Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Anjali says like i sure my mangalsutra once more I need to are living with my husband like that. With love. Give me energy God. I’ve gained my love however there’s a struggle to win but. Tai ji fooled and conspired me to phase me from my husband. I attempted the whole thing from center. What did I am getting in go back? Hatred. She attempted to kill me. After the entirety I did Tai ji can’t settle for me. I don’t wannja exchange anymore. She thinks she gained. Now you spot saroj what I do with you. Vikram says Anjali.. She turns again. Anjali is dazed. Vikram says such a lot came about and I didn’t get an opportunity to say sorry you. You did all this for me and I simply stored doubting you. I’m sorry Anjali. Anjali says dont’ say that. I gained’t come up with some other probability to whinge. He says I promise the similar. He makes

her put on the mangalsutra once more.

Simar sees Anjali packing up. Anjali says are available. Simar says executed with close up? Anjali says virtually. I by no means idea I might say that however thanks. Simar hugs her. Anjali says why you cry always. Simar says my daughter is leaving this space. This will rainy my eyes. Thank you Anjali. Because of you a mom’s religion gained. You made me win thanks. Always take care. Don’t keep fairly to one thing incorrect. Always do anything else for fact it doesn’t matter what occurs. Will you promise me something? From now on you wont’ let the truthfulness of your center die and can do the whole thing with a natural aim? Promise? Anjali says I promise I will be able to stay in my thoughts what you taught. I gained’t do anything else that’s improper mama. Simar says you referred to as me.. Please say it once more. Anjali says mama.. Simar says you referred to as me mama. Anjali says you’re my mama. simar hugs her. She recollects her formative years. Simar says I’ve cried most of these years to listen to this from you. And these days you stated it. You do not know what you gave me. I’m more than happy. My lifestyles is whole. I’m more than happy and I wont fear anymore. I do know you’ll do the entirety proper. My daughter has selected the appropriate trail. Always keep satisfied. Anjali says in center saroj has to pay for what she has carried out. She merits it.

Scene 2
Saroj says you’re coming with us Anjali. I wont’ will let you keep there for lengthy. To kick you out of Vikram’s lifestyles is my challenge.
The attorney comes and provides Vikram his papers and keys. Vikram says tai ji you’re the proprietor of this space once more. Saroj walks against Vikram. Anjali makes her travel. Anjali says tai ji you need to watch out. Vikrma says thank God Anjali stored you. Anjali says i’m tai ji’s daughter in regulation. It is my duty to save lots of her. There is a request. May I stay those keys? Everyone is dazed. Anjali says i do know they arrive with a duty so I will be able to reduce burden on Tai ji’s shoulders. If everybody concurs best then. Vikrma says tai ji what’s your opinion? Saroj says in center I do know what you are attempting to do anjali. Saroj says we will have to give anjali this opportunity. It will give saroj relaxation too. saroj says no no. You are like my daughter. You proved how proper your intentions are. Let me care for my space. Saroj says in center I wont ever permit you to take them. Anjali says in center I will be able to take them from you/ Before 12 day after today you are going to give me those keys your self.
Vikram provides saroj keys.

Simar is praying for Anjali and Vikram. Mataji ask for Piyush and Roshni’s happiness too. I don’t know what is going to occur to them. Simar says dont’ fear. Piyush is letting roshni are living in his room. Mataji says only for you. they’re nonetheless miles aside.

Piyush is getting in a position. Roshni says you wish to have breakfast. He says you dont’ want to do anything else. If I would like one thing I will be able to take it myself. You are status in entrance me. Go away. Roshni walks her hair get caught in blouse. Piyush plucks them out.
Phone rings Piyush choices up. He says hi.. vadahi.. Is that you simply? I will be able to acknowledge your breaths. Please say one thing. The name hangs up. He redials however the quantity is off. Piyush says I’m positive it used to be you Vadahi. She stated she hates me. what you wish to have Vadahi?

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