Peace bodies warned against issuing notices without consulting admin

BARA: A senior reliable of the Khyber Agency political management on Thursday warned the peace committee participants belonging to Bara tehsil against sending notices to the local community without consulting the officers.
Talking to newshounds, Political Agent Khyber Agency Khalid Mehmood stated the tribespeople had lodged the grievance against the native peace committee individuals.
He stated the political management had some reservations over the actions of the peace committee participants as many of us had lodged lawsuits against them. “The peace committees ship unlawful notices to the folk without consulting the management, inflicting issues for the folk,� he stated.
He added that the antisocial peace frame individuals can be got rid of from the committee, but even so imposition of Rs50,000 superb.
The political management, Khalid Mehmod stated, had already dissolved the Sipah Peace Committee because of its unlawful actions.
He stated that the newshounds belonging to Bara had suffered so much because of militancy and confident to increase lend a hand in rebuilding the Bara Press Club. “The newshounds will have to bury the hatchets and paintings for the rehabilitation of the affected spaces,â€� he stated, including it’s duty of the mediapersons to spotlight the problems of the world.
He stated the newshounds will have to center of attention at the state of affairs within the space and spotlight the problems of the folk. The PA stated the tribal folks had rendered matchless sacrifices against the militants and suffered losses in industry and infrastructure.

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