Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Urmila with Pari and Mona enters Bhavani’s space as dancers. On level, she proclaims her dance loudly they usually all three dance to a rock track. Goons revel in their dance. Tolu and Molu with their automotive wait out of doors space and talk about that Gopi and staff will have to have come by way of now. Jaggi clears all guards and with Gopi and Sona is set to take Seeta out when he sees Seeta’s father observing them and is going again to room. A goon walks against Seeta’s room with Ramesh’s talented bangles for Seeta. Seeta’s father takes bangles and sends him. He then blesses Seeta and sends her with Jaggi and group. Urmila, Paria and Mona proceed dancing with shoppers.

Jaggi, Seeta, and Sona are about to go away silently when Bhavani pulls rope and forestalls them. All her goons encompass. Ramesh comes and asks wat is Seeta doing with those other folks. Bhavani says Seeta is eloping once more. Ramesh asks who is that this beard guy. Bhavani gets rid of Jaggi’s beard and mustache and says he got here in as tail much less monkey to save lots of Seeta. Jaggi says it’s hurting. Argument begins. Bhavani tries t o hit Gopi, however Jaggi stops her laathi. Bhavani continues tongue lashing and tries to pull Seeta. Gopi stops her. Bhavani says she is going to get Seeta married to Ramesh and asks goons to Seeta and others to a room and seek throughout as she feels there are other folks additionally.

Urmila , Mona and Pari stroll out silently. Tolu and Molu ask the place is Gopi and others. Urmila says they’re stuck, so we escaped by hook or by crook. They all succeed in house and watch for them to go back.

Bhavani together with her goons take Gopi and staff to a room and asks goons to test everybody as they’ll have hidden cell phones. Jaggi hides cellular beneath his kurta and begins giggling silently. Urmila calls Jaggi and get in touch with glows. Gopi notices it and status in entrance of Jaggi scolds him that he’s all the time in jovial temper. Once Bhavani and her goons stroll out, Jaggi selections name and Sona asks what came about. He tells her entire tale. Gopi sees goons coming and hugs Jaggi tightly. Jaggi is stunned. Gopi apologizes for being harsh and asks if he’s harm. He says no and enjoys her hug.

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