Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with hanuman preventing the ones kinds of shatanand and everyone seems to be preventing and studying from hanuman. Hanuman additionally makes use of his tail and assaults the varieties of shatanand together with his tail. The military of shatanand’s shape decreases and slowly everyone seems to be defeated as hanuman kicks one within the solar. shatanand will get indignant and thinks this monkey hanuman is the issue and as a result of him too, ravana died. Shatanand thinks I’ve to kill this monkey, then I will be able to kill everybody. From shatanand’s anger, a monster arises. It comes strolling against the military and lord ram and hanuman. Shatanand says see my anger gave upward push to a monster and how can you struggle it? hanuman thinks I’ve to kill this monster and shatanand needs to be defeated. Suddenly shatanand’s bureaucracy upward push and everyone seems to be surprised.

Hanuman is surprised and thinks how did they arrive again? Shatanand laughs and says see nobody can kill my bureaucracy and they are going to all the time reappear.
There sugreeva assaults the monster and fights with it. the monster fights and assaults sugreeva as he defends together with his gadha and pushes the monster at the back of. On earth, sita says that shatanand is like his brother ravana and has ego too. He wont settle for defeat and I fear for my lord.
There hanuman thinks all of the bureaucracy returned however this time the shape which used to be thrown at the solar didn’t go back and that is the answer. Hanuman begins kicking the bureaucracy at the solar as sugreeva fights the monster, angad and all commanders battle and throw the bureaucracy at the solar. shatanand is surprised to peer this. He will get indignant. Hanuman in any case kicks all of the bureaucracy at the solar after which he defeats the monster through serving to sugreeva and kills it. shatanand is indignant on hanuman and he gets rid of his bow and weapon. Lord ram and everybody see him. Shatanand assaults the arrow at the solar and the solar turns darkish. Suryadev is weakened. The solar turns darkish and darkness begins coming. Shatanand now laughs and says this darkness will now suck the lifestyles out of everybody right here and nobody will are living these days. The darkness is coming.
On earth sita sees the darkness coming and says it kind of feels that shatanand is the use of his energy to convey darkness upon the universe and at this second perhaps shatanand has turn into tough over my lord and his military, sita says I pray my lord defeat this monster.
There in heaven indra dev says that shatanand says that shatanand attacked the solar and now darkness is coming. How will hanuman and lord ram take on this? Narad muni says lord ram is Narayan himself and he shall all the time have an answer. Lord ram takes his bow and stands stiff. The darkness come slowly and because it comes sugreeva, angad, all monkey commanders and the military and vibhishan are status and their lifestyles is slowly being sucked by way of the darkness. Hanuman thinks we need to do one thing fast in a different way this darkness would possibly kill all my monkey brothers. Lord ram says that gentle isn’t there and shatanand can also be killed by way of the solar’s fireplace too. Shatanand stands tall and is giggling. He says this darkness will quickly kill everybody and now even my revenge will probably be over. The darkness slowly covers everybody and is sucking the lifestyles out of them. Sugreeva and angad say lord ram do one thing and this darkness is strong.

Precap: hanuman and everybody struggle the kinds of shatanand and jambhuvan kicks them. Hanuman kicks shatanand and he falls on his throne. Father says this evil monkey hanuman is overpowering shatanand.


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