Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 8th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with mandodari within the Pooja ghar pronouncing I will be able to take revenge for this and mandodari comes strolling furiously out of doors of lanka to the battlefield.
The typhoon could be very fierce and sugreeva says this typhoon seems like its any person’s curse on us. Mandodari comes strolling within the battlefield and there her father is in lanka and says mandodari’s anger will kill everybody nowadays and now not even ram, hanuman and laxman can prevent.
Mandodari comes and everybody sees her. Mandodari is indignant and she or he says ram laxman and hanuman you killed my lord ravana by way of dishonest and attacking the arrow to his navel which is towards the principles. She says I will be able to now not depart someone and everybody will die lately right here from my curse. Mandodari comes furiously strolling against everybody as her anger has

no bounds. Vibhishan says mandodari is misunderstood and she or he doesn’t know what she is doing. Hanuman says lord ram by no means walked on iniquity. Mandodari says that ram additionally killed sugreeva’s brother bali too through iniquity. In heaven all gods are surprised.
Hanuman says lord ram didn’t do iniquity and tells ram that lord don’t be unhappy and neither folks have achieved iniquity and we did the entirety via strolling the trail of righteousness and now I want one arrow from you in order that I will be able to make mandodari remember that what she thinks is fallacious. Lord ram provides hanuman an arrow and is taking a look down on the floor. Hanuman throws the arrow against mandodari which fits flying against her. All gods see what hanuman is doing and surya dev says why did hanuman assault the arrow on mandodari? Indra dev says this will likely building up her anger,
Mandodari stops and says how dare hanuman assault an arrow on me? The arrow then comes and bends its path and forestalls on the floor close to mandodari’s ft. Mandodari is at a loss for words and says why did the arrow bend its course and prevent? And it used to be aimed toward me. Hanuman involves mandodari and says see devi the arrow bent itself and stooped and lord ram didn’t do it and the guns of lord ram know whom to assault and whom not to. Even the guns of lord ram don’t fall at the trail of iniquity they usually bow to the cushy grass of the earth too. Mandodari says hanuman you and laxman killed meghnad via traumatic him in his prayers and that used to be iniquity too and also you even took the mrityuban to kill ravana. Hanuman says devi ravana had forcefully taken the arrow of his demise from yamraj and meghnad needed to be stopped as he would have attained powers that might have killed the blameless and ravana even abducted devi sita via cheat and is that now not inqiuity? And what we’ve executed is deliver the stability on this universe which isn’t iniquity. Mandodari doesn’t heed to what hanuman says and she or he nonetheless angrily walks against lord ram to curse him. Lord ram doesn’t glance up at mandodari and appears on the floor.
Hanuman walks at the back of and says devi mandodari lord ram hasn’t ever checked out another lady as opposed to his spouse devi sita. He has all the time walked the trail of righteousness and he helped sugreeva get this kingdom and lifestyles again from bali which used to be now not iniquity. But for those who assume it used to be then sure perhaps the best soul on this universe has carried out iniquity by way of paying attention to his father’s order to stick on exile for 14 years, sure he has accomplished iniquity through breaking the bow when he went to invite devi sita in marriage but if the bow broke, lord ram stated he shouldn’t be marrying devi sita as he broke the bow and it used to be towards devi sita’s father’s problem however her father gave sita in marriage to lord ram as lord ram is the purest entity. Maybe lord ram has executed iniquity as a result of he doesn’t bring to mind another lady than sita, he has completed iniquity as a result of he promised vibhishan that he would give lanka again to vibhishan and crown him the king and sure perhaps has achieved iniquity as a result of he requested his brother laxman to realize wisdom from ravana as he’s probably the most a professional individual on this global. Mandodari stops and her anger cools slightly now however says I will be able to curse ram. Everyone within the military and sugreeva, jambhuvan and others say if lord ram is to be cursed than it’s a must to curse all. All squaddies say sure and say you need to curse us all. Hanuman than sees lord ram is taking a look on the floor or even his shadow is at a distance from mandodari’s shadow. Hanuman says devi mandodari see, lord ram is the one that doesn’t permit his shadow contact another lady’s shadow and he loves handiest devi sita from his center. Mandodari seems down on the shadows after which she cries. Hanuman then says should you nonetheless need to curse him then as an alternative curse me as I’m at fault and lord ram didn’t know that his arrow strap had the mrityuban and I used to be the person who took the mrituban and positioned it in lord ram’s arrow strap after which even modified the path to ravana’s navel. So curse me and now not any person else.
Mandodari is crying.

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