Sanyukt 23rd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sanyukt 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Ila cries seeing Falak and Bejal lacking their father. They ask why she is crying, if she could also be lacking papa. She hugs them. At cafeteria, Prachi tells Rahul and Sam that she is going to move house on my own as Hetal has already left. Uday will get an concept and tells Rahul that he’s going to drop Prachi house at the means.

Falak and Bejal give valentine’s day card to Rita and say remaining yr, they celebrated it with papa, now he isn’t with them. They reminisces giving Rita identical card final yr and asking what’s Valentine’s day. Rita says this is a love day, love between oldsters and youngsters, grandparents, uncle aunt, and so forth. Falak says they’re going to have fun Valentine’s day with papa. Rita brings halwa cake. Niranjan comes house from paintings and asks why they ready halwa. Children say these days is valentine’s day. Rita complains that of their eight years of marriage, Niranjan by no means wanted her satisfied valentine’s day, sheds tears and says he by no means beloved her. Niranjan tells youngsters they are going to cheer up mamma they usually all three without delay want satisfied valentine day presenting card. Niranjan taking a look at Rita and youngsters’s percent reminisces similar and feels to blame for betraying Rita. Rita hugs youngsters and cries loudly.

Ila and Gayatri get ready halwa cake for Bejal and Falak. Ila says Bejal and Falak make surroundings vigorous. Gayatri says sure, folks used to inform to have a child woman, however she didn’t understand what the y intended then, now she is lacking a daughter. Ila says even Falak and Bejal are like her daughters. Gayatri says sure. Falak and Bejal come operating and say they harm mamma as an alternative of creating her satisfied, she is crying vigorously.

Sam returns to eating place and sees it darkish. He calls Rahul. Hetal enters dressed in his talented black get dressed and roses. She expresses her emotions and says she loves him so much. She knew he attempted to suggest her since school days, however she knew about it and have shyed away from, sorry for that and provides 1 rose. She says she made studio in cafeteria purposefully to stay him close to her, sorry for that, provides 1 rose. She provides a rose with each and every confession and says says she used to leave out him so much.

Precap: Hetal asks Sam will he be her valentine. He says she made her blank daring together with her wonder, he’s going to be together with her entire lifestyles. He takes his face against her face to kiss her.


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