Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Vidya confronts Gaura that she won’t let her achieve her evil acts. Gaura pushes her against cabinet and Vidya drops bomb document. Gaura selections it and asks Vidya if her daadi/Kokila informed who all she killed. Vidya says. Gaura says she killed Ahem as Kokila killed her blameless brother. Vidya says her daadi didn’t kill her brother, Gaura has long past mad that she is killing everybody. Gaura beats her and says she is going to kill entire Modi circle of relatives now. Vidya resists. Gaura continues beating Vidya.

In Modi bhavan, Pari and Mona see cut price gross sales advert in information paper and talk about they have got to nutrition for 1 yr to get into those skimpy garments. Bhavani calls on landline and introduces herself as Seeta’s pal and asks to offer telephone to her. Mona calls Seeta and provides telephone to her. Bhavani

speaks and Seeta panics. Bhavani says her lifestyles goes to finish quickly and she or he is stepping against her finish, she will have to rely her days now. Seeta is going to room shivering. Gopi comes and asks why she is taking a look so tensed. Seeta reminisces Bhavani’s phrases and shivers once more. Jai and Veeru come and ask her to offer them meals and she or he takes them out Gopi thinks why Seeta is taking a look so tensed.

Gaura ties Vidya to a chair and says she is going to kill entire Modi circle of relatives now and can repair garlands on their pictures. Kokila will listen this information and can suicide in prison. Vidya says no no…Gaura applies tape on her mouth and mimics as information journalist studying Kokila’s demise information.

Jaggi enters room and seeing Gopi strolling in room thinks she is considering one thing now. Gopi says Seeta appears very tensed, one thing has came about. Seeta serves meals to Jai and Veeru and say she is going to blank house temple. In Dharam’s space, Vidya tries to loose herself and sees knife on desk. Seeta cleans temple and prays god that she can not inform her drawback to Gopi and god will have to clear up her drawback. She then reads bhagavat geeta that soul is immortal and no one can hurt it, and so forth. She thank you god for giving strategy to her drawback. She says she is going to contain Gopi kaki in her drawback, but when want be take her help; identical to kanhaji guided Arjun, Gopi kaaki will information her. She then takes out field to wash, beneath which bomb is fastened. Jai and Veeru come preventing that the ink bottle is theirs. Seeta asks to percentage bottle, else it is going to ruin. They battle and drop ink on field. Gopi and Jaggi come and ask who dropped ink. Seeta says it fell via mistake. Jaggi says exchange mangu will have to have dropped it and takes them out. Seeta cleans field and asks Gopi what’s in it. Gopi says they preserve prasad in it and asks her to head and stay it out, she is going to get different previous pieces additionally there, asks why she is taking a look tensed. Seeta says she had drawback, however kanhaji solved it.

Precap: Seeta takes bomb b ox out and stay it in yard. Gaura comes and thinks she implanted 2 bombs at house and presses faraway. Bomb explodes in yard. Seeta shouts maa…


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