Sanyukt 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Sanyukt 6th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Sam asks Hetal to patch up together with her sister. Hetal fumes in anger and shouts how may just she assume like this, he does now not even know what he’s telling, he does now not even know what her sister did. She scratches his hand in a have compatibility o anger and leaves.

Rita praises herself taking a look in a reflect. Ila praises her and provides her ethical gyaan.

Back in cafeteria, Hetal feels responsible for hitting Sam and scratching his hand. Sam angrily hits wall feeling responsible for wrongly asking Hetal to compromise together with her sister. Hetal walks in and forestalls him after which applies drugs to his hand wound. He will get up and she or he pleads to forgive her and hugs him from at the back of. Agar tum saath ho….track..performs within the background. He frees himself and leaves. She stands crying..

Hetal returns to cafeteria. Prachi asks why she is gloomy and asks why did Sam depart with out even greeting any person. Hetal continues status unfortunately. Prachi says Rahul sir will come and tell just right information in someday. Rahul returns and gathers all colleagues and proclaims that he discovered personal investor for his or her cafeteria. Everyone congratulate each and every different.. Hetal stands crying considering with out Sam, even just right information isn’t value. Rahul asks if she is so surprised with the scoop that she isn’t reacting. Hetal says she is having headache and leaves. Rahul asks Prachi what came about to her. Prachi says seems like she and Sam had a struggle. Rahul says it’s their battle and allow them to type it themselves.

Niranjan will get critically in poor health. He with nice problem will get as much as drink water, slips and falls down. His head begins bleeding and he collapses.

Precap: Niranjan’s soul leaves his frame and is going to Ila’s room and apologizes her for the remaining time. She asks why he’s dressed in white garments, he by no means used to put on a majority of these garments. He says he’s going and disappears. She will get fearful for him.

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