Peshwa Bajirao 7th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Peshwa Bajirao 7th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Balaji telling Qamer Uddin that Shiva Raje is making plans to offer him whole deccan inexchange of Shahu ji.. Qamer Uddin is surprised. Gotiya tells that they have got to make Naser style mud. Chima says it isn’t simple. Baji explains that there’s not anything inconceivable. Ballu comes and greets them, appears at Baji’s plan. Qamer Uddin tells that it’s unimaginable and says Tara Rani Bai won’t ever agree to offer me complete Deccan in trade of Shahuji as she is going to by no means make him king. Balaji says Tara Rani Bai agreed that Shiva Raje couldn’t care for the dominion and that’s why she needs Shahu ji. Qamer Uddin consents to loose Shahuji inexchange of complete Deccan and tells that he’s going to communicate to Aurangzeb. Balaji says I will be able to communicate to Tara Rani Bai, however should you fails to loose Shahu ji then you’ll now not

get even this ¼ of Deccan. Qamer Uddin seems on. Ballu tells that he needs to lend a hand them towards Naser, and says he’s additionally Marathi like them. Gotiya says they don’t need him and asks him to head. Baji says he’s a Marathi and tells that he’s going to give an explanation for his plan.

Balaji talks to anyone who tells that Qamer Uddin won’t ever consider on him. Balaji says he’s going to consider because of is greediness. He says simply as he used Shiva Raje, I’ve used him too. A facebook is proven, Balaji talks to Shiva Raje and suggests him to loose Shahuji from Aurangzeb’s clutches thru his friendship with Qamer Uddin. Shiva Raje says he’s going to communicate to Tara Bai after Sandhya aarti. Later he talks to Tara Rani when Qamer uddin’s guy is holding eye on them. Shiva Raje tells Rani Tara Bai about liberating Shahuji. Aarti plate falls down from Tara Rani Bai’s palms.. She selections it up and says she attempted, however couldn’t do anything else.

Qamer Uddin sends his messenger to Aurangzeb. Balaji’s pal tells that he’s now not with him and if Aurangzeb consents to this deal and Rani Tara Bai refuses then Marathi will turn into funny story and he’s going to be punished. Balaji tells that he plans to provide a becoming respond to Mughals. Baji stocks his plan together with his pals and presentations a slender lane, and says whoever reaches the opposite finish will win. Ballu hears him sparsely and is going to tell Naser. He says Baji’s horse can run in that lane, however now not your elephant. Naser says in case your information is fallacious then….He says Baji stated proper that horse will run quicker, however how that horse triumph over elephant as my Yakut is hungry since three days and can kill his horse.

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