Naagin Season 2 29th January 2017 Written Episode Updates

Naagin Season 2 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Replace

Sesha enters ice room and sees Mahesh as ice sculpture with head and hand on ground. She fixes his head and hand. He will get again to life and shouts like a buffalo. He then holds Sesha’s neck. Sesha says she is his pal and saved him. He leaves her. She asks who tried to kill her. He says he is not going to. Sehsa says they obtained his horn and he can change it with nagmani.

Shivangi wakes up within the morning and finds herself clothless subsequent to Rocky. Rocky says she was hypothermic yesterday. Shivangi drapes blanket round her and runs to rest room. As soon as out, Rocky informs that she got here dwelling hypothermic and collapsed, so he needed to give his physique warmth to revive her. She thanks him. He says he desires to forgive every part and provides their marriage one other probability. Shivangi says even she wants

similar. Rudra calls Shivangi. Shivangi will get tensed and says an individual who helped her yesterday evening is looking. Rocky says he trusts her. Shivangi goes out and meets Rudra and informs that she couldn’t get nagmani from Maheesh. Rudra informs that Yamini and her puppets injured guruji and took Maheesh’s horn, they must get it again. They each plan. 

Yamini holding Mahesh’s horn eagerly waits for to return and trade horn with nagmani. Mahesh with Shesha comes and Yamini together with her regular jokergiri asks Mahesh to provide nagmani and take his horn. Mahesh will get nagmani out and exchanges it with horn and leaves with Sesha. It’s then revealed that Shivangi and Rudra disguised as Sesha and Mahesh took away actual horn. Shivangi asks Ruda to cover horn safely and sends him. Mahesh with Sesha returns and asks Yamini to present him horn. Yamini does standard jokergiri. Sesha checks nagmani and says it’s pretend. Mahesh realizes that Shivangi took away horn once more. He fumes that he ought to hurt Sivangi’s vey pricey one to get his horn.

Maheesh goes to Rocky’s room. Rocky greets him in. Mahesh acts as unhappy with Sesha’s impolite habits. Rocky presents him 18-year-old liquor and says he had saved it for him, however gifted him, he’s not good in love, however can take heed to him and suggests what he feels. Maheesh provides alcohol in glasses and begins speaking in puzzle and thinks of poisoning Rocky. Shivangi enters and asks Maheesh to go as she wants to speak to her husband. She thinks Mahesh dared to hurt her husband. Maheesh thinks he can do something to get his horn. Shivangi asks Maheesh to take his glass and drink in his room. Maheesh leaves fuming whereas Rocky nonetheless continues speaking to him.

Rocky goes down and speaks to Maheesh once more. Meesh pins Rocky to a wall and shouts that ladies are betrayers and tricksters. Rocky pushes him and asks what occurred to him. Maheesh says he’s similar from earlier than and begins hitting Rocky. Their battle ensues. Rocky confronts him. Maheesh continues that Shivangi is a nagin/snake and is a betrayer, and so on. Rocky begins beating Maheesh, however Maheesh overpowers and severely injures Rocky. He throws Rocky in a automobile after which tortures Shivangi, yelling he considered being mild considering her as girl. He warns she is going to see how he’ll kill her most pricey one Rocky and leaves in automotive. Shivangi turns snake and follows him to jungle.

Sesha in her room will get disheartened considering how Rocky rejected her and chosen Shivangi as an alternative. Yamini applies nagmani type bindi. Avantika jokes. Yamini begins her drama and asks Avantika to put on her bindi to remind that they should get nagmani again. Sesha comes fuming and warns Yamini to cease her jokergiri and discover the place Maheesh’s horn is. Avantika tries to seek out it together with her bee tremendous energy, however can’t.

Guruji does pooja and creates protecting barrier round horn and tells Rudra that he ought to defend horn from hereon. Rudra says he’ll shield it even when he has to threat his life.

Maheesh returns residence and reveals Shivani that he has gun Rocky in air. Shivangi sees Rocky hanging in air and pleads him to spare her husband. Maheesh says till he will get his horn, he is not going to. Prolonged dialogues begin. Maheesh throws weapon in air and it cuts Rocky’s rope. Rocky falls down. Mahesh thorws spearhead and it pierces Rocky’s physique. Rocky falls down. Shivangi runs in direction of Rocky and shouts at Maheeesh that he shed her husband’s blood, she is not going to spare him. Maheesh smirks and leaves. Shivangi cries and asks Rocky to open his eyes and have a look at her, nonetheless they’ve a protracted life to stay collectively, she loves him actually and wishes to inform him rather a lot. She is not going to let him go…She took 7 pheras, however couldn’t change into his spouse for 7 days, she desires to offer him real love and present that she is his standard Shivangi. Tere saath hello..mai tere kaabil nahi…track..performs within the background. She reminisces the second she spent with Rocky. Mai tere Kaabil hun yaa Kaabil nahi…track..continues within the background.

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