Santoshi Maa 9th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Santoshi Maa 9th February 2017 Written Update Episode 

The Episode begins with Santoshi praying to Santoshi Maa. She says I do know you’ll finish all of the darkish forces, bless me to save lots of Dhairya and circle of relatives. Kaka asks Santoshi to return to his room through excuse of giving tea, we’d like forged evidence to turn Dhairya. She asks learn how to get evidence, Dhairya continues to be in Kamini and Trishna’s regulate. He says we will be able to communicate in room and is going.

Guddu and Sharmili say we will be able to stay fasts for Santoshi Maa. Guddu swears to meet the fasts. They take elder’s blessing. Sharmili says everybody trusts you, whole fasts smartly. He nods. Santoshi takes tea for Kaka. He says I didn’t call to mind anything else. Santoshi says we need to bring to mind one thing, else Kamini and Trishna will spoil your home.

Dhairya says I’ve to go away for assembly, deal with your mother. Trishna says don’t

fear, you pass. Kamini says I m nice. He asks Trishna to name her if she wishes lend a hand. Trishna thank you him. He says I will be able to inform Pushpa to make non highly spiced meals for mother. He is going.

Santoshi unearths some way and says why did I now not assume this sooner than, we will be able to get Dhairya out of Kamini’s powers via Divya thread. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi presentations divya thread powers, if she provides that to Dhairya, it is going to be crisis, I’ve to stay Santoshi away, my devotee can do that simply. She sends some gentle in Kamini.

Kamini says Trishna, take Dhairya and move from right here, don’t come again until Santoshi and Dhairya’s divorce does now not occur, my Sadhna were given incomplete as a result of Santoshi, I would like her the entirety to get ruined. Santoshi says I’ve to tie divya thread to Dhairya. Trishna asks find out how to take Dhairya out with me. Kamini says you don’t have to inform him, you simply assume. Trishna says proper, because of pendant. Santoshi says when we make Dhairya put on the thread, there shall be little need for rationalization. Kaka says how you can make him put on the thread. Kamini says make Dhairya clear of Santoshi, I will be able to regulate Kaka. Kaka says I will be able to stay thread in Dhairya’s room. Santoshi says move when Dhairya and Trishna depart for workplace.

Sharmili and Guddu move Santoshi Maa’s aarti. Everyone do the aarti after them. Santoshi Maa smiles. Kaka says I will have to do my paintings. He coughs. Kamini sees Kaka. He is going to Dhairya’s room. Kamini thinks what’s he doing right here, he has hidden one thing. Kaka assists in keeping thread underneath pillow and is going.

Kamini is going and tests. She sees the divya thread. She thinks to throw it. Devi Paulmi says don’t contact that thread…… She thinks to prevent Kamini. She sends gentle to prevent Kamini. She fails to prevent Kamini. Devi Paulmi thinks my powers don’t seem to be running in entrance of Divya powers. Kamini selections the thread and screams getting a surprise. Kaka and Santoshi listen her and rush to peer. Devi Paulmi says what did she do, she were given powers and she or he ruined it in a second.

Gaumata says Kamini made herself powerless by way of her foolishness. Daksha tells Guddu what they used to do when Seshnath was Lord. She says if we bury Seshnath at night time and make a grave, our space will turn into temple once more. Seshnath hears this and hides. Guddu says depart it, have contentment. Seshnath thinks what came about to Guddu these days. Daksha asks Guddu to think about cash. Seshnath thinks to not take them gentle. He asks them what are they pronouncing. He beats them with a broomstick for making such dangerous plan.

Kaka and Santoshi in finding Kamini subconscious. Santoshi asks what came about to her. He says don’t know. She sees the divya thread fallen close to her. She says I feel this came about as a result of her divya thread. He says I additionally really feel this divya thread broke her evil powers. Santoshi says then we will have to tie this to her hand as smartly. She ties the thread to Kamini’s hand. Dhairya comes there and sees Kamini. He asks what came about. Kaka says don’t know, I heard her scream and noticed her fallen right here, I m scared, did she get center assault. Santoshi asks once more?

Kaka says we will have to name physician. Trishna comes and will get surprised. She thinks what came about to her, she were given actual assault. She asks Kamini to open eyes. She sprinkles water on Kamini. Dhairya calls physician. He says I will be able to get Kamini to medical institution. He asks maid to get Kamini. They pass. Kaka says divya thread confirmed its magic, we will have to tie this to Dhairya’s neck, so to get your rights once more. Santoshi thank you Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Devi Paulmi thinks to do one thing.

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