Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Gopi tells Jaggi that she is concerned about maaji/Kokila and needs to satisfy her. Jaggi says right now khadoos constable won’t allow them to meet, so the desire move within the morning. Kokila thinks she has to informs Gopi and Jaggi about Gaura at any value. Constable comes and says she is aware of she needs to elope, however she won’t let her elope and sits close to her mobile. Jaggi takes Gopi to kitchen and says he’s making ready ginger tea to reduce her chilly and serves her tea. She sips and says it’s great. Jaggi sips it and says ginger taste could be very robust. Gopi says she is simply interested by maaji. Seeta watches them status close to doo and thinks their friendship could be very distinctive and would possibly god offer protection to it. Jaggi sees Seeta and asks her to return and get ready tea.

Kokila sees constable napping,

silently, takes out keys and unlocks door. She walks out silently and sees constables the use of landline, thinks she will have to name Gopi by some means. Once constables transfer apart, Kokila calls Gopi, however Gopi’s telephone switches off because of battery drain. Gopi tells Jaggi how will she in finding out who referred to as it. Jaggi asks to rate her cellular after which test and takes her to front room. Kokila calls on landline. Gopi choices it, however constable disconnects it and drags Kokila to her prison mobile. Jaggi asks Gopi to test if her telephone is charged to peer who referred to as her.

Gopi exams and says that is maaji’s prison landline, she is concerned now Jaggi asks to name at this time. Constable selections name. Gopi says she is Gopi Modi, Kokila Modi’s daughter, she were given a decision from this quantity, her maaji is ok. Constable says maaji is ok and is resting, somebody will have to have referred to as by way of mistake. Gopi says she wishes to speak to her maaji. Constable says she can not.

Constable calls Gaura and informs that Kokila attempted to flee. Gaura scolds what used to be she doing and orders to kill Kokila. Constable says she is going to end Kokila this night. She sends legal inmate into Kokila’s mobile. Criminal inmate takes knife. Constable orders to kill Kokila quickly. Gopi will get dangerous dream about Kokila and thinks her maaji is in dancer. She rushes to house temple and prays kanhaji to offer protection to her maaji. Criminal tries to stab Kokila overpowers legal and beats her until she falls subconscious. Puppet constable then enters fuming and tries to overcome Kokila with picket rod, however Kokila snatches rod and beats puppet constable until she collapses. She apologizes god for doing crime and prays god to lend a hand her offer protection to her circle of relatives.

Precap: Kokila steals scooter and escapes. Scooter proprietor complains police that a woman dressed in white sari with blue border stole his scooter. Police jeep follows scooter. Kokila mingles amongst temple devotees.

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