isn’t obedient however rebellious. He isn’t author however destroyer. Rahu and Shani’s energies in combination have shaped Shaapit Yoga. Now there will probably be most effective destruction.

Shani stares pointedly at everybody.

Mahadev says that is volatile Shani who will create destruction in all three Lokas. Entire global will lose its gentle. Swarg Loka will get darkish puzzling all Gods. Mahadev says this Shaapit-Yuga has began the start of the top!

Shani calls for to understand who began this hearth. Rahu takes Indra Dev’s identify surprising Indra Dev. I noticed it myself. Gods are answerable for destruction. They can not see any person satisfied, now not even you or Kakol.

Mahadev says nobody is aware of what Rahu’s enhance will make Shani do.

Shani says I wont let any mom’s sacrifice pass in useless. Every mom gets her justice and the wrongdoer will probably be punished. Indra Dev will get tensed.

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