Shani 13th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Shani 13th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shani is dozing. Kakol’s mom calls out to him sweetly. It is just right he’s dozing or he would now not let me put the ointment. She applies lep on his wounds. Shani opens his eyes when she leaves. He thinks of his mom. His eyes refill.

Indra Dev seems at Swarg Loka from a long way. He recollects Surya Dev’s phrases (that he wont get his throne again ever). He is startled to listen to a voice. The voice says you can have realised it for the primary time how stunning Indra Loka seems to be at night time. Indra Dev asks him who he’s. Come in entrance. The voice nonetheless teases him. You misplaced your throne however your behaviour dint exchange. Indra Dev once more calls for his advent. Rahu asks him if he needs his advent or throne again. Consider me your good friend. Indra Dev is startled to listen to the voice so shut him and turns. He

seems at Rahu from most sensible to toe. Friends have names too. Their paintings additionally speaks for themselves. Rahu concurs. My pals name me Rahu. I give what they would like however most effective after taking a proper worth. I modify other folks’s lifestyles once I come of their lifestyles. Tell me what you wish to have.

Shani wakes up with a get started. Kakol asks him what came about. Shani says one thing is set to head flawed. Be cautious. Traps are being knit for us.

Indra Dev asks Rahu what he may give him. Rahu says your throne. You want Shani for that, proper? Indra Dev asks him why he needs to lend a hand him or befriend him. Rahu says I’m part Dev and part Asura. My lend a hand comes at a value. I will be able to make you Devraj as soon as once more. Can you are making me God utterly in go back? Indra Dev thinks to offer it a shot. I will be able to take care of Rahu if I am getting my throne. Rahu says I neither waste time nor do I let somebody waste it. Tell me your determination. Indra Dev accepts his concept. Rahu smiles considering how he’s going to be the use of a God to make Shani (any other God) pass towards different Gods. Indra Dev asks him about Shani.

Kakol’s mom is stunned to peer Shani pacing round worriedly. Shani says that is the time to be alert. I will be able to really feel that some drawback goes to occur. I’ve to offer protection to you. Kakol’s mom is touched. She alerts him to take a seat close to her. Shani sits down close to her legs. She says I’m grateful to Mahadev that you’re right here to offer protection to me. Shani will get disappointed enthusiastic about Mahadev, his boon and the way he nonetheless misplaced his mom. I misplaced my agree with on Mahadev the day he snatched my mom from me. Kakol’s mom consents to permit Shani to offer protection to her. Can you smile as soon as in go back? She does the similar gesture like Chhaya. Shani thinks of his mom and smiles. Kakol’s mom kisses him at the brow. He tells her to relaxation now. He holds her fabric. I will be able to all the time offer protection to you Ma. He corrects himself. No drawback will come on you until I’m right here. She fortunately lies right down to sleep.

Next morning, Kakol’s mom wakes up and unearths Shani nonetheless sitting close to her. Kakol too wakes up. It is this sort of great day. Come, I will be able to display you round. His mom too tells Shani to head. I will be able to pray until then. Shani continues to be maintaining the top of her fabric which stops her from going. Shani tells her he wont move. Kakol insists. I’ve to turn you such a lot of issues. Kakol’s mom tells Shani to head. I’m going to wish. What will have to I ask for you each? Kakol asks for meals. She smiles and pulls his cheeks sweetly. I definitely will. She asks the similar query to Shani. Shani says would possibly God give a in reality lengthy lifestyles to each and every mom of the arena. She caresses his cheek emotionally.

Vikral beats his man. How did you let him move? Even God can not prevent these days. Indra Dev unexpectedly blinds him by way of his radiance. Vikral asks him who he’s. Indra Dev says I’m Indra Dev. Vikral and his males bow down ahead of him. I’m beaten to peer you. Indra Dev says I got here to come up with a boon. You need to apply my order for a similar. Tell me the place Kakol lives on this Loka? Vikral says we have now made up our minds to assault him and his new pal. If you assert then we will be able to drop it. Indra Dev denies. You will have to do what you have got considered. I’m Dev however I don’t intrude in somebody’s paintings. You don’t need to convey that child right here however anyone else. Vikral has the same opinion.

Kakol is appearing Shani round however Shani stops in his tracks abruptly. He says Maiyya is in hassle.

Kakol’s mom is praying when Vikral enters together with his males. He asks about Shani. She feigns innocence however will get slapped.

Shani makes a decision not to let anything else occur to some other Maiyya. I’ve misplaced one mom already.

Vikral pulls Kakol’s mom via her neck. Tell me the place he’s! Kakol and Shani succeed in house however are past due. Kakol’s father tells Kakol that Vikral took her. It is all as a result of this Shani! I advised you he’s going to convey issues for all folks. Your mom liked him like her personal child however he most effective is answerable for her situation. Kakol disagrees with him however his father slaps him. It is right. You misplaced your Maiyya lately as a result of him best. Shani consents. This drawback got here on Maiyya as a result of me most effective. Now I handiest have to unravel it. Nothing will occur to Maiyya. I will be able to deliver her.

Vikral has tied Kakol’s mom. His man is thrashing Kakol’s mom. Indra Dev asks Rahu why Shani isn’t right here but. Rahu says perhaps she isn’t harm correctly but which is why he isn’t right here but. Kakol’s mom shouts Shani’s identify. Shani hears it and will get indignant. Rahu tells Shani his endurance goes to pay. Shani will have to be coming anytime now and so can be Yam. Shani shouts Vikral’s identify simply then.

Vikral throws his glass away and will get up. Shani and Vikral stand dealing with each and every different.

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