POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

POW Bandi Yuddh Ke 18th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Sartaj getting tea. Nazneen jokes. Satpal is going to Veera. Sartaj provides tea to Siddhant. Siddhant says Harleen appears a lot natural. Sartaj smiles. He says Harleen has undergo so much, in my absence and presence, ladies are robust. Siddhant says I will be able to perceive, your captivity, filling wounds on go back, twist of fate, its now not simple to undergo issues. Sartaj seems to be at him.

Afreen performs the reminiscence chip in pc. She sees Lala’s video message. Sartaj asks twist of fate? Siddhant says some twist of fate came about on freeway, Harleen informed me. Lala says Afreen until you get this recording, perhaps I gained’t be alive, I knew you’ll get this message. Sartaj says its all as a result of Lala. Lala says there’s one cause to offer message, simply you’ll be able to know this fact. Sartaj says I used to hate Lala.

Lala says Siddhant won’t kill me, he’s going to simply pull cause, however I will be able to kill myself. Sartaj says you probably did proper to kill our enemy. Siddhant smiles. Lala coughs. Afreen cries. She sees Siddhant with Lala. Lala says I m positive, Siddhant is a real soldier of our team. Sartaj says you’re true Indian soldier.

Lala says Siddhant shall be referred to as my assassin, however fact is he’s going to transform Siddhant once more for our venture. Sartaj salutes Siddhant. Lala says Sadiq method unswerving, he’s going to stay his loyalty until his ultimate breath. Sartaj hugs Siddhant. Lala says bye and shoots himself. Afreen cries.

Siddhant recollects Vikram’s phrases. He thinks of Afreen and Lala. FB presentations Siddhant telling his plan to Lala. Lala says nobody will doubt on you, you’ll grow to be hero, Vikram may also now not doubt on you, don’t assume, get started it. Siddhant cares for Lala. Lala says higher than dwelling in sickness, its higher to die for reason, get started it, don’t assume. Siddhant will get the recorder. Lala data the message for Afreen. Lala shoots himself. Siddhant will get again and falls. He seems to be at Lala. Siddhant places the chip in his taweez and assists in keeping the taweez in Lala’s hand. He runs clear of the window, until Yusuf reaches there. FB ends.

Afreen cries and exams e-book. She will get Siddhant’s percent and hugs it. She apologizes to get frustrated with him. Siddhant apologizes to Afreen for coming too a long way, however the reason is greater than our togetherness. He sees Afreen’s percent and will get unhappy. Satpal asks Siddhant to return for dinner. Siddhant sees Shaira and says I didn’t know you’re sitting right here. She says it used to be my boyfriend’s name, so…. He smiles.

Afreen shuts pc seeing her mum. Her mum will get meals and asks do you continue to love Siddhant, do you assume he didn’t kill your dad, advantageous his love or my love, you select what you wish to have. She is going.

Harleen and Shaira at the approach. Shaira sees a spot and asks what’s that. Harleen says its now not a space, its a cottage, any farmer can keep there in wintry weather, its vacant now. Shaira says wait, I will be able to simply come. Harleen asks the place are you going. Shaira exams where. She calls attorney and says I were given a spot for Avi.

Siddhant greets everybody. He asks Sartaj for tea. Vikram has a hangover. He asks them for some lemon water. Shobha says it gained’t have an effect on you. Siddhant says dinner didn’t settle until now, I don’t need breakfast. Imaan asks did you disregard. Siddhant asks what. Sartaj says I feel Siddhant forgot, scorching aloo parathas…..with butter, pickles, butter milk…. The previous second is proven.

Shobha says who refuses to do-it-yourself meals. She feeds Siddhant. Sartaj asks the place is Harleen. Harleen and Shaira come house. Nazneen asks the place did you move Shaira, don’t hassle Harleen. Harleen says she didn’t hassle me. Shaira says we were given jalebi. Sartaj asks Siddhant to have chocolates. He feeds jalebi to Siddhant. Siddhant thinks of Afreen. Sartaj makes Siddhant wash arms. He unearths Siddhant’s conduct bizarre. Imaan asks Siddhant to save lots of his quantity. He asks Nazneen to return. Sartaj seems to be at Siddhant. Imaan asks what came about. Sartaj says not anything, Siddhant advised about Harleen’s twist of fate at night time, how did he know this, he used to be now not right here. Imaan says perhaps any person informed him, don’t assume. Sartaj says I used to be now not considering, the best way he used to be washing palms now, he’s Thakur, hindu, his means of washing palms used to be odd. Imaan says we will be able to’t disregard that he has undergo so much there, perhaps he used to be pressured to switch faith, however doubting on him, no means, he killed Lala and got here right here. Afreen tests Lala’s video once more. A person comes and says Yusuf requested for all laptops to offer engineer. She refuses. Yusuf says simply my command will probably be obeyed Afreen. The guy takes her pc. Afreen thinks of Lala’s phrases.

Govind asks Duggal whom do you wish to have to peer for your position. Yusuf says I will be able to satisfy the challenge. Sartaj asks Harleen did you inform someone about twist of fate. Harleen says no. Sartaj asks Imaan did you inform someone about twist of fate topic. Imaan says I don’t be mindful, such a lot came about. Siddhant gives Namaz.


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