Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with hanuman preventing the shape and sugreeva is gloomy as he sees the commanders at midnight smartly falling. Suddenly from at the back of any other shape comes and pushes sugreeva inside of. Sugreeva says whilst falling save us brother hanuman. Hanuman angrily fights the shape and assaults the remainder of them. There shatanand laughs and father says so this used to be your plan to throw all hanuman’s pals within the smartly. There hanuman is set to go into the smartly however the smartly is closed via shatanand. Hanuman there walks over the closed smartly. He sees no access and says he has to seek out an access and save his pals. There sugreeva and the commanders are on the base of the smartly and 4 kinds of shatanand come. They say shall we poison them now with our mayavi powers. The four bureaucracy poison sugreeva and his

2 commanders. They all fall subconscious.
There shatanand tells father that mayasur you’ll be able to move now and take your revenge from hanuman after which I will be able to take the revenge from ram. Father is going to hanuman and there assaults him with dagger. But hanuman pushes father again on a pillar and the dagger bends. Father says this monkey bent my mayavi dagger. Father then screams and says let the darkish come and assault you. all at once hanuman prays and excessive gentle comes, the varieties of shatanand underground at the hours of darkness smartly all die and disappear. Father says you’ve gotten used this energy however you can not kill shatanand. Hanuman says mayasur I recognize you as you’re elder to me and you’re clever so please come at the trail of righteousness and lend a hand us defeat shatanand. Mayasur laughs and says shatanand will kill each and every certainly one of you and take his revenge. Hanuman now will get indignant and holds mayasur’s neck and says I will be able to choke you to demise and I gave you an opportunity as you’re elder however you don’t perceive and for those who don’t inform me the way to kill shatanand and primary learn how to rescue my pals then I wont depart you. hanuman chokes mayasur. Father thinks although I inform him how to kill shatanand he wont be capable of kill them so I will be able to inform him however break out from him after which kill him. Mayasur says wait I will be able to inform you and he tells hanuman how one can pass to his pals. Hanuman ties mayasur together with his tail and takes him too as mayasur says most effective he can move underground. Mayasur and hanuman move and hanuman then sees sugreeva and the commanders subconscious. He takes them and springs up. Mayasur thinks if hanuman doesn’t depart me then the plan will probably be tousled. There shatanand says this dumb mayasur tousled the whole thing, anyway he used to be of little need and I will be able to kill everybody.
Hanuman takes sugreeva and commanders with him to lord ram and has mayasur tied together with his lengthy tail. Hanuman is gloomy and says lord ram I couldn’t offer protection to my pals. Lord ram calls rishi satek and tells him to assist them. Rishi says they have got been poisoned through the kinds of shatanand however may also be cured. Hanuman says however I will be able to in finding the weapon had to kill shatanand and mayasur will take me, I will be able to pass despite the fact that I’ve to pass the 7 worlds. Lord ram says I bless you hanuman.
Hanuman is going with mayasur. He crosses the arena of shatanand after which reaches an international the place the queen of good looks lives together with her ladies servants and sisters. Hanuman enters their palace in order that he can know the way to visit the following global. The queen comes and has mesmerized good looks. Mayasur thinks I made this plan and now those stunning ladies will lure hanuman after which hanuman will fail and shatanand will win. The queen says welcome hanuman. Hanuman then says to the 7 ladies that women I think like I’ve met the moms saraswati, parvati, sita and mata anjana. The ladies all of sudden have tears of their eyes and say son hanuman you woke up the motherly love in our hearts and what do you wish to have? Hanuman says I simply need to know the way to visit the following global? Mayasur is surprised and thinks I used to be inspired and idea those ladies would lure hanuman however hanuman woke up their motherly love. The ladies say we will be able to provide the front to the opposite global however you must give us one thing. Hanuman says I’ve one thing and its is the identify of jai shree ram. The ladies say jai shree ram with hanuman after which display him tips on how to the following global. Hanuman says thanks and takes father with him and begins going to the opposite global from the best way. Father says dumb monkey, that used to be atal lok however you can not move vitallok so simply.
There vibhishan says we need to do one thing lord ram. Lord ram says now quickly the varieties of shatanand will come again so we need to alert the military to struggle them. Vibhishan says squaddies keep alert and the varieties of shatanand would possibly come again. On earth laxman is there and the bureaucracy reappear and laxman says he’s going to assault them together with his vayu astra and stay them away for someday. Laxman assaults and the bureaucracy disappear.
There hanuman reaches the essential lok and father is surprised. Suddenly some squaddies prevent hanuman and the king of essential lok comes. Father says hanuman cant pass this lok as this king could be very grasping and he wishes some present from everybody and hanuman doesn’t have anything else. The king says monkey you need to first give me a present after which you’ll be able to take how a lot ever gold you wish to have. Hanuman says I don’t have anything else and I don’t even want fold however I simply want learn how to the following global. King says that can be other, however I want one thing from you even though you wish to have a strategy to the following global. Hanuman says I’ve one thing and it’s precious than anything else and it’s the identify of lord ram and being his disciple. King says however there’s not anything stored in praying in religion. Hanuman says sure there’s, there’s utmost happiness which you wont get with gold. Hanuman says glance on your global king, the folk glance unhappy and they have got gold however nonetheless everybody is gloomy as a result of they don’t have actual happiness in center. Hanuman says simply as soon as listen the identify of lord ram and take his identify with whole religion then see. King says if this doesn’t come true you need to keep right here and be my servant hanuman. Hanuman says I settle for your deal. Hanuman then says jai shree ram and the important lok is mesmerized via the identify of lord ram.

Precap: shatanand says ram has introduced the nine gods gentle in combination however he cant defeat me and now I will be able to move and battle. Father says dumb monkey don’t even bring to mind going to sutal lok they usually wont even permit to go into.


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