Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with lord ram telling sita you don’t seem to be protected right here so you need to move from right here. Sita says sure lord however I wont are living in lanka’s palace and you’re nonetheless in exile, so even I cant are living in any palace or nagar. Vibhishan says then we will be able to take mata to anashwar cave the place no evil can input and it cannot be destroyed. Lord ram says this is right kind and the place is the cave? Vibhishan says it’s in entrance of lanka palace. Lord ram says that may be a just right choice and laxman you are taking sita to anashwar cave. Laxman says sure brother and he is taking sita and a few squaddies and commanders.
There shatanand laughs and his fiery heads spray lightning, poison and fireplace bolts from their mouth at the military. A soldier says if shatanand is available in entrance folks, lord will kill him however he’s hiding

and attacking us. Lord ram assaults arrows and everybody on floor break the assaults with their guns. In heaven, indra dev says shatanand is doing all imaginable assaults to convey everybody on his planet.
There lord ram and everybody struggle the assaults. Hanuman is going within the sky and he assaults the bolts of the heads. The heads of shatanand say you cant kill us, they arrive against hanuman, hanuman says you assume you are going to kill me? Hanuman destroys the heads. Everyone is excited and hanuman comes down.
There laxman is taking sita together with her servants and vibhishans daughter and sita’s woman soldier guard. Three heads come there and snigger. Shatanand says did you assume you’ll break out? No. laxman gets rid of and arrow and says I will be able to now not let anything else occur to mata sita. Laxman assaults the arrow, the heads dodge and snort. Then one head turns right into a monster and it stands very tall. The commanders say wait brother laxman, we will be able to battle him. They each head against the monster, however the monster kills the commanders with one lightning assault. The different squaddies assault too however are killed. Hanuman listens from the sky and he come son floor and stands tall. Laxman smiles. Hanuman then fights the monster and throws it at the back of. Laxman assaults arrow , hanuman tells sita and the ladies to head within the cave. They pass. Hanuman then hits the monster together with his gadha and it falls down however later will get up. Hanuman says why didn’t it die with my gadha blow? Laxman assaults the heads. Hanuman once more hits the monster at the head together with his gadha, the monster is destroyed. Hanuman comes again to his commonplace measurement and flies to the battlefield. There shatanand says I will be able to drive everybody to return on my planet, father says this hanuman used to be the cause of the demise of ravana’s demon warriors. Shatanand says this used to be just the beginning and now I will be able to display them my excessive energy.
In heaven, indra dev says shatanand is attacking devi sita and looking to pressure lord ram to head on shatanand’s planet and battle him.
There sita’s woman soldier guard says the fear has develop into silent, vibhishan’s daughter says ys and perhaps lord ram will have to have killed shatanand. Sita says no, that is the silence sooner than the storms and I feel shatanand is deliver one thing very bad upon everybody. Suddenly the earth begins trembling once more and lightning. Shatanand’s voice says now ram has to return and battle me right here on my planet in a different way I with my energy will ruin earth and all of you.
There lord ram says he’s luring us on his planet however that is the reality, I’ve to visit shatanand to damage him. Hanuman says no lord, I will be able to move and battle shatanand. Lord ram says no hanuman, you can not move on my own and shatanand could be very tough much more than ravana and to battle him everybody right here has to head, however no. handiest I on my own will pass as everybody has to relaxation. Hanuman says no lord, everybody will come wont we? No one says anything else. Hanuman says lord see, no stated anything else and allow them to relaxation however I will be able to now not relaxation till shatanand is killed. Angad says I’m the prince of kishkindha or even I will be able to come and struggle with you and lord ram hanuman. Sugreeva says a king rests best when the fight is over and I will be able to now not relaxation till shatanand is killed, even I will be able to come. All commanders says sure lord ram and hanuman, all of us will come and battle shatanand. The squaddies say all of us will come. Hanuman says see lord ram, the place there’s pleasure to struggle, there is not any relaxation so everybody will come. Lord ram smiles and says however shatanand’s planet is 7 planets a long way and we need to go back and forth thru area. How do we take all this military there?

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