Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with guru vashisht pronouncing I will be able to now not let any evil come into ayodhya. Guru takes a thread and places holy water on it which makes the thread shine. The thread flies from guru’s arms and is going within the air and guru says this will likely make a defend which can rpoecte ayodhay from all evil and now not let any evil or iniquity input ayodhya, we now have nice warriors like bharat, laxman, hanuman, sugreeva, shatrugan and also you your self ram however I wont take any possibility and this defend will offer protection to all of ayodhya.
There the porcupine like monster becomes a lady and she or he says I will be able to now not depart you hanuman and I sense you all have come again. I’m going to first kill you hanuman since you killed my husband mahiravana after which separately I will be able to kill everybody. The lady monster is pregnant

and she or he talks to her kid and in abdomen and says son your father mahiravana used to be killed by way of that monkey hanuman and I’m shulka the spouse of mahiravana and I will be able to kill hanuman. Shulka says I’ve my mayavi powers with which I will be able to kill hanuman. Shulak turns again into the hog and runs against ayodhya however s she reaches the defend throws her again. She says who used to be that who threw me to this point away. Shulka runs againa however is thrown aback once more. She comes again to her shape and it kind of feels ayodhya has been safe via a shiled however no drawback, hanuman will positive someday pop out and that point I will be able to kill him.
There hanuman tells lord ram that he needs to make whole town and its outskirts lit with those diya’s and I will be able to take this diya into which your shadow fell and I will be able to gentle all of the diya’s all over. Guru vashisht says ram day after today we will be able to first do lord shankar’s Pooja after which your rajya Abhishek making you king. Bharat says then for that we will get started the association temporarily now. Hanuman will get excited and says lord ram I’ve just one want, from you turning your wooded area get dressed after which dressed in your rajya garments and gold, I need to lend a hand and I will be able to deliver the water on your tub the next day after which additionally lend a hand within the rajya Abhishek. Shatrugan says however hanuman such a lot paintings, how are you able to do it on my own? Bharat says sure how can you? laxman says I don’t doubt hanuman will do it as a result of we’ve got witnessed hanuman all the time does lord ram paintings in time and he hasn’t ever been past due. Lord ram says hanuman since we got here to ayodhya, you’ve gotten stored this primary want and I will be able to satisfy your want and provide the duty. Hanuman is more than happy and takes the diya, he then says jai shree ram and flies with the diya.
There hanuman lighting fixtures all diyas within the town far and wide after which he crosses the defend and is going to outskirts too. There shulka sees hanuman flying and she or he says now hanuman has pop out and I will be able to kill him with my spikes. Shulka runs at the back of hanuman as he flies lighting fixtures all diya’s. shulak assaults spikes however they don’t hit hanuman and he doesn’t but know. Hanuman then stops at a temple of lord shankar’s shiv ling. He says there are a large number of diya’s right here and I will be able to gentle they all. Hanuman begins lighting fixtures them, shulka stops and says this monkey made my lifestyles darkish and he’s bringing gentle all over else and that wont occur. Shulka assaults spikes, they cast off the hearth at the diya’s. hanuman sees and says there’s somebody right here, however I don’t have time and I’ve to speed. As hanuman does once more, shulka assaults spikes and hanuman this time dodges and says there’s a monster right here and what’s she doing close to the holy land of ayodhya? Shulak becomes her shape and laughs after which says hanuman you monkey, I wont depart you and I will be able to kill you. shulka assaults spikes however hanuman together with his gadha assaults a wave of air which throws off shulka. She will get indignant and says now my toxic spikes wont depart you, she assaults the white spikes and hanuman dodges. He then reverses the assault and says now face up to your assault. Shulka then touches her abdomen and says no, my son, I’ve to save lots of him. Hanuman sees this and feels dangerous, he says even if she is a monster she is pregnant and killing a pregnant being is a sin and I shall do one thing.

Precap: sita says hanuman has now not but come again, and this paintings shouldn’t take see you later. There hanuman says she has created a lure and I shall pass from right here.

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