Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with sita telling that younger shatanand then stated sure mom I will be able to move to area and now not come till I’m referred to as again to earth and as soon as if I come again, I will be able to identify my rule and spoil faith on earth however until then make my brother ravana very robust and strong. Shatanand is going.
There hanuman says for this reason shatanand goes to assault us and he’s going to break earth too. lord ram says the cause of shatanand ravana is not just to take revenge however to wipe out faith from earth and spoil earth too. shatanand then says now I wont depart someone and he makes use of his powers and sends a rain of pointed rocks on earth. As they head, lord ram and laxman take away their arrows. Hanuman thinks I’ve to stick alert and shield and offer protection to everybody. Lord ram and laxman

assault arrow within the sky at the pointed rocks. Sugreeva tells everybody to make use of their energy and wreck the ones rocks. Hanuman flies within the sky and he hits the rocks together with his gadha. They burst and everybody on floor assault the rocks and rocks burst.
Shatanand is surprised and he says that is just the beginning and I will be able to assault extra. There hanuman is going on floor and sita seems nervous. Hanuman seems to be on the sky and thinks lord ram is with us and not anything will occur to somebody. Lord ram tells sita, don’t be apprehensive and I will be able to now not help you and someone get harm. Another wave of pointed rocks comes, this time with the fiery heads of shatanand. There shatanand is indignant and he says I wont depart someone alive they usually don’t know the way tough I’m. Hanuman is going within the sky and lord ram and laxman assault arrows and ruin some rocks and heads. Sugreeva and the military struggle too. hanuman thinks I’ve to make use of a tactic and use shatanands assault towards his personal assault. Hanuman breaks the rocks after which stops 1 rock together with his gadh, the gods assume what’s hanuman doing? Hanuman reverses the assault and the rocks hit each and every different as hanuman reverses the assault. Everyone at the floor is excited. Sugreeva says hanuman reversed the assault and he’s clever. Shatanand will get indignant and says that monkey failed all my assaults, however I’m very tough and I will be able to stay doing this all time. I will be able to stay attacking until all of them are pressured to return to my planet and struggle me, then I will be able to display my actual energy. Father is surprised.
On earth, shatanand assaults massive stones and rocks from the sky. Hanuman gos round thoise stones and rocks and brings them in combination and throws them again. The assault fails and hanuman comes down. there father tells shatanand that shatanand ravana see that hanuman is failing your assaults and do one thing. Shatanand says I will be able to trap everybody on my planet and kill each and every considered one of them. On earth, shatanand’s many fiery heads come one head says I will be able to now not depart sita and I will be able to kill her first. The heads, head against sita, lord ram stands in entrance of her. Hanuman seems at them and he stands in entrance of lord ram to offer protection to them. Hanuman says jai shree ram. The heads come and hit hanuman’s chest however are destroyed. Lord ram says evil monster, I will be able to now not let any person hurt my spouse and someone on earth and I will be able to wreck iniquity and conceit. Lord ram assaults arrows and a few heads are destroyed. Shatanands’s heads are giggling. Lord ram says sita you can not stick with me on this battlefield and you have got to return to the palace of lanka. Devi sita says however lord I need to be with you. Lord ram says sita, you have got all the time been with me even while you have been in lanka or even now you’ll be with me however your presence here’s a risk on your lifestyles and I cant let that occur. Sita says I perceive you lord however I shall now not move to the lanka palace as you’re nonetheless in exile and I will be able to practice your exile too and identical to you now not are living in any palace or town, however take me to a few position protected as opposed to lanka. Vibhishan says lord ram, there’s a position panchvati which is a protected position and no evil can come there and it can’t be destroyed. The heads of shatanand come giggling.

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