PPP’s Dr Asim Hussain allowed to travel aboard for medical treatment

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday approved Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief Asif Hussain’s software that sought to take away his identify from the go out keep an eye on record, permitting him to travel in a foreign country for medical treatment.

A department bench of the apex courtroom comprising Justice Qazi Faiz Esa heard the appliance and allowed him to travel in a foreign country.

The suggest for PPP chief argued that his consumer had previous returned to the rustic after present process treatment in another country however his identify used to be put at the ECL once more.

During the listening to, Justice Faiz Esa remarked that why used to be regulation now not similarly appropriate to all.

He stated suspects dealing with top treason fees have been dwelling in another country, asking whether or not any measures were taken to convey again the suspects.

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