Sanyukt 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Today Sanyukt 21st March 2017 Written Update Episode.
OZEE TV maximum refreshing entertaining program, “Sanyukt” seems like a great fascinating display, which provides the giant voltage conceivable that provides to the Sanyukt supporters. 

Falak and Bejal’s nanny tries to punish them with stick. Falak pushes her and rushes out of room. Nanny follows them and they hide in terrace. Down in dining area, Ila serves dinner to family. She chats with Rahul and Sam/Uday joins them. She asks him to have dinner. He says he is full as he munches pastries and cookies at cafeteria. Sam says he did not eat anything and even when he asked, he told he will have later. Rahul says when did he find time for his brother, he is always busy starting Hates. Uday coughs. Ila looks at their face. Parimal comes. Ila says food is tasty today, he can ask Parimal. Parimal switching on TV says it was not that good and very sweet. Rahul comments he has gone old. Uday laughs loudly. Parimal scolds him to go and study. Door bell rings. Parimal opens door and sees Rita. He angrily walks in.

Nanny continues punishing children and forces them to do situps. Down in dining area, Parimal continues fuming seeing Rita and increases TV volume. Rita walks up to meet children and continues walking for 15 min ( repeatedly same stairs and same floor is shown for 15 min)/

Nanny forces Falak and Bejal to continue situps and apologize her. They continue. She raises stick to hit Bejal. Falak snatches stick and throws it. Nanny fumes more, picks stick again and raises to hit Falak. Rita reaches and stands shocked. Gayatri holds stick and throws it. She warns nanny how dare she is to touch her children. She pampers children and ask if they are fine. She slaps nanny and shouts how dare she is to touch her children. Rita calls children. They both run and hug her. Gayatri grabs teacher and drags to her room, picks her bag and throws her out. She then angrily confronts Rita that she can insult her how much ever she wants, but she will not let her force children to stay with nanny.

Precap: Gayatri confronts Rita that Falak and Bejal are her life aand even whole family’s, she will not let them suffer via a nanny, how can Rita let them with nanny when whole family is present.

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