Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Ricky threatens to kill Jai with damaged vase and warns to open the door and let him pass. Each circle of relatives member ship their discussion that he’s doing flawed. Ricky continues threatening. Sita hits him with a brush. He drops Jai and level vase on her. Gopi is available in between and asks to kill her. Jaggi asks to transport apart as Ricky could be very indignant now. Gopi says let me see how he’s going to kill his mom. Ricky’s palms shake. Gopi continues scary him. HE angrily raises hand, however Jaggi holds his hand and warns that he is making an attempt to hit his mom. He asks his pals to open door and asks Ricky to get out. He walks out and boasts he warned that no one can cling him. Jaggi calls inspector and says a person has come from Singapore with out visa, his identify is Ramakanth Taneja urf Ram urf Ricky and

he’s dressed in. Ricky returns and snatches telephone and notice Jaggi didn’t make name in any respect. He shouts what nonsense is that this. Jaggi says everybody get scared of Indian police. Ricky says he is aware of regulation smartly and he’s going to break out from right here simply. Jaggi says all his papers and passport are with Gopi. Ricky fumes and is going to kitchen.

Gaura acts as seeing Meera going lacking once more. Dharam additionally will get fearful and says why dangerous occurs to just Meera. Shravan returns and says he searched Meera and didn’t in finding right here any place else. Two males input and stay settee. Dharam asks who’re they, this isn’t their father’s space and kick settee. The reposition it. Bhavani comes and sits on settee and says she is Bahvani Keshav Rathod. Gaura smirks however acts as surprised.

Modi circle of relatives see Ricky strolling into kitchen and entire circle of relatives walks into kitchen. They odor fuel. Ricky locks door from inside of and says he’s going to burst all of them. Sona says young children are on this space. He shouts to close up, he didn’t talk to her. Jaggi says they may be able to communicate lightly. Ricky shouts he wishes all his paperwork and passport again, else he’s going to burst where.

Dharam angrily strangulates Bhavani shouting she is the person who abducted Meera previous. Gaura pushes Dharam again. Meera enters shouting she isn’t Meera Suryavanshi now, she is Meera Thakur. Dharam asks what came about to her, if she can not see Bhavani’s tips, she isn’t a just right lady. Vidya says she will have to call to mind her youngsters. Meera shouts she is Bhavani’s daughter now and does now not care about Suryavanshi circle of relatives.

Ricky continues threatening to blast space if he does now not get passport and paperwork. Ricky alerts Jai and Veeru to throw water from gun. They pick out gun, however in finding no water. Ricky begins countdown.

Precap: Gopi says Ricky they’re all his pricey ones and god has made this dating, he can not break out from them. He counts ten and lighting fixtures fit stick. Whole circle of relatives seems to be tensed.

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