Naagin Season 2 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Replace.

Rocky tells Shivangi that he’s completely satisfied that she doesn’t need to kill anybody. Shivangi says whoever loves don’t take anybody’s life. Somebody calls Shiavangi and leaves. Rocky sees Yamini shouting like a buffalo and asks what occurred to him. She shouts rascal, silly, why are you calling me badi maa. Sesha comes and says badi maa is having medication response and asks Avantika to take her in, else she is going to throw hefty Yamini on her and she is going to die below her weight. They each take Yamini and Yamini continues shouting like buffalo

Maheesh finds Shivangi once more and warns she ought to inform the place she hid his horn, else she’s going to lose of her member of the family. She says she isn’t afraid of his faux warning. He says then prepare for countdown and counts three..2..1..and appears at chandelier. Sushanth

bends to chop cake and chandelier falls on him. Rocky and complete household gathers round Sushanth making an attempt to wake him up. Maheesh begins appearing and asks Shivangi to name doc. Shivangi thinks she can’t danger harmless folks’s lives. Maheesh warns her to return her horn in three hours, else Aaliya will die. Shivangi thinks she will save Sushanth and reminisces guruji telling her poison can each kill and save Sushanth. She walks in the direction of kitchen. Rocky asks her to get a fabric to tie round Sushanth head. Shivangi walks into kitchen and makes kaadha/natural tea together with her poison. Rocky enters and scolds he requested her to carry fabric, what’s she doing right here. She says she ready kaadha for Sushanth, in her place they put together it for injured individuals and accidents heal quick. She walks with kaadha. Sushanth’s mom asks what’s it. She says it’s kaadha and if Sushanth drinks it, his wounds will heal. Rocky resists and asks to name doc. Sushanth’s mom lets Shivangi feed kaadha to Sushanth. Doc comes and says wounds might have stitches. He removes material round brow and is stunned to see wound healed with out stitches. He asks in the event that they gave one thing to Sushanth earlier than. Sushanth’s mom says Shivangi gave kaadha. Rocky shouts he instructed to not give it. Doc says it has healed wound miraculously with out stitches. Sushanth’s mom thanks Shivangi.

After someday, Shivangi sees Aaliya strolling with Maheesh and stops her and asks the place is she going with Maheesh. Maheesh says he takes Aaliya to get one other doc for Susanth and can drive automotive slowly, every little thing will occur slowly. Shivangi asks Aaliya to go, she is going to go along with Maheesh. Aaliya leaves. Maheesh says he gave her three hours, however she didn’t hear, now she has much less time.

Shivangi goes to her room, calls Rudra and says she wants to satisfy him quickly as Maheesh is insisting to get his horn. Rocky enters. Shivangi adjustments her tone and says she wants flowers within the morning quickly, and many others. After a bit of debate, she leaves when Rudra repeatedly calls her. Sesha involves Rocky’s room and says even he acquired injured whereas saving Sushanth and nurses his hand, asks if he’s in ache. He says he’s in. She begins telling about Shivangi that she is betraying him and he can’t watch it.

Shivangi meets Rudra in a room and tells about Maheesh demand. They each change identities. Manav passes by sipping alcohol and peeps into room. He’s shocked seeing them exchanging identifies, then thinks he’s closely inebriated and leaves. Shivani then goes to guruji and asks him if she ought to return horn to Maheesh as he’s killing harmless individuals. Guruji asks not to try this as Maheesh has even nagmani. He counsel her to name Maheesh to a room behind Panchner haveli after which do as he says. They each stroll into ice room behind haveli and guruji asks her to go from there as nagin can not deal with chilly. She says she’s going to keep. Guruji makes some setup. Shivangi does some meditation and will get horn out. Rudra through telepathy asks Shivangi to return again as he can’t cover his id for lengthy.

Mahesh will get Shivangi’s message and walks out fortunately. Avantika sees him going, thinks he have to be going to get horn, so thinks of following him and get horn earlier than him. She informs Yamini and Sesha they usually all three fly on bees. Yaminni jokes. They each get down on earth. Yamini’s drama continues. Avantika will get some powers through her bees and will get to know that horn in shiv mandir. All of them three head in direction of shiv mandir.

Maheesh enters ice room and locks door with metal chair and tells Shivani that she can’t escape now. Shivangi reveals him horn. He goes and picks it and shouts that it’s faux. Shivangi says sure and pulls chain. Water falls on Mahesh and he turns into ice holding her hand. She picks ice breaker and breaks his hand after which shatters him with a rod. She thinks she ought to have gotten nagmani after shattering Maheesh, however nagmani didn’t seem. She feels extreme chilly.

Avantika, Sesha, and Yamini attain shiv mandir and threathen guruji to offer horn. He says he doesn’t know. Sesha grips him in her tail and tortures and the kills him. They then begin looking out nagmani. Yaminni finds it close to Shivji’s idol’s ft and begins her jokergiri once more. Avantika picks it. Yamini says they may give it to Maheesh and get nagmani. Sesha begins preventing. Avantika asks to cease preventing and by way of her bee spirits finds that Maheesh is in Panchner haveli’s again room. Avantika offers horn to Yamini and ask to maintain it rigorously. Sesha leaves and Avantiak leaves as bee. Yamini’s jokergiri continues.

Shivangi walks again dwelling hypothermic. Rocky sees her and says he was coming to her, he desires to speak about their relationship. Shivangi says their love, even she desires to carry their relationship. She falls unconscious. Rocky will get involved. Take her on mattress and thinks why her physique is chilly. He rubs her fingers and ft and drapes her blanket. In Lamhon ke Daaman me…music…performs within the background. He drapes extra blanket and seeing her nonetheless chilly removes her jewellery. He thinks can not received badi maa, Shivangi is his spouse, what to do. He says no matter he’s doing, Shivangi ought to forgive her, if he doesn’t, she’s going to die of chilly. He attracts window curtains and removes Shivangi’s garments after which his garments and sleeps subsequent to her to offer his physique temperature.

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