Pak-China joint air exercise ‘Shaheen-VI’ in full swing

ISLAMABAD: The Pak-China joint air exercise “Shaheen-VI”, which commenced at Korla Air Base, China will get in full swing, a remark from the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) said Thursday.

The PAF contingent, comprising struggle Pilots, Air Defence Controllers and technical floor staff is taking part in this bilateral exercise, it added.

The spokesperson stated “JF-17 Thunder, Mirage, F-7PG and ZDK plane from the PAF in conjunction with People’s Liberation Army Air Force J-Eight, J-11, JH-7 and KJ-200 AWACS plane are participating in the air exercise”.

PAF JF-17 Thunder aircraft participating in Pak-China joint air exercise parked at the tarmac of Korla Air Base, China.
PAF JF-17 Thunder plane taking part in Pak-China joint air exercise parked on the tarmac of Korla Air Base, China.

“The exercise will additional improve the running dating between each the Air Forces and lend a hand in studying from each and every different reports,” he added. “Pakistan Air Force emphasizes the fight coaching of its air and floor staff and ceaselessly undertakes Air Exercises with Air Forces of pleasant nations.”

“Shaheen-VI”, is the 6th in the collection of Joint Air Exercises with PLAAF, which is carried out each and every yr in each nations on trade foundation. PLAAF contingent participated in “Shaheen-V” which used to be carried out in Pakistan final yr.

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