Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (KRPKAB) Shot 2

@faculty meeting

Sona’s POV:
I’m excited! Really excited! Though the effects aren’t out but however someplace in there I’ve this sense that I’ll be elected. But with the badge comes duty. Will I have the ability to organize issues?
My string of ideas used to be damaged by Mani guy’s voice.

MM: So her I’m going to announce the a lot awaited effects which will probably be adopted by the investiture rite.
Firstly, I want to inform you who’s gonna be your head woman. Well, it’s SONAKSHI BOSE of sophistication XII B. Give her an enormous spherical of applause everybody!

I went as much as the level. Stood beside major sir and Mani mam went on together with her bulletins. But one idea stored creeping in my thoughts. “WHO WILL BE THE HEAD BOY?”…..Ya I do know I advised Ele that I don’t care…however nonetheless….I’ve to percentage this duty with him for the following entire yr. Uday is difficult however I feel we’ll be capable of organize…….however this Dev!….. I do know not anything about him….now not even his full identify…..what used to be it??…….some Dixit!… thing like Devdas or Devanand…..urghh!!!….no no he can’t be the varsity captain…in a different way I’m lifeless!

MM: And now its time to announce the Boy School Captain’s identify….and its………

Sona: (to herself) Uday.. Uday…plz say its Uday!

MM: Its none as opposed to……..Devrath Dixit of sophistication XII A.

Sona: Damn!! Devrath Dixit?? I don’t even know him. God!!… How do we even paintings in combination? He appears to be so misplaced in his personal global….so boastful…. Total obhodro. He’ll merely snub me if I talk. You higher be fairly sooner than him sona.

Dev’s POV:
I got here and stood subsequent to her. O.Okay. so Miss. Sonakshi Bose and I…. Freak!!! She’s each and every instructor’s puppy.. So gifted! Must be wearing ego on her nostril. I do know the women of her sort. They simply know to snub folks off and rule! I will have to steer clear of chatting with her.

MM: I request essential sir to kindly handover the badges to the School Captains and Vice Captains and bless them together with his precious phrases.

Its feels nice! The School Captain badge pinned towards my chest… Mom will probably be in point of fact proud………. But Dev…the place are your manners? Come on congratulate her…. Why will have to I? I imply we don’t even know each and every different! Won’t it’s absurd? Absurd?? Are you mad? What’s absurd in congratulating your spouse?…… Wait!!…. Partner??…. Dude! Does she even believe you one?… Uh! Forget it! Just stand right here relatively.

Sona’s POV:
Should I congratulate him? Why will have to I? Shouldn’t he do it first? He will have to be considering.. “Yeh kisko head woman bana diya?”….. Why will he even talk to you sona? So what if he doesn’t? Its your responsibility to congratulate him. But he’s soooo tall. I’ll have to raise my head up, glance into his eyes after which say it. Na na…little need. Keep taking a look immediately. Whole of the varsity is gazing you.

The rite were given over and we have been again to the category.
Ele: Did you communicate to him?
Sona: To whom?
Ele: Sonaaa
Sona: Ya! That’s my identify. I do know!
Ele: Dev.
Sona: Ya! He’s good-looking. I do know!
Ele: What?
Sona: What what?? Why are you talking nonsense Ele?
Ele: Excuse me! Its you who’s blabbering stuff!
Sona: Who? Me? No tactics!…I used to be simply….
Ele: Answer my query Sona. Did you communicate to Dev? Did he say one thing? Are you guys pals now? Do you guys like each and every different?
Sona: Ele chill out! Breath! We didn’t communicate in any respect. He’s so bizarre and TALL….pata nahi MAA ne kya kha ke paida kiya hai? Didn’t even congratulate me. Mannerless!
Ele: Did you congratulate him?
Sona: Why would I?
Ele: Mannerless!!
Sona: Oh hi! All my manners are intact OK… Its simply that I don’t really feel like speaking to him. I think he would disdain me. He simply turns out to have that haughty more or less an angle. And I don’t wanna get snubbed by a man like him.
Ele: Uff Sona! You assume an excessive amount of yaar! He doesn’t appear that dangerous.
Sona: Why the hell has he transform the subject of our dialogue nowadays? Better center of attention in your classes or sharma sir will sue you.
Ele: Yeh boli padhaku Sona!!

Days handed by however Dev and Sona rarely deigned to take a look at each and every different, overlook speaking. Even within the corridors they might simply move by ignoring each and every different.

It’s been a month now. Its time to embellish the home show forums. Deadline is simply two days away.

MM: Sonakshi why aren’t the show forums in a position but? Go and tell all of the space captains that they have got to get it accomplished by this Friday.
Sona: OK ma’am.
MM: You can ask for Dev’s lend a hand.
Sona: No mam I’ll take Elena alongside.
Ele:(in that creepy teasing tone) Sonakshi…you and Dev are in the similar space proper?
(Sona frowns)
MM: Oh is it? Then the 2 faculty captains will have to post one thing nice on their show board. Yours will have to be the most productive.
Sona: We’ll check out our absolute best mam.
MM: Off you pass then!
Ele: WE will check out OUR very best mam…..hmm….now not dangerous haan sona….
Sona: Elena ki bacchi tu ruk!!

PRECAP: Last day of show board decoration- Devakshi and teamwork- will those two phrases come in combination?

P.S. Hey guys! If you felt that the episode used to be brief then I’m extraordinarily sorry….operating a lil busy….. That’s why I’m looking to publish brief episodes however on exchange days in order that you don’t leave out the hyperlink. Hope you loved it. Do remark and lemme know. Love ya!

Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (KRPKAB) Shot 2 .

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