Naagin Season 2 11th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Naagin Season 2 11th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shivangi reminisces Manav with others killing Shivani and thinks she won’t spare him. She additionally reminisces Rudra reminding her about her revenge. She thinks if Rocky will know her ttruth, he’s going to now not forgive her. Rocky enters and asks the place she were. She nervously says..she.. He says he is aware of she went for romance, he method valentine’s day present. He provides her diamond pendant and chain as valentine’s day present. She says it is rather stunning. He says their love will probably be vibrant like this diamond/famous person and guarantees that he’s going to now not let their love ruin. He dorns chain and pendant in her neck and says stunning.. Shivangi says she didn’t convey present for him. He says little need for rationalization and he has learned that one will have to appreciate each and every different’s privateness in a dating…He

dances together with her and says they each are other and it isn’t important that they each get indignant or love without delay…..and so on…, he needs to grow to be a super husband and won’t let their battle deter their love. She asks if he approach he’s going to struggle together with her. He says he didn’t imply that…he simply need to say that they are going to now not separate eternally….it’s just right she didn’t get present as her present can be all the time higher than him. She emotionally hugs him and thinks even after understanding fact, Rocky won’t hate her and now she is going to kill Manav first.

Yamini returns after assembly sixth assassin and tells Avantika and Sesha that she met sixth assassin who informed he didn’t meet Shivangi and does now not have nagmani, else he do not have roamed in space freely. Avantika says then it’s any person else. Sesha says Shivangi is lyingg and is nagin. Yamini says they examined Shivangi repeatedly and located Shivangi is not unusual woman, Sehsa is jealous of Shivangi as Rocky loves Shivangi. Avantika says they have got to determine fact.

Sesha is going to marketplace to get Valentine’s day present for Rocky and unearths Shivangi’s sister Gautami there. Gautami sees her and tries to flee in auto, however Sesha stops her and says they idea she is lifeless. Gautami says when dacoits attacked her circle of relatives, she simply were given subconscious. Sesha asks if she recalls who attempted to kill her. Gautami says a lady and a tall guy, in reality she does now not be mindful a lot because it used to be very scary night time. Sehsa asks the place she is staying right here. Gautami says she is operating in a sari store close by. Sesha says Shivangi might be satisfied seeing her and it is going to be Rocky and Shivangi’s easiest valentine’s day present. Gautami acts as getting satisfied listening to about Shivangi. Sesha thinks she is going to use Gautami towards Shivangi to get nagmani.

Shivangi in kitchen thinks she has to kill Manav now. Manav comes and says she has to make preparations for 30 visitors this night. She asks him to get new dinner set from cabinet. He climbs chair. She tries to chew him, however falls down because of garud kawach. Manav asks what came about to her. She says she slipped. She then spits poison in juice and insists Manav to drink juice. He says he simply had tea. She insists extra. He is set to sip it when Rocky enters. Manav provides him juice and leaves. Shivangi will get tensed. Rocky is set to sip it when Shivangi says he’s allergic to orange, so she is going to get ready him strawberry juice. Yamini comes and says she loves orange juice. Rocky leaves reminding Shivangi that he’s ready out for strawberry juice. Yamini sips juice and says she is aware of it has poison and she or he is icchadhari nagin and needs to kill Manav. Shivangi will get tensed. Yamini becomes Rudra and he apologizes her. She says she recalls her revenge, this night is birthday celebration, a lot of people will come or even Manav’s dying. Rudra says they’re going to plan how Manav will die.

Rocky tells his cousins that he has organized birthday celebration in keeping with their necessities and asks them to be in limits throughout birthday party. Aaliya says sure and asks Shivangi to show bhai how one can be jovial. Rudra enters as Sardarji chef and praises about his dishes. Rocky asks if he labored on this space ahead of. Shivangi prays god that Rocky will have to now not determine Rudra. Rocky says he has labored everywhere India and got here to this space for the primary time. Rocky says unbelievable, all visitors will have to chew their hands with meals. Rudra says everybody will love his meals.

Sesha enters and says she introduced a wonder for her favrorite Rocky and Shivangi. Avantika and Yamini from balcony talk about that Sesha will throw small bombs now. Shesha calls Gautami. Shivangi is surprised and thinks the place did Ruckhika/Shesha in finding Gautami. Yamini hides behiind Avantika and panics that she is going to divulge her. Avantika asks her to cover at the back of pillar. Shivangi hugs Gautami and acts as more than happy seeing her sister alive. Shesha says Gautami will stick with them. Rocky asks the place she used to be staying prior to. Sesha says that isn’t essential the place she used to be, it is necessary tha she is going to stick with them now. Sushanth saays Ruchika is true. Sesha says she is going to drop Gautami to visitor room. Shivangi says she wishes to speak to her sister first and takes her alongside.

Yamini yells at Sesha why did she convey Gautami right here. Sesha says Shivangi is mendacity that she does now not know Gautami is alive, each sisters are hiding one thing. Avantika asks what is going to they achieve. Yamini says Sesha needs them lifeless and clutch nagmani. Sesha says she needs them to panic, she pass verified that Gautami does now not take note anything else. She says Yamini so overweight that she can not cover at the back of Avantika and pillar, she is dumb. Gautami didn’t react seeing Yamini and thinks she is simply Rocky’s badi maa. She will use Gautami to drive Shivangi to get nagmani. Yamini says for that Rocky is there. Sesha warns dare now not to think about Rocky, they’re going to use most effective Gautami towards Shivangi. Avantika says Sesha is true.

Shivangi listens to Gautami and says that suggests Sehsa does now not find out about their plan. She warns her towards Sehsa, Yamini, and Avantika and asks to not inform them anything else. Gautami asks how can are living together with her mom’s assassin’s son. Shivangi says Rocky is blameless and won’t betray her.

Party begins and Rocky asks Robin if he noticed Shivangi. Robin says whover Sushanth is taking a look at, Shivangi is status together with her. Rocky sees Shivangi with Gautami and asks Sushanth if he is aware of who she is. Raman says she is bhai’s SIL. Rocky asks him to act. Gautami sees Shivangi looking out Rocky and name callings her. Rocky walks against them. Gautami says Shivangi used to be looking out him and took 1 hour to get in a position, she is going to depart love birds on my own now. Rocky says Shivangi that she is taking a look very wonder and he has another wonder for her. She asks what. He asks to attend. Shivangi sees Manav round and fumes that her mom’s assassin has die. Shesha will get jealous seeing them. Shivangi leaves to test meals preparations. Sehsa comes and greets him. He says sorry for Maheesh’s dying. She asks now not to speak about Maheesh. Someone calls Rocky and he loves. Yamini name callings Sesha. Sesha presentations her Sushanth with Gautami and says they are going to use Sushanth and Gautami. Yamini praises that she is getting clever.

Shesha meets Rudra who says she will have to traap Manav disguised as Sesha as Manav has weigh down on Sesha. Manav is busy flirting with a woman. Manav’s spouse searches him. Shivangi asks whms he’s looking out. Wife says Manav, she were given a present for him and he’s lacking. Shivangi she is just right, however Manav does now not care about her emotions, she merits anyone who loves and respects her. Wife says seems just right in phrases, however now not in actual.

Shivangi disguised Sesha meets Manav and says she loves him and reminds him that she sought after to satisfy him on my own all the way through Shivangi’s muh dikhayi, asks him to return to bed room. Rocky describes his emotions to visitors and dances with Sushanth and Rocky on Gore Gore…music… Shesha takes Rocky to a bed room and says she used to be ready to strangulate his neck..way to hug him…He tries to hug her, however will get surprise from garud kavach, thinks the place is Rudra, he can lend a hand her eliminate kavach. She asks Manav to eliminate kavach if he needs to like her. He says what is a huge, tries to take away it, however reminisces Yamini’s orders now not to take away it and says he can not. She says he has to if he needs her. He gets rid of kavach. Rudra jumps in entrance of him. He asks Shesha to save lots of him from Rudra. She is going and stands subsequent to Rudra. Manav asks who’s she. She becomes Shivangi and says she is nagin, his d

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