Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th March 2017 Written Update Episode

the episode begins with hanuman taking a look at lord ram and he’s in tears. Hanuman says lord ram how did this occur? And how did all of the military with everybody and also you too fall? Suddenly there shatanand whose frame is fallen at the floor, it gathers in combination and there shatanand will get up once more. He begins giggling and says to hanuman that see monkey I advised ahead of nobody can kill me however your lord nonetheless attacked me and now take a look at your ram and his military. Hanuman could be very indignant.
There devi sita is within the cave and in tears as she feels one thing has came about to lord ram. Sita says if anything else occurs to my lord I will be able to take the type of a goddess and with the facility of the faith of being a spouse of lord ram I will be able to kill shatanand.
There hanuman is indignant and he says shatanand!! He takes

the weapon to kill shatanand and runs against him and says I will be able to now kill you shatanand. Hanuman jumps after which with the weapon he stabs and cuts shatanand and stabs him extra. Then hanuman lands again. Shatanand screams loudly after which he falls and dies.
Hanuman is going and sits beside lord ram and says lord please rise up and I’ve killed shatanand. Hanuman cries and says what do I do now? And everyone seems to be down. all of sudden lord Shankar seems. Hanuman says bhole baba you’re right here. Hanuman says bhoel baba please lend a hand me and nobody is responding. Lord Shankar says that hanuman shatanand isn’t but lifeless and. Hanuman says however I killed him myself bhole baba with the weapon. There all at once shatanand is reviving again. Hanuman is surprised and says bhole baba I personally killed him with this weapon then why isn’t he death? Lord Shankar says he’s going to die with that weapon however best lord ram can kill him with this weapon. Hanuman says however lord ram is subconscious. Lord Shankar says sure however devi sita together with her fierce shape can kill shatanand with this weapon. Hanuman says however who will persuade devi sita. Lord Shankar smiles and says hanuman you’re clever, brahma dev will do this.
Lord Shankar is going. Shatanand comes again and laughs. Hanuman smiles. Shatanand takes the weapon and says what a idiot you’re monkey and also you gave me the weapon to kill me. Hanuman smiles. Shatanand brings again his bureaucracy. Hanuman then jumps over all of the bureaucracy and reaches to shatanand. He punches shatanand, the weapon falls and hanuman takes it and is going again. Shatanand is surprised, hanuman says now shatanand you’ll die from the arms of a lady.
There brahma dev is going within the cave. Everyone rise up and do pranama. Brahma dev says sita, the longer term has come true and you’re the explanation why for shatanand’s dying as it’s a must to kill him together with your fierce shape. Sita says however brahma dev how can I while you all can kill him? brahma dev says sita it’s a must to take revenge from shatanand and every so often we tridev cant do issues that the fierce from of devi shakti can do and you are going to do this. Brahma dev then says the prayer as sita will get up and turns indignant into her fierce goddess shape.

Precap: sita is indignant and she or he says I will be able to take revenge from you shatanand for troubling my lord ram. Sita says all of the goddesses please give me energy and power in order that I kill shatanand. There hanuman says to shatanand devi sita will kill you shatanand.

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