Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Vikram involves temple. Anjali is taking rounds round shivling together with her hand burning. A lady says handiest ten extra rounds. Saroj says I’m positive you’ll be able to’t do that. Vikram sees Anjali on this situation. He runs against her. saroj is dazed to peer him. Vikram says Anjali. She stops and appears at him. Saroj stops him. Vikram says her hand is burning. Look at her situation. Saroj says best 10 rounds are left. vikram says I do know you’ll be able to do that Anjali. I think about you return on. Anjali is nearly fainting. Her arms are burning and so are ft. A woman says your daughter in regulation could be very great. Who trendy woman does this. Vikram says is she completed? Look at her situation? Saroj says let her whole overall 101 rounds. If she stops she has to do from starting. A lady says most effective two rounds

are left. Saroj says in center I will be able to by no means permit you to whole this. She throws one thing with the flora in her approach. Anjali says in center I will be able to whole this and display Vikram. She steps on that object and screams. Anjali is crying. A lady says she should get started once more. Anjali saves the dia. She is fainting.

Roshni will get achieved with pooja. MAtaji says in center what is going on the place is Piyush.
Roshni provides the parsad to pandit ji and says that is from me and my circle of relatives. Please settle for it. He takes it from her. Roshni touches Mataji’s ft. Mataji says I noticed Simar in you. I’m so satisfied. simar introduced you up and I will be able to see that. Roshni touches everybody’s ft.

Anjali is fainting. Vikram says you’ll be able to do that Anjali. I’m right here for you. Anjali assists in keeping strolling. She sits down. Her ft are bleeding. She has finished her rounds. vikram says sufficient of all this. I’m taking you house. Saroj says any other ritual is left. Vikram says she did what she needed to. Its sufficient now. I’m taking her house. He selections Anjali up and takes her against the automobile. A lady says she tolerated all of the ache and finished the rounds. She is so robust.

Piyush says to Vadadhi why did you climb the steps. You are vulnerable. She says I referred to as you so I bandaged myself. Piyush says I’m sorry. Lets pass clinic. You might be checked there higher. He says let me name physician right here. She holds his and says this bruise isn’t my ache. You are right here I think higher. It hurts me while you don’t seem to be round. Piyush says I’m all the time round you. Piyush says let me prepare dinner you meals. He is going against kitchen. She says prepare dinner highly spiced please. He smiles and says no matter you prefer madam. Piyush chefs for her. KB is taking a look in any respect this.

Scene 2
Anjali is house. Saroj says Vikram convey first help field. I will be able to get dressed her wounds. He is going out. Anjali says tai ji why don’t you glance satisfied? I finished all of the ritual. Saroj says I think so dangerous taking a look at you prefer this. Your ft are all harm and palms all burned. Anjali says its k. Sometimes you lose one thing to get one thing. Saroj says you’re proper. SAroj says I didn’t know you’ll be able to undergo this a lot ache. Anjali says you don’t know me in any respect but. Once I come to a decision to do one thing I do it at any value. Vikram is available in. He clothes Anjali’s ft. Vikram says take a look at her Tai ji. Which God needs to harm his other folks like this? Anjali says its k Virkam don’t fear. Your contact heals me. He bandages her ft.

Uma says I’m so drained. Pari says significantly. Uma says raju deliver water. Roshni brings them each water. Uma says take a look at her. What came about roshni? You really feel dangerous as a result of Piyush left the arti in center? Pari says what are you pronouncing? Roshni can be harm by way of the place and to whom he would have went. We all know. He by no means sought after to marry Roshni. Uma says sure and he part married Vadahi so she is his part spouse. Mataji says what garbage is that this. Better be ashamed. Relationships don’t seem to be jokes. Why don’t you two use your brains. Matjai says to Roshni some family members most effective come up with tears and they’re your check. Never take what they are saying significantly. Just stay your intentions natural. Everything will probably be k. Go and relaxation.

Piyush serves Vadahi meals. Doorbell rings. Piyush says let me test. He opens the door. Its the milk guy. Piyush takes it and assists in keeping it in refrigerator. Vadahi tries to consume from her bruised her. Piyush makes her consume. He says that is pasta with recent rice with a large number of spices simply as you prefer. Mataji is peeking in from the door. She opens the door loudly. Piyush and Vadahi are dazed.

Precap-Mataji says to Vadahi pass clear of Piyush’s lifestyles. This is best for you my circle of relatives and Piyush. Vadhai says I’m sorry however now he would leave from you other folks. I will be able to shove him in ditches of darkness endlessly.


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