Naagin Season 2 30th April 2017 Written *Maha* Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 30th April 2017 Written Update Episode,

Shivangi unearths Gurudev that Mahendra Pratap is Rocky’s organic father and Yamini has were given him and different 2 other folks and they’re all making plans one thing towards Rocky. Gurudev asks her to determine their plan. She becomes snake and leaves. Gurudev thinks each time they suspect Shivangi’s revenge is done, a brand new wonder is awaited. Mud idol in shiv temple will get alive and becomes lady.

Aaliya tells Avni, Tanya and Rubel that she were given a present concept for Bhai/Rocky’s birthday. They ask what. She says they’re going to embellish bhai’s room. They ask what’s new in it. Avni leaves in her automotive for marketplace. Shivani reaches and becomes Avni. Rocky asks maid to get juice. Mahendra says he has ready juice for him. Rocky says why did he make effort, maid will convey. Mahendra insists and is going to kitchen. Shivangi as Avni enters and Mahendra asks how did she go back so early. She says she sought after to invite circle of relatives if they want anything else from marketplace. Yamini tells Manjusha and her husband that Mahendra has long past to provide poison combined juice to Rocky. Avni/Shivangi enters and Yamini will get tensed considering if she heard anything else. Avni says she is perplexed what present to shop for for bhai. Yamini says she will assume herself. Real Avni whilst touring in automotive thinks Mansi sought after one thing from marketplace. Her telephone battery drains, so she stops at PCO and calls Mansi and asks what she wishes from marketplace.

Shivani/Avni is available in entrance of Mansi. Mansi is surprised listening to Mansi over telephone and one in entrance of her. Shivangi takes telephone, walks apart and asks Avni what she wishes. Avni says she does now not need to communicate to her and disconnects. Shivangi tells Mansi that her good friend Shavni had referred to as and requested when she is achieving marketplace and fixes her listening to help. Mansi thinks her listening to assist used to be off. Shivangi then is going to kitchen and sees Mahendra blending one thing in Rocky’s juice. Mahendra walks against Rocky and Shivangii pushes him. Juice glass falls and Mahendra shouts at her. She says she noticed cockroach and cleans flooring. Mahendra fumes. Shivangi thinks she won’t let any person hurt Rocky.

Rocky calls Shivangi and entire circle of relatives. They all collect. Rocky provides divorce papers to Shivangi and asks to signal them. Yamini yells to spare her son. Shivangi drops ink on papers and says she is going to by no means divorce him. He shouts she has to, calls attorney and asks to organize any other paper. Yamini is going to her room and fumes. Shivangi is going to Rocky’s room and selections shiv mandir’s photograph and thinks how is that this lady associated with Rocky. Rocky enters and she or he becomes Tany and says she used to be cleansing cabinet and located this photograph, whose photograph is it. Rocky says he sees this lady in dream on a regular basis and he does now not know who she is. Tanya asks the place did he in finding it. He says on takshak mountain’s shiv mandir, and he leaves. Mahendra enters Rocky’s room subsequent. Shivangi becomes mini snake and hides. Mahendra sees woman’s photograph and says it’s Rocky’s mother’s photograph, how did Rocky get it, he will have to now not know this photo’s fact. He walks out and burns it. Shivangi reaches and selections photograph ash after which takes it to Gurudev. She then tells him what Mahendra advised and says she needs to understand this woman’s id and transfers woman’s symbol from her eyes into his eyes. He creates photograph with magic. She says she will Takshak mountain from right here and leaves.

Shivangi reaches takshak mountain’s shiv mandir and searches for evidence. She unearths any other part of photograph and sees her father Rithik in it. She joins photograph and sees Rithik and Rocky’s mom chatting on settee, thinks what secret it has. She takes it to Gurudev and presentations photograph, says her papa knew Rocky’s mom and Mahendra didn’t need to know Rocky anything else, so he tore photograph. She needs to understand secret at the back of this photograph and in finding out what Yamini’s staff need to do with Rocky on his birthday the next day. Gurudev takes photograph and takes Shivangi to a sadhvi gyaai maa who’s noticed prays devi maa. He calls gyaani maa and Shivangi greets her. Gyaani maa says when gurudev’s wisdom isn’t sufficient, he involves her. She tests photograph and says she does now not know them, however can show the instant when this photograph used to be made. She presentations Rithik asking Shivanya if portray is completed, he’s feeling ache looking to smile. Rocky’s mom says it is extremely stunning.

Shivanya says it’s their friendship photograph. Rocky’s mom says their friendship is her maika/mother’s space as she misplaced her circle of relatives after marrying Mahendra. Mahendra enters. Moments vanish. Shivangi asks who used to be that guy. Gyaani maa says she does now not know. Shivangi says Mahendra and others need tokll her husband. Gyaani maa ties taweez on her shoulder and provides some other one to tie on Rocky’s shoulder and each time he’s in hassle, she is going to find out about it. Shivangi returns house and sees Rocky looking out one thing, thinksk will have to be looking out photograph and assists in keeping it on mattress. Rocky thiks he used to be looking out this and assists in keeping photograph in. He asks her to head out, anyhow she will probably be out of his lifestyles the next day. Shivangi says she won’t depart him on my own the next day.

Yamini together with her puppets is going to Babaji’s den. He asks if paintings is completed. Manjusha says father may just now not serve blue liquid to son and reminisces Avni losing juice. Babaji shouts and says havan kund is calling sacrifice. He cuts his hand with a knife and it falls into havan kund. He drops blood right into a bowl and provides knife and ash to Yamini and ask her to use ash on Rocky day after today and stab this knife into his chest. Yamini consents. Babaji asks her to not let Mahendra find out about it.

Rocky goals about his mom in dream once more and wakes up. He choices out photograph and thinks she is identical dream lady, how is she associated with him. Shivani as mini snake watches the entirety. Rocky is going out. Shivangi becomes human and thinks Rocky does now not know anything else about his mom, if he isn’t knowledgeable about it purposefully. Rocky walks to front room. Whole circle of relatives comes out and greets him satisfied birthday. Rocky is stunned. Rocky hugs Mahendra. Tanya is going to get her present. Shivangi retaining cake thinks how one can feed it to Rocky. She disguises as Tanya and presents cake to Rocky. Everyone reward her. Rocky cuts cake. Tanya hears everybody making a song satisfied birthday to you and thinks how can they reduce cake with out her. Shivangi sees Tanya and runs away silently.

Tanya joins and asks Mansi how can they reduce cake with out her. Mansi with out listening to assist will get perplexed. Family enjoys cake and Yamini says allow us to pass and relaxation, the next day to come there’s a giant birthday party. Shivangi reminisces Gyaani maa’s phrases to tie taweez on Rocky’s shoulder, she is going to know when he’s in hassle. She becomes Yamini and walks into Rocky’s room and asks him to increase his hand and ties taweez. He hugs her. She becomes Shivangi after which Yamini once more. She asks him to sleep. He says he needs to satisfy Tanya and walks out. Shivangi thinks Ranveer, Manjusha, Yamini, Mahendra need to hurt Rocky, what about Tanya. Rocky walks into Tanya’s room and sees her making ready present. Shivangi as Manjusha enters and says they each are taking a look lovely in combination. Tanya says they’re simply pals and Manjusha pressured them to get engaged. Manjusha says Shivangi entered that day on mistaken time, she sought after to punch and kick her out. Rocky will get indignant and leaves. Tanya asks Manjusha why she upsets Rocky. Manjusha hugs her and thinks she knew Tanya does now not love Rocky. She walks away and turns again to Shivangi. Babaji laughs that handiest 24 hours are left for Rocky to die.

Shivangi reaches temple and sees Mahendra serving candies and blankets to deficient praying for Rocky. She turns right into a mad beggar and thinks she does now not know who he’s, however she is going to pass in entrance of Mahendra as him. She is going and stands in que. Mahendra provides him blanket and candies and is surprised to peer him, says Kashi did you determine me. Man says he wishes meals and acts insane and says he wishes meals. Mahendra takes him house. Yamini does her same old jokergiri and drama together with her puppets Manjusha and Ranveer. She sees beggar and yells already there are such a large amount of beggars at house and asks Mahendra why did he deliver beggar house. Mahendra asks to observe him sparsely.

Yamini identifies him as Mahendra’s brother Kashi. Mahendra provides him meals and says he sought after to inform secret of Vasudha/Rocky’s mom and reminds he used to be enjoying with Rocky as horse. Kashi says more meals. Mahendra reminds him when he used to be appearing as horse and Rocky used to be driving on him. Mahendra tells Vasudha that he’s not unusual guy. Vasudha says she loves him and left her circle of relatives as a result of for him. He says why didn’t she let him meet her circle of relatives. She says she does now not need to. Vasudha then travels with Rocky against Rithik’s space, calls Rithik and asks him to not inform Shivanya that she is coming, she needs to offer her a wonder. Dacoits assault bus. Vasudha will get out of bus silently with Rocky. Dacoit is none as opposed to Mahendra. Rocky sees him killing passenger and says baba. Mahendra runs against Vasudha and says he didn’t kill guy purposefully. Vasudha warns him to stick away and runs. He follows her. She hides and calls Rithik and requests him to return in an instant, she is in jungle at the back of his space.

Rithik reaches her and she or he describes entire incident. Rithik is surprised to understand Mahendra is a dacoit. He calls inspector and says their lives are in peril and explains entire incident. He runs with Vasudha and Rocky. Mahendra stops Vasudha and pleads to forgive him, he loves her so much. She says he’s assassin. He says he loves her and is her husband. She says she didn’t inform him about her previous, Rocky is handiest her son and he isn’t like commonplace human. Mahendra requests her to offer him one probability. Police arrests Mahendra. Mahendra snatches gun from constable and issues at Rithik. He kills one inspector and injures some other. Rithik fights with him. Inspector calls senior and requests for more police. Rithik continues trashing Mahendra and walks with Vasudha and Rocky. Mahendra unearths gun and shoots at Rithik. Vasudha is available in entrance and bears bullet. Mahendra shouts no..Vasudha. Rithik punches him with gun butt and Mahendra collapses. He then says Vasudha allow us to pass. Vasudha says Rocky. Rithi runs and brings Rocky. Mahendra will get up and shoots Rithik’s leg. Rithik continues operating. Mahendra calls Yamini and informs that her rented son took away Rocky. Yamini yells she used to be looking out Rithik and Shivanya and they’re there. Kashi comes and Mahendra tells Rithik took Rocky and Vasudha.

Rithik takes Vasudha to health facility and Vasudha asks him to provide Rocky to somebody if she dies. Kashi reaches there. Vasudha asks Rithik to save lots of Rocky and tells him Rocky’s fact. Kaashi runs seeing police. Rithik’s foster oldsters come and Vasudha asks them to care for her son and dies. Rocky walks into jungle on my own. Yamini comes with Mahedra, Manjusha and Ranveer and asks him that she used to be looking out him since lengthy, the place used to be he. Mahendra asks the place is his son. Mahendra stabs Rithik many times. Yamini stabs him subsequent. Kashi comes and says he discovered the place Rocky is. They all throw Rithik from cliff and notice him falling. Kaashi says Rocky is with Rithik’s pal Nikunj Nigam. He additionally is aware of Rocky secret. Police comes and Yamini and different puppets break out. Police arrest Mahendra and he shouts at Yamini to maintain his son. Out of flashback Mahendra asks if he recalls anything else now. Kaashi continues appearing. Manjusha says he does now not know anything else, allow us to pass to birthday party. They lock Kaashi in a room and depart. Shivangi takes again her shape they usually killed Rocky’s mom and her papa.

Yamini enters Rocky’s room and applies ash. He says yesterday…Avni and different kids input wishing satisfied birthday. Rocky asks all of them to head, he’s going to exchange blouse and are available. They all depart. Rocky gets rid of his T-shirt and one thing glows on his again. He coughs and drinksk water, continues coughing. Youngsts get ready cake for Rocky. Shivangi waches status apart and will get cough, thinks what is going to occur to Rocky nowadays. Rocky comes and says he advised to not show her face these days. She coughing asks if he’s high quality. Rocky calls attorney and police. Lawyer says Shivangi that they were given courtroom orders, she can not keep on this space and now not even round 500 meters outer edge. Shivangi says she is going to problem courtroom order. Lawyer says she has to stroll with them now. Yamini yells she has to head. Shivangi says she won’t pass any place. Rocky drag her out and she or he shouts she does now not need to pass now. He pushes her out of door and asks inspector to take her clear of this space.

Precap: Yamini asks Rocky to near his eyes. Mahendra gazing from door shouts no. Yamini stabs Rocky. Shivangi senses Rocky is being attacked.

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Naagin Season 2 30th April 2017 Written *Maha* Episode Update .

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