Rehman Malik offers 13-point proposal to resolve Faizabad sit-in issue

ISLAMABAD: Senator A. Rehman Malik, former Interior minister and chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior has condemned the government’s choice of taking all information channels off air. He stated that the verdict has critically dented the liberty of loose press and can unquestionably supply an area to the propagandists to unfold false knowledge some of the plenty to make the location additional unsure.

Rehman Malik has expressed grave considerations over the country’s present state of affairs and has proposed the next 13-Points as a proposal to take care of the continued deteriorating state of affairs within the capital town of Islamabad, which is now spreading around the nation.

1. The siege of Islamabad has symbolized the siege of the entire nation, as Islamabad being the icon of Pakistan has been held hostage and the federal government appears helpless in dealing with the location.

2. Islamabad has been become a faraway village and executive itself has grow to be hostage and appears paralyzed.

three. The failure of operation to get a divorce sit-in at Islamabad’s Faizabad Interchange has disturbed the country in regards to the protection of the entire nation, as Pakistan is already top goal of terrorists, India and different International anti-Pak forces.

four. The executive will have to have taken the Parliament into self assurance and will have to have introduced an empowered Committee/Jirga of parliamentarians from all events to lend a hand the federal government in resolving the location with collective nationwide efforts and reaction.

five. Unfortunately all of the organs of the Government don’t appear to be on one web page to take care of this issue with considered necessary skilled way and reaction.

6. Why the record of Raja Zafar-ul-Haq isn’t being made public, which will transparent the anomaly and is helping defuse the location.

7. The protesters have taken an overly delicate issue in hand therefore executive will have to announce in an instant a panel is composed of Islamic students, Parliamentarians from all political events and Presidents of all Bars to means the protestors for a significant discussion to persuade the management of protestors to finish the sit-in peacefully.

eight. Government will have to support its deficient dealing with and in addition take further regulation enforcement from Punjab and AJK. Frontier constabulary isn’t a educated drive for anti-riots however this is a border control drive, therefore the Federal executive wishes to transfer with correctly educated anti-riot drive to act with minimal injury and to get most output on the subject of efficient regulation enforcement.

nine. A joint consultation of the Parliament will have to be referred to as right away to talk about the present ongoing impasse, taking the parliament into self assurance and to suggest a not unusual technique to resolve the issue with out to any extent further extend.

10. More efficient and well-strategized administrative measures will have to be taken to enforce the orders of the Supreme Court because the Supreme Court would possibly move some hostile orders towards the Government for non-compliance.

11. Government has to chorus from violence as it is going to additional become worse the location however use the most suitable option, which is valuable use of discussion thru skillful and devoted drawing close personalities from all walks of lifestyles.

12. Ensure to repair no less than part of the out and in going routes of Islamabad at any value with the assistance of Punjab and Islamabad Police. Continued blocked Islamabad isn’t within the nationwide hobby.

13. Prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will have to identify direct touch with the leaders of the Faizabad sit-in and take them into self assurance and settle the issue with some assurances to get the topic resolved. The Government would possibly practice the PPP fashions of coping with such previous massive protests and sit-ins in Islamabad.

In the present unsure state of affairs, the country needs to see the issues resolved relatively counter blame statements and moving of obligations.

Rehman Malik appealed the management of sit-in/protesters to resolve this issue harmoniously and peacefully thru discussion within the higher nationwide pastime.

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