Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th March 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with hanuman getting massive and nagraj vasu is surprised. He does pranam as he sees lord Shankar in hanuman as hanuman being the type of lord Shankar. Nagraj vasu says lord I had as soon as been in ego and idea I used to be extra tough than my brother snake however lord Shankar got here and requested me to first turn out to be his wrist bangle in order that this might be proved that I used to be tough but if I used to be changing into a round bangle on lord shankar’s wrist he become massive and large after which my ego used to be damaged and I noticed my folly. Even this time you’ve gotten damaged my ego and ow I’m fallacious and please forgive me. Nagraj vasu falls on his knees and hanuman turns again standard measurement and holds him and choices him up. He hugs nagraj vasu and says lord you’re elder and you can not fall at my legs. Nagraj

vasu does pranam.
There shatanand’s shape is there and he assaults the cave front however isn’t in a position to open it. he says I will be able to kill you sita and everybody too. The lady soldier stands in entrance of sita to offer protection to her. The type of shatanand tries the whole thing however the cave doesn’t ruin. Laxman says I will be able to kill this kind and he assaults a blue arrow on shatanand and ties him however the shape laughs and he pulls laxman and flies into area to convey him on shatanand’s planet.
There shatanand is status tall and lord ram assault an arrow and shatanand neutralizes the assault. He then assaults 2 darkish arrows and the darkish shadow is attacked on all of the monkey military which give way. The whole military falls down. The darkish arrows make a black hollow which assaults lightning assaults at the relaxation commanders and everybody.. everybody give way too. Only lord ram on my own is left. Shatanand laughs and says see I burnt up all your military and your commanders and your whole pals. Lord ram is indignant and shatanand says now I will be able to additionally kill you spouse sita. Suddenly the opposite type of shatanand brings laxman too. Lord ram says laxman you right here? Laxman then will get indignant and gets rid of his dagger and places it in shatanand’s bureaucracy center. The shape disappears. Then laxman runs against shatanand himself however all of sudden from at the back of a sort hits shatanand a gadha on his head. Laxman falls down too. Lord ram takes laxman on his lap and says brother!! Lord ram could be very indignant and has tears. He will get up and says shatanand now I will be able to use the brahma astra on you. shatanand says in case you use brahma astra the universe can be destroyed then what is going to be using your trail of righteousness? Shatanand laughs.
There nagraj vasu says to provide the weapon to kill shatanand I want the contact of all of the loks you got here shape hanuman. Hanuman says lord nagraj I got here from all of the loks and their contact is on my frame to, hanuman jumps and the contact turns golden and falls at the floor. Nagraj vasu turns the golden contact and makes the weapon to kill shatanand, he provides it to hanuman and hanuman says now I’ve to succeed in and provides this weapon to lord ram quickly.
There lord ram says however then I will be able to use the Narayan astra and nobody can prevent me from the use of it. shatanand thinks if he makes use of the Narayan astra it’s going to be tricky for me. In heaven lord indra says if lord ram makes use of Narayan astra, he should put all his energy into the weapon and that can kill lord ram too and now hanuman has to succeed in there sooner than lord ram assaults the Narayan astra however it doesn’t appear lord ram will wait now.
There lord ram places all his energy into the weapon and makes the Narayan astra. He assaults it on shatanand, who becomes stone after which a chakra comes and shatanands stone frame is busted. Lord ram falls down on a rock subconscious too.
There hanuman comes with the weapon to kill shatanand and he’s surprised to peer all of the military and lord ram and laxman too. Hanuman says what did this occur? And what came about right here? How did everybody fall? Hanuman is gloomy and says I’ve come past due.

Precap: hanuman seems to be at shatanand and says now I will be able to kill you with this weapon. Hanuman runs against shatanand with the weapon.

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