Peshwa Bajirao 30th January 2017 Written Episode Updates

Peshwa Bajirao 30th January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Baji telling Pihu that he has received one thing in him. Pihu asks what? Chimna and Pihu appears at him. Baji proudly says that I bought Swabhimaan in me. Pihu says I’ve simply began my Paath and asks what is that this? Looks like it’s a massive phrase. Baji says even I don’t know, however I’m certain it’s a good factor. He asks Chimna what he learnt in books, when he didn’t know its that means. Balaji tells Radha that it doesn’t take time to make Swabhimaan become Abhimaan, and asks her to watch out. Radha says okay and asks him to watch out when he meets Qamar Uddin. She says don’t let him hit at your again.

Qamar Uddin talks to his son and asks him to make their enemies bend down on him, after which crafty hit him at his weak level. His son tells that enemy will get offended now.

He asks him to be taught at present’s lesson and says don’t be tiger, however Chameleon. A messenger comes and says Aurangzeb is asking you. Qamar Uddin’s son asks if he’s going to do the identical factor with Marathis. Qamar Uddin involves Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb asks if he considered any plan. Qamar Uddin says he’ll win warfare not by preventing however by understanding enemies weak spot. He says he’ll know their weak spot and break them from inside. Aurangzeb will get glad listening to his plans and kisses on his brow. He says I’ve extra reality on you than on my sons. He asks him to go and break Mughals’ ego which can digest their honesty from inside.

Baji tells Gotiya and his associates that his Baba was telling that he bought Swabhimaan. Chimna thinks he heard and thought it’s a good phrase. Gotiya says all of us ought to have it. Balu says it’s referred to as Swayam ka abhimaan, don’t make it fall. Baji thanks him and says I gained’t let Swabhimaan fall. Guru ji comes and says you all have made my enamel bitter. He asks did you all have mangoes? Gotiya nods. Guru ji asks Baji to get crushed by him. Baji apologizes to him and says his aayi scolded all of them, and made them be taught the paath. He asks his mates to say the paath. They inform the Paath collectively. Guru ji says you might have damaged the principles and also you all should bear the punishment. Baji asks him to punish him solely as he’s the one who took his pals out. Guru ji beats Baji with scale and asks everybody to exit and be taught the paath from the individual with whom they’ve learnt yesterday’s paath.

Baji and his buddies are strolling within the fields. Baji tells that Guru ji is frightened of him and that’s why made them go away. Gotiya says Radha will scold them. Baji says lets go and take tub within the river.

Balaji involves welcome Qamar Uddin. Qamar Uddin will get irked seeing him and tells that though Marathis have forgotten to welcome me correctly, I stroll with my individuals to welcome myself. They play the band. Balaji thinks this man could be very intelligent.

Tara Rani involves Rani Rajasvi to inform her about Mughals. Rani Rajasvi tells that you’ve got saved me and my son on this caravas since 7 years. Tara Rani tells that no matter she did was to guard them and her kingdom. Tara Rani hears the drum enjoying and thinks Mughals have arrived.

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