Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th January 2017 Written Episode Updates

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th January 2017

The episode begins with hanuman getting punched by the water demon. Hanuman holds the demon’s hand and says in case you are so courageous then are available in entrance of me seen and battle me like a warrior. Hanuman says I’m devoted to lord ram and if there’s any impediment serving to lord ram I cannot let that occur and kill evil. Hanuman kicks the demon and it goes within the air. Hanuman says this demon has lived in amrit taal too so he possibly robust to battle however likely the demon should have died. Hanuman is stepping within the water when the demon comes again. It laughs and says did you suppose monkey I’m really easy to kill? Hanuman once more twists the demon and kicks him however it comes again once more. Hanuman says how do I do that now? And I’ll want the helo of agni dev and surya dev.
There ravana is

laughing and he says now my mayavi defend will preserve your weapons away, lord ram assaults and plenty of axes come out from the arrow and they’re attacking the protect however the defend is indestructible.

There hanuman prays to agni dev and surya dev and says lords I want your assist in evaporating this pond of amrit taal and this demon. Agni dev and surya dev seem they usually make hanuman fiery bodied and gods go. Hanuman with the warmth evaporates the pond and the demon screams don’t do that monkey and it’s evaporated and killed too. Hanuman is profitable in his process. He flies again to the battlefield.
There the defend disappears and lord ram’s one axe goes and hits ravana’s 1 head and it falls down. Solely this time the top doesn’t come again. Ravana stops laughing and says what is occurring? And why isn’t my head coming again? Hanuman comes. Lord ram assaults extra axes and extra heads fall. Ravana appears at hanuman and thinks that this monkey has identified my secret of the amrit taal and so my heads are falling. Lastly all besides ravana’s essential head fall down. Ravana is shocked. Hanuman says lord ram kill this satan. Ravana says I cannot be killed, lord ram assaults an arrow and the final head falls down. All gods in heaven smile. Everybody say jai shree ram. Vibhishan is unhappy and says brother ravana!! And cries. All of a sudden a head grows on ravana and ravana is again alive and he laughs and says although my different heads can’t develop however ram did you assume one thing else is just not defending me? Ram says I’ll assault you once more and removes an arrow and assaults, ravana says your arrows will end. Lord ram says I’ve infinite arrows granted by gods and they’re going to by no means end, ravana is shocked and his head falls, once more the pinnacle grows and ravana laughs and says although you have got infinite arrows you don’t have the one arrow that may kill me and it’s I who possess it.
There vibhishan says how did I neglect this? And brother ravana has the arrow from which he could be killed. Hanuman says the place is it? and why solely this arrow can kill ravana? Vibhishan says a few years earlier than when ravana turned invincible, he was nonetheless scared as to one thing which might defeat and kill him. So he began discovering from what he could be killed? And he discovered he might be kille by solely n1 arrow that’s possessed by yamraj himself. so one night time he went to counter yamraj himself and whereas going to hell he killed all of the guards current in a second along with his energy. Yamraj got here to struggle ravana, however it proved that as a result of ravana was granted powers by lord Shankar and brahma dev, he proved to be extra highly effective and yamraj was pressured to present the arrow to ravana who then laughed and stated now the factor that may kill me can be with me and nothing will occur to me. Hanuman says vibhishan ji then inform me the place ravana has stored that arrow? Vibhishan says what am I doing? And I’m changing into the rationale for my brother ravana’s dying however to stroll on the trail of righteousness I’ve to provide this sacrifice. Vibhishan says hanuman that arrow is saved in lanka solely however I don’t know the place, however Bhabhi mandodari is aware of it. hanuman says queen mandodari is an efficient lady and I’ve met her and she’s going to by no means be the rationale for ravana’s demise so she wont inform me the place the arrow is and he or she is an efficient spouse. Hanuman says I’ll disguise myself.

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